Factual error: When Swagger is fleeing from the police in the car wash after being shot, the radio says that he is at a car wash at 9th and Girard. There is no such intersection. On Girard Ave, 9th street picks up south and north of that street.

Factual error: When FBI agent Memphis is reviewing the assassination on video, you can hear the shot first and then see the blood spray of the bullet impact on the Archbishop. This defies physics as bullets travel faster than the speed of sound. Given the distance the sniper shot from, the sound of the shot would be be heard a second or 2 after the impact.

Factual error: Bob and Nick engage in a shootout in Lynchburg Virgina in the late afternoon (according to FBI Howard), then call him from Bozeman, Montana, the very next morning, standing in front of the very same Dodge pickup. Even allowing for the passage of 18 hours, they would have had to average over 119 mph, not allowing for fuel stops, to get there.

Factual error: Camp Lemonier is placed in Djibouti, not in Ethiopia.


Factual error: Right after the 'trap' for Swagger, two soldiers enter the house with Swagger waiting for them on the inside. Swagger shoots the first one twice, but after wrestling with the 2nd one for a bit, Swagger shoots through the safety helmet to kill the 2nd soldier. This would be impossible since these helmets are made to withstand much tougher weapons that a 9mm Beretta. What's even worse is that the blood comes out on the other side, meaning that the bullet pierced the helmet twice. (01:31:40)


Factual error: It is stated that Colonel Johnson cannot be charged because the crime was committed outside the United States. The movie is treating him like he is a regular American citizen when he is in a fact a military member. All active military members, like the colonel, are subject to uniformed military code of justice no matter where the crime was committed. Anyone who attempted to prevent the colonel from being charged would be arrested.

Factual error: When the Ethiopian Archbishop is killed you hear the gun go off and the Archbishop dies almost immediately, but as Swagger also points out, the hang time would actually be around 5 to 6 seconds (and it would take the sound up to 11 seconds to travel that far). Which means that, when we see it from the gun's point of view, there should be quite a long wait for him to get hit. (00:27:55)


Factual error: When Swagger is shot, he uses Quick clot on himself. You do not open Quick clot with your mouth - if even a small amount of it gets in your mouth it will cause a very large amount of pain, and a massive case of cotton mouth. Also, you do not use it on anything other than the arms, or legs. Putting it on your stomach, or upper chest could cause even worse problems if it were to get anywhere near your lungs, or your stomach.

Factual error: In the movie the senator cannot be charged for the conspiracy because the crime took place outside the United States. In reality, the senator would be charged with conspiracy regardless of where the actual crime took place. Simply being overseas does not give an American citizen immunity.

Factual error: During the mountain ambush scene, Agent Memphis gets shot while wearing a steel plate. In reality, he probably would've been seriously injured if not killed by the fragments (called "spall" or "spalling") of the bullet when it hit the plate.


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Mr. Rate: Would've been a bad job to take, though.
Nick Memphis: How come?
Mr. Rate: Whoever took that shot's probably dead now. That's how conspiracy works. Them boys on the grassy knoll, they were dead within three hours. Buried in the damn desert. Unmarked graves out past Terlingua.
Nick Memphis: And you know this for a fact?
Mr. Rate: Still got the shovel.



Mark Wahlberg cuts through the back seat to get access to medical supplies in the boot - other stuff is visible in there too. But shortly afterwards when he reverses it into the water, the boot pops open and it's now completely empty.



When Swagger is recuperating from the makeshift operation, it's shown that he has a third nipple below the left nipple.