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Question: Given Tim had "The Right Missy"s phone number how could he have mistakenly texted the other one?


Answer: Because he had both girls in his phone as "Missy" and he didn't check which Missy he was texting or forgot he had the "wrong" Missy in his phone.


Question: What's the deal with the awful looking costumes in this movie? Were the costumes from the previous two no longer available?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Jim Henson's Creature Shop didn't work on the third entry, so they went with someone else.


Why would Jim Henson's Creature Shop have to specifically work on the film? There were already existing suits. Shouldn't the studio have owned the suits, or did Jim Henson's Creature Shop only provide them on a rental basis?

Phaneron Premium member

All Effects was the company that provided the suits for the 3rd film. They had similar technology as Jim Henson's Creature Shop but underbid Jim Henson's Creature Shop to get the job.


Question: Is there any particular reason why there is some kind of wire either hanging or protruding from the golf club when Happy hits a ball for the first time? It's most noticeable when says "Look at this stupid thing."

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: The wire is actually some sort of line that would be wrapped around the club attaching the club head to the shaft.


Kill the Boy - S5-E5

Question: Ramsay talks with his father about Walda. Ramsay asks, "How did you manage it? Getting her pregnant." and Bolton responds, "I imagine you're familiar with the procedure." Then Ramsay says "Of course, but how did you find it?" to which Bolton didn't answer. So what did he mean by "find it"?

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: Ramsay is mocking Walda's obesity. He is implying that his father, Roose, had difficulty performing intercourse because Walda's excess weight impeded him finding her vagina.

raywest Premium member

Question: My idea was that the plot is a time loop and Cole was sent back to find a pure sample of the virus, so they can make a cure in the future and then tried to stop the pandemic but fails. That's what I thought it was about. But I've heard this crazy theory however that the scientists that send Cole and the others back are in fact responsible for releasing it and are preventing Cole from trying to prevent the pandemic in the past by keeping an eye on him and force him to follow his orders. Is that it?


Answer: No, they really want to find a cure. Why else would that female scientist travel back to the hot zone at the very end? Why would they send people back if they wanted them to fail? It was the crazy 1990s lab assistant who released the virus.

Brian Katcher

Question: When Imhotep and his followers are heading to the museum, we hear Ardeth saying "so it has begun. The beginning of the end." To which Evey replies: "not quite yet it hasn't." Then Imhotep shouts something to his followers. My Blu ray captions only states he is saying something in Ancient Egyptian. Could someone help translate? (01:23:35)

Question: 'Darth Vader uses his lightsaber to cut an elevated catwalk causing it to collapse, and Luke slides down, runs and hides. How did Luke manage to stay hidden from Vader before Vader makes him come out of hiding?

Chosen answer: Trent admitted to having sex with her, stating that he thought people had to have sex around 10 times for pregnancy to happen, to which Guy told him it only takes one time.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: She and Trent had sex. It just wasn't shown but implied.


Question: When Dr. Evil demands $100 billion in 1969, the President laughs it off and says that amount of money doesn't even exist. However, the U.S. budget in 1969 was $186 billion. Does the President just mean that much physical money doesn't exist? If so, how did the government pay for things back then? Did they just reallocate funds?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: I think it was just exaggerated as a gag. But he was asking for a huge amount of money that probably couldn't get pooled together. He was asking for almost 10% of the U.S. GDP and more than 50% of the budget. So it would have been like asking for $1 trillion in 1999 (or over $2 trillion today).


Chosen answer: It appears to be his initials "SH" in the style of the New York Yankees "NY" logo. He's also wearing pinstriped pajamas that look like the Yankees uniform.


I was expecting it to be some kind of Arabic symbol, but I can see the initials now, and it fits his character.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Mainly it was about egos (mostly McQueen's) and a professional rivalry, not only as top movie stars, but also as auto racers. McQueen considered himself a superior driver to Newman, even though they never competed against each other. When McQueen was considered to co-star with Newman in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," McQueen wanted top billing, then dropped out when he wouldn't receive it, even though Newman was considered the bigger star. In "The Towering Inferno," McQueen supposedly obsessed over how many lines he had compared to Newman.

raywest Premium member

Expanding on this: McQueen's demand for top billing continued on this film (as did William Holden's, but he was never a serious candidate), which is why the end result was "staggered": McQueen's name was to the left but lower, while Newman's was higher but to the right, so both had top billing depending how one read it (left-to-right, or top-to-bottom). Studies have shown that the name audiences tend to see first is the one on the left, regardless of staggering, so McQueen may have "won" here.

