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The Waters of Mars - S4-E16

Question: How did they all manage to get into the Tardis just before the base exploded? It was still teleporting in when there were only 5 seconds left. There's no way they could've got inside and took off again in that short amount of time.

Answer: Yes, it looks like they were still staring at the TARDIS in the last few seconds! Once they were inside they would be safe even if it hadn't taken off. Only answers I can think of are the TARDIS extending its force field to protect the crew (which has been done a few times), or it was just edited for dramatic effect.

Sierra1 Premium member

Sunflower - S8-E3

Question: If head of MI5 gave Foyle the file on Strasser at the start of episode, why, when American officer comes to the office for first time, why does he say to Miss Pierce that he didn't know about Stasser?

Joey's Funny Valentine - S7-E16

Question: Maybe I'm missing something, but the whole situation with Roxy doesn't make sense to me. For one, if she found out that she insulted the Tanners with her comedy bit about them, why didn't she just come out and apologize to them? That would've been the most obvious thing to do. I understand Roxy is shy and that Joey cares about her a lot, but the way the rest of the episode played out (especially during the dinner scene towards the end) is just something I can't quite wrap my head around.


Question: What are the Slayers? They have the bodies of men, but when they die something escapes into the sand from their "head." A parasite? A collection of tentacles?

Erik M.

Answer: The Slayers are small, tentacled alien creatures that control durable metallic bodies. If the shell body sustains enough damage, the worm-like creature will abandon the metal frame and burrow underground. It would seem without the metal bodies the creatures are vulnerable if not entirely defenseless.


Question: In regards to the Black Panthers meeting, why were Jenny and her boyfriend (at the time) hanging around with them? Also, why didn't they (the Black Panthers at the meeting) step in when she was getting hit and abused by him?

Answer: Jenny and her boyfriend were radical, anti-government activists, whose goals were aligned with the Panthers'. As to why they didn't intervene, Forrest reacted before anyone else could, and sadly, people tend to look away when they see a woman being abused.

Brian Katcher

Question: We all know Brandon Lee was shot and ultimately died of his injuries. The death was recorded and has ultimately been destroyed. But does anyone know what scene it is where the accident happened? I've read that it was the scene where he jumps on the table and is shot off before popping up, and I've read that it was a scene with just Funboy shooting him with a revolver. There have also been articles where it's described as an "unknown scene"

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: This is from Wikipedia: On March 31, 1993, at EUE Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina, Lee was filming a scene where his character, Eric, is shot after witnessing the beating and rape of his fiancée. Actor Michael Massee Funboy fires a .44 Magnum Smith and Wesson Model 629 revolver at Lee as he walks into the room.

raywest Premium member

As we are all aware, Wikipedia isn't the best for credibility. Is there any other source for this information? As like I said originally, I've read articles where it's the scene where he falls off the table, and others where it's just "an unknown scene".

Ssiscool Premium member

That Wikipedia entry is cited with a source to an official news article, so it's totally legit. I've never seen an article where it says it was the scene where he fell off a table. I've only ever heard it mentioned as the scene where he finds Shelly being beaten and raped. But here are some other articles about the incident: and


Question: When Eddie is around the human characters, there are quite a few of them who make fun of his brother's death. Even some of the cops think it's funny too. The only one that seems sympathetic and to be concerned about is his girlfriend. Why do they think it's funny that a human died from a falling piano?

Answer: When did a human, let alone a cop, make fun of his brother's death? They made fun of Eddie for becoming a drunk, but not for losing his brother.

Brian Katcher

Answer: The premise of the show is he atones for mistakes he did in the past. Winning a car for Joy probably atones for something he did wrong regarding her in the past.


Answer: He mentions in the movie that he sees Jesse as a trailer trash low life and didn't think he was good enough to date his niece.

Question: What village is McQueen in after stealing the motorcycle? He is stopped by a Nazi solder, but sped away when unable to answer in German. Would this have been located in the village of Eisenberg?

