Little Britain

Trivia: 'Little Britain' was originally an audio sketch show for BBC Radio 4, before it became a TV series.

Trivia: Series 1 Episode 1 - in the sketch with Kenny Craig on his date, the couple sitting on the table in the background are Matt Lucas' mother and stepfather.

The Doctor

Trivia: When Series 2 was to be shown on BBC One, many of the sketches were either censored or removed because they were deemed as too extreme for a BBC One audience.

Trivia: In the pilot episode, in the Dennis Waterman sketch, look behind Dennis. The man wearing a scarf in the photograph is Tom Baker, narrator for 'Little Britain'.

Trivia: In series 1, the standby paramedic people are called 'St. Tom's Ambulance', a play on 'St. John's Ambulance'. Perhaps a nod to the narrator, Tom Baker?

The Doctor

Trivia: A sketch containing references to the Woman's Institute had to be censored after the WI complained after it's showing on BBC Three. A logo that was similar to the WI logo had to be replaced and the name was changed to Woman's Association.

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