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Question: Why is the secretary was so rude to Howard when he tried to find the job?


Answer: As she said to Howard, she believed that he was using his "outlandish" appearance to be unable to find work and collect money through unemployment. She's probably dealt with people who did the same thing and was eventually sick of it.

Question: What could Isabel Lahiri say to Matsui during the interrogation? Why he was so "upset" suddenly?

Answer: We have no idea, nor are we meant to. It's a joke.

It is a joke :) and it's good :) but what could it be? What could she say to his ear :) I'm asking just for curiosity and for mind exercise :).

She is good at her job and knows Matsui enough to have something on him that would make him talk and drop the act. Something personal.


If I had to make my absolute best guess, I'd say it had something to do with that niece of his.

Question: A technical question about the movie. How exactly did they film the scene where the camera keep circling around the car Ray and his kids are fleeing the city with? There're no cuts or any visible sign of a camera platform or other classic filming tricks. It looks awesome.


Answer: The corridor crew on youtube talked about this: Timestamp is 15:35 to skip to the scene you want.


Question: When Shifu uses the Wuxi Finger Hold on Po, he says that the hardest part is cleaning up afterward. What exactly would there be to clean up? In the third Kung Fu Panda movie, when Po uses the Wuxi Finger hold on himself to send him and Kai to the spirit realm, they simply vanish from sight leaving nothing behind.

Answer: It's a funny but extreme threat. Po has heard of the move but doesn't know how it works yet, so Shifu is messing with him, to make him imagine the effects are hideously explosive.

Question: After Kevin finds out he is in New York why doesn't he say anything to the lady behind the counter? He could have very easily told her where his family was so that they could have been notified, but he doesn't. Why doesn't he say anything?

Answer: He very openly stated to his mom earlier that he wanted to have his own vacation away from the rest of the family, so he got exactly what he wanted.


Question: When Dr. Strange separates Peter's spirit from his body how is Peter still able to make his arm move?

Answer: His spider-sense is probably somewhat aware that his astral form has been separated from his physical body, so it is taking over and controlling his movements.


I concur with your answer because while he is separated from his suit you can see the aurora of his spider tingle all around his head.

Answer: I guess I missed something because I thought that suit was made with Stark tech and has nanotech in it. I figured it was the suit keeping the box away and Doctor Strange thought it was Peter.


That's a possibility I didn't think of, and it admittedly makes more sense than my answer.


Question: Did the Guccis ever own a Klimt painting, were they not in the Netherlands until 1998? Were they not Nazi plunder?

Answer: No.

Question: When Cappy and Rodney are in Bigweld's house, Cappy said that there was something Rodney needed to know. What did she want to tell Rodney?

Question: Mythbusters never tested this so does anyone know if filling a hollow point bullet with cyanide and sealing it with candle wax would actually work? Or would the wax melt/disintegrate and the liquid cyanide disperse in the air while the bullet flies through to the target?

Answer: I have no doubt it would work with a small sub-sonic round such as .22 calibre pistol. There's no way the wax would survive the heat generated by the cartridge and aerodynamic force of anything much bigger.


Question: When Sarah and Drover have left the ball, they appear in front of the hotel kissing in the rain and walking up steps. Then she is at the bottom of the hotel steps closing the door of a car while Drover stands on the top step. Why is she closing the car door as Drover stands on the top step?

Question: What were David and his friends doing with the dogs? What was their crime?

Answer: Not enough information was revealed in the short scene to make any conclusions and there was no concrete evidence that a (dog-related) crime was being committed. There was not even any indication that a dog was present. One might GUESS that David and his friends prepared dogs for illegal dog-fighting or trained dogs to be dangerous, aggressive watch (or "attack") dogs, but there is no proof. "We're here to see a man about a dog" may sound suspicious or shady, but could mean something as innocent as looking for a lost pet. [00:38:36]. There is a second "clue" much later in the movie when Mr. Walker is talking on the phone: "They're running their own cartel and you can't do a goddamn thing about it"? Mr. Walker probably saw some evidence when he broke into their house. While it might be assumed he means a drug cartel, not all cartels are drug-related. But, relating this scene to the earlier one, it appears "We're here to see a man about a dog" is the code for wanting to buy drugs. (The man who answered the door replied, "Does this look like a kennel?") David and his friends/gang appear to have been selling drugs out of their home. [01:15:55].


Question: When Scott starts slowly turning into Santa, everybody believes he's dressing up as Santa on purpose. Why didn't Scott simply tell people, "I don't think I'm Santa Claus. I'm not pretending to be Santa Claus. I know I'm not Santa Claus. I'm not even trying to look like him." Granted he could never tell anybody how it happened but if he simply said that he isn't pretending to be somebody he's not people might ease up a bit?