Answer: According to the movie's production info on Wikipedia, most of the exterior scenes, including the motorcycle chases, were filmed in and around the German town of Füssen.

raywest Premium member

Question: When Ethan is tied to a chair and Max is attempting to view the first tainted NOC list, there's a device the shows rising numbers which we are to assume is a bad thing. "26, 27. So far so good." What do these numbers signify? How are these numbers tipping off the CIA? (00:46:00)

Answer: The device was a radio scanner, the numbers represented the strength of the signal which the disk was transmitting to alert the CIA to its location.

Sierra1 Premium member

Show generally

Question: Now that season 3 is out, has there been any updates about why Alara was written off, or why Halston Sage left the show, near the beginning of season 2? In 2019, she seemed to indicated her leaving wasn't her choice and it was what was best for the show. But, the fact that they replaced her character with another female Xelayan makes it seem like they weren't really making any changes. And with a 4th season unlikely, are there any rumors Sage will return in season 3?


Answer: No official reason has been given. Halston Sage has only stated in an interview that leaving the show was not her choice. It is considered that her possible return is "open ended", and while there has been no official announcement, she did make a reappearance at the end of Season 2.

raywest Premium member

Question: What's the idea behind the name 'Nils Debruuk'? It's stated he's Norwegian, but 'Debruuk' doesn't sound Norwegian at all, more like someone from the Netherlands?

Answer: Nils Debruuk could be Norwegian by nationality, rather than by race if his parents, Grandparents, etc. immigrated to Norway. He may also be part Norwegian on his maternal side if his mother had a child by someone from another country. It is also possible his mother was full-blooded Norwegian and his father was half and had a non-Norwegian father. There's a number of possibilities. I did an Internet search on the name. In that form, I didn't find anything as a surname. There is De Bruuk, which is an area in the Netherlands.

raywest Premium member

Question: For such and advanced species, wouldn't Klatu's people know that "reducing Earth to a burnt out cinder" (for its warlike ways) would also punish those billions of innocents who have no say in the policies of their governments or military? Wouldn't it be more effective to police the earth and neutralize any weaponry that we shot into space?

Answer: They said, how they handle their earth problems is no concern to them, it's only if they bring it to outer space and other worlds, they would take drastic measures to ensure that did not happen.

Show generally

Question: I read that Ross was originally supposed to stay married to Emily, but the actress did not want to live in the USA at that time. Why not re-cast the role, since she isn't one of the main six?

Answer: Emily was slated to appear in more episodes, but it wasn't intended that she and Ross would remain married. Emily was written out sooner than originally planned because actress Helen Baxendale (Emily) was pregnant. In her last appearances, to hide her pregnancy, she is shown in a close-up from the shoulders up or is sitting in bed and covered by a blanket while talking to Ross on the phone. As she was not supposed to have a long run on the show, it would have been impractical to cast a new actress for such a short period.

raywest Premium member

Question: Obi-wan is the one who asked for a new Padawan. When it turns out that Anakin will be Ahsoka's Master, why is nobody ever assigned to Obi-wan?

Question: Where are those golden doors located in Italy that Paris and Romeo fight in front of at the tomb?

Question: Why does Joanna tell Peter that she got fired from Chotchkie's? She quit. She told her manager that she didn't need her job and walked away.

Answer: She never said she quit though. She did say she didn't need the job, but only walked away from her manager while he was talking to her. She would have been fired for flipping him and customers off (and her attitude), which Brian kind of makes fun of her for later.


Question: Two-part question:1. Why does Bane have his mask off in Blackgate? 2. Why is he carrying a sample of his untested TN-1 drug with him?


Question: How come while everyone else was looking worried, Hermione was smiling when Hagrid brought Buckbeak out to show the class?

Answer: Hermione has probably read about Hippogriffs already. Maybe she is excited about seeing one. And she is probably trying to keep a positive attitude for Hagrid, who is a new teacher.

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