Question: When Alan has reached Jumanji, why were the bullet and rifle pulled into the game? They weren't from the game, but purchased by Van Pelt from a gun store.

Answer: The game is essentially "resetting reality" back to the point Alan was first sucked into the game. So it is undoing everything that has been done - including taking away the gun and bullets Van Pelt had purchased.

Answer: The gun and bullets may have been from the real world but they were Van Pelt's property. He purchased them at the gun store. Apparently the game pulls in Van Pelt and anything of his he was using to hunt Alan. It makes sense that the game would do this because Alan defeats Van Pelt by following the rules of the game. Having Van Pelt be able to simply purchase a gun in the real world and kill a player with it even after they've completed the game would be a huge cheat.


Question: When Judy was stung by that plant and she collapsed, I never really understood what happened. She collapsed but was she poisoned and killed or just paralyzed? Anybody have the faintest idea? That's the only bit I never understood. I thought she was shot by poisonous darts...


Answer: Since the barb was poisonous, she was dying. This is seen when she begins looking pale and a few seconds later she isn't moving. Finishing the game was the only way to save her life.

Chosen answer: She was just temporarily immobilized by the venom - it wears off after a few minutes.

The Doctor

No, it doesn't. Alan said the purple plants shoot poisonous barbs. After being hit, by them, Judy was slowly being poisoned to death.

Question: At the part where Peter cheated and got "devolved," he says that he was TEN spaces away, and then he says that he tried to win by dropping the dice so that they landed on TWELVE. Why would he want to roll a 12 in order to move 10 spaces?


Chosen answer: Most games don't need you to roll the exact number of spaces left in order for someone to win. By rolling twelve he gets to move his ten spaces & has won. I'm assuming it's easier for him to roll two sixes than anything else.

Question: At the end, how is it that Alan and Sarah remember Judy and Peter, if they grew up as if nothing had happened?

Melanie Elsworthy

Chosen answer: Alan and Sarah remember everything that had happened during the course of the game's length, as would Judy and Peter if they'd been alive yet when the game started. All players retain their memory of the game after it ends, except in this sort of unusual circumstance where two of them didn't exist at the time the game began.


With the logic of Jumanji 2, Judy and Peter will also remember Jumanji in 1995. They still do not remember it because the final scene of the first film is at Christmas 1994.

Too bad Jumanji 2 has no logic and has nothing to do with this one except the name.


The logic of Jumanji 2 (which this is) doesn't apply because the idea is in the original Jumanji film, Alan and Sarah changed Judy and Peter's history and they ended up never playing the game. In Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Alex does nothing to change the history of the 4 main characters, therefore, they go on to play the game after Alex returns to his own time.


Answer: Actually I believe the kids did remember there was a silent look shared between all them at the end when they meet up that many people say is confusion but I think its more along the lines of "hey don't blow this shared secret none of us can explain"

Nah there is no indication that Peter an Judy remembered as well. Think about it, they would have remembers from since they were born. Also, they would then also know their parents will die in an accident. Thats crazy. They had that look because Alan and Sarah reacted that way and were wondering why they did that. They didn't say anything and even wondered why Alan and Sarah so emphatically said "no" to their parents going skiing (where they would have their accident).


I feel Judy and Peter remember Alan and Sarah because when Alan and Sarah shouted that Judy and Peters parents cannot go for the skiing vacation Judy and Peter did not have a shocked look on their face instead they had a smile on their face.

Question: If everyone believed Sam killed Alan, why did the homeless man at the factory think differently?


Chosen answer: Because not everyone believed the rumor.

Answer: The homeless man seemed to have known Sam a bit better than others. He also took over the factory building so it's possible they were friends and he'd have more accurate info about Sam.

Question: Concerning Peter and Judy's parents - Did Judy, Peter, Allan and Sarah finishing the game somehow "change history" and allow the parents to survive until later? They had originally died in an accident on the Canadian Rockies but at the end they meet an adult Alan and when they mention their holiday plans Alan tries to dissuade them, knowing about their "fated" deaths.

Answer: Finishing the game allowed Robin Williams to grow up. Since he knew that the parents were going to be killed in the mountains, he is trying to dissuade them from going knowing what will happen. If the parents follow what they said (that they would NOT go) then that means they did not die in the mountains.


But *HOW* did he know they'd die in the mountains in the first place? I just rewatched it, and Judy tells Alan their parents are dead too, while Peter tells him their dad was in advertising, but neither mentions how or where they died. The viewer knows from when Nora says it earlier in the movie, but neither Alan or Sarah were told during their time with Judy and Peter, so why would they freak out about a ski vacation?

We don't see every minute of every conversation everyone has with each other. There are scenes where they have obviously been walking for quite some time and whatever conversation they had while walking is left out of the movie as movies don't have time to be that detailed as audiences don't want to sit in theaters for 6 hours. It can be safely assumed that during one of the off screen conversations Alan and/or Sarah was told how the parents died.

Question: Why did anyone believe Sam killed Alan? Nobody saw it happen and everybody knew Sam loved him. What made anyone believe that Sam killed his own son?


Answer: People believe the craziest things. I don't think it was widely believed Sam killed Alan, but that he ran away from home. Through the passed time stories pop up about murder and hiding Alan behind the walls of the house. It was just a rumour.


Answer: The only mention of the rumor we hear is from the exterminator in 1995. Maybe he just made it up to try to spook Judy and Peter, or he heard a rumor that got distorted over time and didn't question it himself.