Answer: If he told people he was not deliberately trying to look like Santa Claus, that would cause them to be even more suspicious of Scott Calvin having a mental disorder, not a physical one. Remember, Scott went to see his family doctor, Pete, and Pete tried to explain to Scott his physical changes as a matter of changing his diet from milk and cookies, and Scott suffering from a hormone imbalance. Scott tried, but not even Doctor Pete, a professional in the medical field, could help him.


This question is about his mental state. Not his physical transformation. In other words, he could say "There's nothing mentally wrong with me that would make me think for one second I am Santa." His physical transformation could be explained by people thinking he's overeating, growing facial hair and his hair turning white.

Except, Doctor Pete was incompetent. Nobody has the drastic physiological changes that Scott had, and Dr. Pete seems committed to blaming them on 'routine' aging and diet factors. In real life, a competent doctor would be submitting Scott to a continuous battery of tests, cancer screenings, CT scans, etc.

Question: When present-day Seth is being tortured, it ends up affecting future Seth (which I get). They carve the address, and it appears. They cut off fingers, and then his fingers disappear. My question is why wouldn't all these scars and missing body parts appear all at once for future Seth? Especially since the injuries aren't appearing in real time for future Seth, they've already healed into scars. It seems like a plot hole unless I missed an in-film explanation or Rian Johnson explained this.


Answer: It's been a while since I've seen the film, so take this with a grain of salt. This is hard to explain, but the way I always took it was that when Seth failed to kill his future self, it began to continually alter time/the timeline. Thus, time has to sort-of "catch up" to the older Seth. Which would explain why his wounds appear in "real time" based on what's happening in the present... time is "catching up" to him as the timeline is further altered. If I recall correctly, something similar begins to happen with OId Joe where he begins to remember Young Joe's actions as he performs them.


Question: When Batman and Alfred look at the memory card and come across Slade Wilson, Batman says that Slade's part of a failed experiment. In what way was the experiment a failure considering how efficient a killer Slade is?

Answer: Maybe it's because he's a loose cannon who kills for money.


Question: Why does Natalie look upset at the end of the Choosing Ceremony? The book says she smiled at Tris. That and why is Jeanine presiding over it? Marcus did this in the book.


Answer: For one, Natalie is upset that both Tris and Caleb have chosen different factions from her and Andrew's, which means they will have little future contact with their children. Also, Tris chose Dauntless, the faction that Natalie was born into and chose to leave. The movie audience has to be able to see how Natalie truly feels about this and a smile would give the wrong impression. Also, Jeanine presiding over the Choosing Ceremony instead of Marcus is a common book/movie type of change that often occurs in films. Here it introduces and places emphasis on Jeanine and foreshadows the importance her character will play.


Question: Why does Magua take Alice Munroe? In the book he takes Cora, the older daughter.


Question: When Buttercup confronts a masked Westley, she says that she loved more deeply than a killer like him ever dreamed. Westley's response is to raise a hand as if to hit her, but he stops and says that was a warning and that where he comes from, there are penalties when a woman lies. In what way was Buttercup lying?

Answer: Westley comes back from the sea, only to find that his one true love is engaged to another man. He feels her love for him wasn't true if she could even think of getting married again, at least so soon.

Brian Katcher

Question: What is the significance of having four tardies in a row? Is there a special penalty of some sort for that?

Answer: In some schools I've worked at, 3 tardies equalled 1 unexcused absent. This school may have a similar policy, where a set number of unexcused absents results in detention.


Answer: Well first, it implies that Marty is irresponsible, and it also doesn't do any favors for his reputation since people already doubt him. And second, at least when I was in school, having too many tardy-slips or unexcused absences could get you into more serious trouble. (Suspension, etc).


When I was a kid, four tardies was grounds for detention. Marty might not have got a detention for being late four times since he's later seen with Jennifer after band auditions but there's always a possibility he might get detention or temporary suspension if he was late one more time.

His detention could also be on Saturdays, as was practised in Shermer Illinois in the 80's.

Question: In the beginning of the film there is a pole thing with a circle on it sticking out of the ground, what is that?

Answer: That would be a crucifix using a "breaking wheel" or "Catherine wheel", which was erected on a pole to display the body. As a death sentence a person is bond to it, his limbs are broken in various manners, and then a colourful way was thought up to kill the condemned (decapitation, disembowelment, garrotte). Usually the body was left up on the wheel as a warning to others.


Question: Wouldn't it be against regulation for a house, especially of that size, to be built on a section of the beach that the tide would eventually come up to? A sturdy foundation is absolutely of the question with there being nothing but sand to build it on. When the tide came up to pull Bernie into the water, it definitely would've made contact with the house.

Answer: Yes it would, but Bernie was a greedy and selfish man, he would have bribed contractors and inspectors to get it built. He wanted to live the life of a big shot. Like "The Wolf of Wall Street."

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