Newman does get a small victory of sorts at the end of this film when the cast credits begin scrolling upward on the screen. Newman's and McQueen's names are again staggered like in the beginning intro, but Newman's name appears first as it scrolls up from the screen's bottom.

raywest Premium member

Question: Sour Bill imprisons Felix in the dungeon to make up for not doing so with Ralph. Why did he want to lock Ralph in there in the first place? (01:00:00)

Answer: King Candy decreed that Ralph be imprisoned, so he couldn't help Vanellope win the race. Sour Bill was obeying orders. Plus he wanted to get back at him for that torture lick he gave him. When Ralph escaped, he settled for Felix and blamed him for letting Ralph get into "Candy Rush."

Question: What exactly is "snow blowing" referred to by Isabelle in Stepmom?

Answer: This site isn't the proper place to explain what "snow blowing" is. I would suggest you look up the term on Urban Dictionary, but be aware of its graphic description.


Question: Why would the terminator carry his weapon unloaded? It's shown loading the pistol prior to firing. A machine without care for injury would be loaded at all times.

Answer: It does carry its pistol loaded: it merely pulls back the slide in the nightclub scene, priming the weapon. As an infiltration unit, the Terminator would try to prevent an accidental discharge, and thus avoid drawing attention to itself until it's reached its intended target.

Jukka Nurmi

Although I'd argue a perfect killing machine would never discharge its weapon accidentally, how could it?

The Terminators are shown time and again throughout the series NOT to be "perfect"; they make mistakes that are unaccounted for in their manufacture/programming. They are continually improved upon from film to film, indicating that they are BEING perfected, but not perfect. There is a world of difference, perhaps an insurmountable one, between the idea of a perfect anything, and the actual execution of that perfect thing.

Question: Rose and her mother need the financial security from Rose's marriage to Cal. What were they probably expecting after the wedding? Was Cal aware of Rose's father's debt? Did they think he would pay it off, or did they hope he would never find out? I would expect Cal, being from a stable, wealthy family, to have his choice of suitable (to him) women who did *not* come with the burden of debt.

Answer: Cal, who was quite rich and prominent, would have fully investigated the family's debts or other concerns. To avoid any social embarrassment, scandals, or lingering complications, he would likely pay off the remaining debts. Despite Cal's despicable character, he loves Rose, and that is the price of marrying her. In this era, women had many restrictions and few legal rights, so even as Cal's wife, Rose would have no direct access to her husband's money. She would probably receive a small monthly allowance and her expenditures would be closely monitored. Rose and her mother may not have had any money, but they are socially prominent and respected, and that would be an asset to Cal.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Rose's mother wanted Rose to marry Cal, so they had joint finances. With joint finances Rose would be able to get money to pay off her family's debt.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: How does the government hear about the comet? The scientist saves the information to a disk then takes the disk in the car with him. He crashes and the car catches fire. The disk would have been destroyed.

Answer: It could have been salvaged and worked on, plus he was calling people in authority. There would have been an investigation into the crash, which leads back the young boy and the comet.

Question: If there are roadblocks to leave the town, and it took a great distraction for the sheriff to cross, how did the 3 hunters cross the border to the gas station? And where did the 3rd one go? The sheriff set one on fire and his wife shot another one.

Question: Why can't Edward hear Victoria's thoughts when she is at prom? Why is Victoria able to leave without any of the vampires knowing she was there?

Answer: Edward doesn't hear everyone's thoughts at once. He focuses in on nearby individuals. He was preoccupied with Bella, and wasn't aware that Victoria was there while she kept her distance from everyone.

raywest Premium member

Question: The stamp that was used to "mail" the envelope that never arrived... Is this something that is available to buy?

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