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Question: In the beginning of the movie there is a man recounting his story about how his wife and child were killed by Dukhovich. The opposing attorney objects due to hearsay. How is this hearsay, when the man was telling his story of him seeing his own family killed?

Answer: You are right. It isn't hearsay and this is a mistake.

Question: In the trailer for the movie, there's a part where Jordan is talking about how the phone is his entire life, you can hear a song in the background with women sing "lalalalala ooh yeah lalalala", does anybody know if that is an actual song? I know they used it in some Disney Channel promos and ads around the time this film came out.

Question: Why is it so easy for Mera, Atlantia, the guards, and King Orm to get used to gravity super fast if they been underwater their whole lives?


Answer: They have been training for it, plus their bodies are very strong and more adaptable than humans.


Question: King Orm is seen having trouble breathing in the first battle against Arthur when Mara helps him by putting an air bubble around them. How then in the final battle is he fighting on the surface with no trouble?


Answer: It surprised him and that's probably the first time he breathed in air in his life. The second time he was prepared.


Question: At the beginning what was wrong with the young sailor drawing number 7 in the money draw?

Answer: Sailors are very superstitious, they considered it a bad omen. Number 7 is an area of the ocean where most ships and subs have gone down.

Question: What was the name of the girl singing group, Dona and the -?

Answer: Simple answer, she was a psychopathic killer. She was a nurse, and infants were accessible, helpless victims.

raywest Premium member

Show generally

Question: How is it that the U.S. military was unable to contain the original zombie outbreak? The zombies on this show are demonstrably easy to kill, and unlike a foreign adversary, they are unarmed and unorganized.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: It is not know for sure but some of the reasons could be the number of walkers. This was not just happening in one place but the entire world. If this was just happening in Atlanta then troops and equipment could be sent from other places to help, but since this was happening everywhere overwhelmed troops had no help. This wold does not have zombie movies. They have no idea how to handle this and have to learn everything like only head shot, bites kill and everyone turns.

Question: Many of the mistakes that are listed and corrected state that Aladdin takes place before 1 AD. Since it is never stated in the movie when exactly (although the assumption is the 1400s), where are people coming up with that date?

Answer: No it does not take place before 1 AD because they are Muslims and the Muslim religion didn't exist until the 7th century. People who have no idea about history however usually assume an ancient setting like Aladdin takes place before the birth of Christ because that's the oldest time they know. They can't pinpoint the time accurately enough.


Question: Marty tells Doc that they are out of fuel as the fuel line ripped on the car. Wouldn't it have made more sense for them to uncover the DeLorean that Doc buried, put a piece of paper on the seat with a note saying something like... "Oh Marty, I forgot to mention in my letter that the car needs some extra fuel. Keep a can of gas with you in the car at all times" - Hey presto, Marty would have arrived with extra fuel! Now obviously I hear you shouting "continuity" and "It would be an alternate timeline like in part 2" - But that didn't stop Biff taking the car back to the 2015 Doc and Marty were in, despite Doc later saying if they travelled into the future it would be the rich Biff reality.

Answer: Although Biff in part 2 is its own set of problems, the answer to your question actually doesn't have anything to do with continuity or alternate timelines. They can't risk disturbing the Delorean that Doc burried in any way. It has to remain exactly as it is, otherwise at best Marty is stuck in 1955, or at worst they create a paradox that destroys the universe. It is best to ignore the buried Delorean, any attempts to get to it could lead to it being damaged, or even worse could lead to it being discovered in the 70 years it has to remain in that mine.


Answer: It would have been easier for Marry and Doc to go down to Western Union and ask for a second letter to be delivered with the first. The letter would say "Ignore the comment in the first letter about not going back to 1885, please come to 1885 and bring some extra fuel with you"

Question: After the Wanderer leaves Rita at the train station, there's a quick clip of the train out in the open country. It is obvious that the train is quite a distance from the station. but in the next instant, the roof of the passenger car opens up and she falls into the chair. How does anything explain that?

Answer: As soon as the train left the station, she ran after it, jumped on and climbed onto the roof, most likely hoping to stowaway, but James heard her footsteps.

Answer: I would explain it as this being a movie that deliberately bends reality and logic. There is a fantasy element to it, and the characters actions and the plot align with that.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why did the task of assassinating Padme keep changing hands? Nute Gunray wanted her dead, so he requested help from Dooku, who hired Jango Fett, who in turn recruited Zam Wesell to do it. Why couldn't Jango just kill Padme himself? He killed Zam from a distance and the Jedi were unable to pursue him, so he could have killed Padme in the same manner and then escaped.

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: This all done to cover their tracks and make it difficult for the Jedi to implicate them. Nute Gunray didn't want to be implicated so he hired Dooku, Dooku didn't want to be implicated so he hired Fett, etc.


Question: In the Mummy, when we first meet Evie, after knocking down multiple bookshelves, the "Egyptian Librarian" is scolding Evie. He mentions her parents then says, "Allah, rest their souls." This leads us to believe that he of Muslim faith. In the next sentence though he says, "Clean up this meshiva." My first thought, the word sounds Yiddish. The only reference or definition I could find was to a new Final Fantasy video game. There were several Yiddish translator and terminology websites included in the search engine results, but the closest reference I could find was for meshugah. Did they make up a word just for that part in the movie? Was it a mispronounced and missed in editing? Could it be Yiddish slang? And my last question started all of this; why is an Egyptian of Muslim faith using Yiddish terminology or slang?

