The Doctor

27th Jul 2005

General questions

I'm looking for the title of a film I once saw, a few years ago. I can only remember a couple of scenes/details from it though. All I remember is that the main character is on the run from the police. In one scene, he is racing down a street in a truck and he crashes into a baby's pram. He is mortified, thinking he's killed a baby, but in fact it turns out that all that was in the pram was cans of beer. The only other scene I can remember is a scene where he goes into a shop, and the shopkeeper agrees to hide him from the police. When a female officer enters the shop and asks the shopkeeper if he has seen the main guy, the shopkeeper says no and then makes some comment about why female police officers aren't called 'officeresses' (the shopkeeper guy is quite a creepy character). That's all I can remember of the film I'm afraid, other than the fact the main guy ends up pretty badly battered at the end of the film. It's not much to go on I know, but if anyone could tell me what film this is I'd be really grateful. Thanks.

The Doctor

Chosen answer: That is Falling Down with Micheal Douglas and Robert Duvall.

Grumpy Scot

14th Apr 2005

Matilda (1996)

Question: Can anyone tell me what the music is that plays in the scene when Matilda is making all the cards and gambling chips fly about?

The Doctor

Answer: The song is "Little Bitty Pretty One" by Thurston Harris.

Chosen answer: It's called "Send Me On My Way," and is performed by Rusted Root.

Hamster Premium member

30th Mar 2005

Mr. Bean (1989)

Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean - S1-E13

Revealing mistake: After Mr. Bean crashes into the van with the feathers in it, and then goes inside, he coughs, and feathers supposedly come out of his mouth. However, from the way he does it, you can see the feathers were in his hand to start with.

The Doctor

29th Mar 2005

Robots (2005)

Trivia: Not a mistake as such, but interesting to note. When Rodney and Fender are in Fender's room, lying in the hammocks, look behind Fender on the wall. Behind him is a "robot" version of the 'American Gothic' painting from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Doctor

Revealing mistake: After King Arthur cuts off both the Black Knight's arms and both his legs, as Arthur rides away and the Knight is struggling on the ground, as he turns sideways you can see both his hands, held behind his back, and the depression in the ground where he is standing in a hole. This is how the effect was achieved.

The Doctor

Trivia: Dr. Scott crashes through the wall of the lab because the filmmakers forgot to add a door to the room, so he had to crash through the wall in order to get in.

The Doctor

Trivia: After they come to the conclusion about weighing the witch to see if she weighs the same as a duck, and then the scales balance, watch the scales after they drag her off to be burnt. The side which contained the duck is obviously loaded to start with, as it sinks lower than the other pan when there is supposed to be nothing on the scales. Hence the witch weighing 'the same' as the duck, and seemingly proving the villagers rigged the whole thing.

The Doctor

Question: Does anyone know what that thing is that Dr. Scott examines intently while he's sitting in the Zen room?

The Doctor

Chosen answer: It's a joint that is clipped in a "roach clip."


16th Mar 2005

Little Britain (2003)

Trivia: Series 1 Episode 1 - in the sketch with Kenny Craig on his date, the couple sitting on the table in the background are Matt Lucas' mother and stepfather.

The Doctor

Trivia: Originally, the cast were going to ride horses, but then they realised they didn't have the capital to do so. They therefore came up with the idea of artificially creating the sound effect using empty coconut halves. They then decided that it would be a good idea to actually include the coconuts in the film, hence the film's long-running joke - it was never meant to be included.

The Doctor

Trivia: Charles Gray (The Narrator/Criminologist) filmed his scenes in one day, completely separate from the rest of the film. He never met the other cast members during the making of the film and never watched it in its entirety.

The Doctor

28th Jan 2005

Little Britain (2003)

Trivia: In series 1, the standby paramedic people are called 'St. Tom's Ambulance', a play on 'St. John's Ambulance'. Perhaps a nod to the narrator, Tom Baker?

The Doctor

Question: I think that this is the case, I just want to check. At the start, the church attendants are Riff-Raff and Magenta (and, I presume, Columbia). Is the vicar really Frank-N-Furter?

The Doctor

Chosen answer: Yes, this is alluded to by the Criminologist (narrator) circling their heads on a big picture from the wedding.

Question: Why, when Betty and Ralph drive off on honeymoon at the start does the car say 'Wait till tonight - she got hers now he'll get his'? Am I missing something or am I just being naive and innocent?

The Doctor

Chosen answer: It means they are going to have sex. The bride got her groom and the groom is going to get laid.

Bruce Minnick

She got her ring, he'll get his ring... I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

1st Jan 2005

Serendipity (2001)

Other mistake: Why, when they are on the ice rink, and it is snowing heavily, does very little snow actually land on them, at least to start with?

The Doctor

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