Actually Sarah also mentions the same rumor.

Answer: I think it was a way to solve the mystery of the town. All kinds of theories are created.

Even though Sarah Whittle was the only witness to Alan's disappearance.


Question: Before Alan takes the sword to help Peter, he says something that I can't understand. I can't check subtitles, as I have the VHS of the movie. What is Alan saying?

Answer: He is saying "Sorry, Angus" to his ancestor who founded the town Allen lives in, Brantford, New Hampshire.

In that same scene, after breaking the case, grabbing the sword, and removing it from its sheath, Alan says something additional which I could not fully make out. His statement sounds like he is surprised in some way by the sword. All I could make out from what he said is "all this time." Not sure if that is what he really said, but was curious if you knew what he says and if there is anything he may be reacting to. Thanks.

He says "whoa" when the sheath comes off. Then he says "harvest time."


Question: How did the game come into existence in the first place? I mean why would anyone create a magical board game with features that could get people killed? Like letting animals on the loose, or releasing a poacher who kills people?

Answer: It is never explained, although many sinister things exist in films and books that come into being through various means. The movie is based on a children's picture book where Judy and Peter find the game abandoned in the park and it doesn't explain its origins either.


Question: How did Alan's parents die? On their gravestone it says they died in the same year.

Answer: They never say how they died. It seems to be grief related, but anything would be speculation. They spent all their money and time into searching for Alan, and Sam dies when he's 70, which is below the national average, but still a fairly old age. And if he spent his time and money, he may have disregarded his own health (speculation). Even though Carol is only 61 when she passes, she may have realised she'll never see her son and then he husband has now passed away and she couldn't bear it and passes away (speculation).


If that was always sad, I wonder if he blamed himself for the fight before it disappeared.

Question: How come Alan does not want to go to The Cliffside School for Boys?

Answer: Because it's a boarding school and he doesn't want to leave home and his friends. Next to that he is embarrassed the school dormitory has his family name.


Question: Why didn't Alan and Sarah just destroy the game instead of throwing it into the river?


Answer: Because of its magical properties, it can't be destroyed. Which is why it was buried in the first place.

Answer: The game can defend itself against a player cheating by turning him into a monkey. What do you think it could do to someone who tried to destroy it?

It's because it's an evil object. You see in the movie it causes damage psychologically and sociologically. What I mean is the game brought bad experience to Alan, Sarah, Judy and Peter.


Question: Why is Peter smiling when Sarah was crying and frightening after Alan tricked her to roll the dice?


Answer: He found the trick amusing. It caused her to continue playing the game and that means finishing the game so their problems would go away. Or so he thought at that time.


Answer: Earlier in the film Peter uses "reserve psychology" to trick Alan into continuing the game. He then finds it funny when Alan pulls a similar trick on Sarah to force her to play.

Question: How come every shopper at Sir Sav a Lot didn't evacuate when Van Pelt had a gun and was shooting up the place while going after Judy, Peter and Sarah?


Answer: They are probably too invested with their own looting to worry about someone else committing a crime.


I especially like that one woman that is hesitating to take the box or not as everyone is running away when he shoots into the ceiling.


Question: When Van Pelt makes his first appearance, what type of gun was he using to shoot at Alan?

Answer: According to the Internet Movie Firearms Database (imfdb.org), it's a modified Winchester 1901 shotgun. It has been modified to look like an elephant gun with various fake parts (namely the box magazine, stock, and barrel).


Question: When Carl found his police car smashed into the tree, shouldn't the airbag be deployed?


Answer: I'm not sure about Carls cruiser because he appears to be the only Officer in a small town, I doubt very much he's getting into high speed pursuits. However, in my cruiser I have the option to disable the air bag system. This is due to the possibility of the air bags deploying if a suspect vehicle stops and then deliberately backs into the pursuing cruiser.

Answer: It should have deployed, that model Caprice came with an airbag standard. Airbags will sometimes fail to deploy due to equipment malfunction.


Answer: Why would he? He knew what happened to Sarah when she told people about it, and his parents hardly seem like the sort who would a) believe him, or b) indulge him in his "fantasy." Better to simply get rid of it (as he and Sarah do).

I was pertaining when Alan was still a kid not as an adult.When he discovered the game and he went home immediately. Remember his mother called him and then Alan keep the Jumanji under the sofa.


Given their wealth and status, Alan's parents may not appreciate him bringing home stuff he found buried. In addition, he's probably having difficulty himself believing the game is making the drum noises and wants to investigate first.


Question: What were the papers the gun salesman told Van Pelt he would have to fill out?

Answer: It's Form 4473, the federal form that is sent to the ATF for an NICS background check.


I get it. The form is used to make sure you have no criminal history.

Form 4473 is used to determine if one is eligible to purchase a firearm. Speaking of which, would Van Pelt be eligible to purchase a firearm?

No, since he is probably not even a US citizen. And if he is, not from that century.


If you don't fill out the form the you can't buy a gun.

Other mistake: In the scene where Robin Williams tells Sarah that she needs a 12 to win, she rolls a 3. The next time she rolls, Robin tells her she needs a 7 to win.

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[Alan is explaining to Sarah why Van Pelt is chasing him.]
Sarah: Well, have you ever thought about sitting down and talking about your differences?
Alan: What are you, crazy? The man has a gun.
Sarah: Don't ever call me crazy, Alan. Ever. Because everyone in this town has been calling me crazy ever since I told the cops you were sucked into a board game.

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