Answer: The word is indeed "Meshuga" (various ways to spell it) meaning craziness, and is simply Hebrew. You gotta remember the order he is part of is way older than the Muslim faith and even the Jewish faith. I'm sure the order turned to the Muslim faith at some point in time and probably Jews have been part of it as well, anyone who can help keep the mummy secret. They all probably have mixed faiths and believes along with the ancient task to protect the mummy.


Mishugash is yiddish. And yiddish is a combination of hebrew and german... so not exactly something you would expect from a person native to the mid east.

It's used in both Yiddish and Hebrew.


Answer: He's a scholar, probably knows many languages. Why wouldn't he use foreign expressions or words regardless of his own religion? Many multilingual people interchange expressions and words all the time so it's really not that odd.

Answer: The word "meshiva" is Hindi, and it means simply "mess."

Question: When the 2 tour jeeps arrive at the Tyrannosaurus fence, they bring up the goat. Anyone wonder how they got the goat there, how they feed and care for it to stay healthy and alive? Did they dig an underground tunnel for miles through rough hills just to walk the goat through? Would they risk the other side of the fence in T. Rex territory with a goat? It's such an odd possibility because it's just not possible without extreme costs, risks and efforts, just to get the goat there.

Answer: The goat was not how the T. Rex would normally be fed. The keepers put it there as bait to lure the T. Rex to that specific spot at that particular time in order to present it to Dr. Grant and the others. Hammond invited them to the island to evaluate Jurassic Park so he could then assure his investors that it was safe. Hammond is pulling out all the stops to impress them. Also, the paddock would have to be designed to have designated zones that can be opened and closed off and have tunnels running throughout so the keepers can have access to it for maintenance and to corral the animal when needed.

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Question: Why is the character called Shazam instead of his original name, Captain Marvel? The character first appeared in DC comics in 1939 so, shouldn't the name belong to him and not the Marvel universe?

Answer: Fawcett Comics originally published Captain Marvel, not DC. DC sued, claiming the character was too similar to Superman, and Fawcett stopped publication in 1953, and sold the rights to DC in 1972. But in the intervening period Marvel had started their own "Captain Marvel" character and got the trademark for it, as Fawcett's had expired. So while the character remained technically called Captain Marvel, DC used the trademark "Shazam" in marketing, and in 2011 renamed the character to Shazam officially, as people generally thought that was his name anyway.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: How were the special effects of the miniature people in the glass displays accomplished?

Answer: From "Behind the Camera - Bride of Frankenstein": "Special effects experts John Fulton and David S. Horsley spent two days shooting Dr. Pretorius' miniature beings. The actors were placed in full-sized bell jars set against black velvet. These shots were meticulously lined up to match them with shots of Ernest Thesiger, Colin Clive and the interior set."

Question: How did others find the trident's location? We know Arthur is the first person to see the clue to the trident's location, so why are there dozens of skeletons of past victims, how did so many others magically stumble across the trident?

Answer: You said it yourself some might have stumbled upon it, others could have used the map, which is why it was hidden in the first place.

How could they use the map when Arthur was the first to find it...quite frankly to stumble on it is impossible, you would have to randomly travel to the trench, go through the entire kingdom, see a tornado of death and decide to go in, get spat out and not eaten, get to shore, check behind a waterfall and follow it down...bit much?

Question: How old is Atlantis? They say king Atlan was in charge at a time when most thought the earth was flat, well that's less than 2000 years ago, however the Sahara has been a desert for a whole lot longer than that and it was said to be home to one of the 7 kingdoms, but them the Karathin says it has guarded the trident for 1000 years, so which is it? 1000, 2000, 10000?

Answer: No, Vulko said they had unlocked the secret of unlimited energy whilst the rest of the world still thought the earth was flat. Atlantis was already old by then, so it's definitely older than 2000 years. Atlan ruled over Atlantis for thousands of years. To say Atlantis is over 10000 years old is probably the most accurate.


Question: Dora Skirth briefly mentioned to Eddie Brock and Carlton Drake about her family. Did she have a husband and/or children? Was she worried about what The Life Foundation would do to them? If she had a family, did they get compensated for being killed by Drake?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: She told Eddie that she couldn't go to the police out of fear for her family, and Drake had kind of ominously mentioned her children when she said they weren't ready for human subjects. If it could be proved that Drake murdered her, they might have grounds for a lawsuit, especially if they could prove he was acting on behalf of the Life Foundation.

Brian Katcher

Question: Why did Meg's mother want her to write an apology letter to Veronica after she left a mean note on her locker and call Charles Wallace crazy? It sounds like she's teaching her daughter that sticking up for herself and her family is wrong.

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Meg's mother is actually teaching her to show compassion and to understand that there is reason behind Veronica's bullying. She suffers from extreme low self-esteem, and has developed an eating disorder as a result. She bullies others to validate herself. Just because Veronica is a bully is no excuse for Meg to retaliate in the way she did.

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