Little Britain
Movie Quote Quiz

Anne: Eh-eh-ehhhhhh.

Vicky Pollard: Anyway don't listen to her coz everyone knows her fanny goes sideways.

Narrator: Of course, I don't mean the real Prime Minister, I mean that guy from Buffy.

Narrator: Britain, Britain, Britain. We've had running water for over ten years, we have a tunnel connecting us to Peru, and we invented the cat.

Andy: Yea, I know.

Meera: Instead of sugar use artificial sweetener in tea.
Marjorie Dawes: Summin' about sugar.

Vicky Pollard: Stop giving me evils.

Lou: It's your birthday coming up, and I've booked a table up the Harvester.
Andy: Yeah, I know.
Lou: Is there anyone you want me to invite?
Andy: George Michaels.
Lou: George Michaels? We don't know him.
Andy: Yeah, I know.
Lou: I don't think he'd come. And besides, you don't like George Michaels. You said that "Jesus to a Child" aside, you found his output emotionally vapid.
Andy: Yeah, I know.
Lou: What about your brother, Declan?
Andy: George Michaels.

Narrator: This is the home of romance novelist, Dame Sally. I've always wanted to write a book, but unfortunately I don't have a pen.

Daffyd: I am the only gay in the village.

Dennis Waterman: I'll do it... long as I get to write the theme tune, sing the theme tune.

Marjorie Dawes: Oooooh, I love a bit of cake. Oooooh, cake. Oooooh, cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. I'm just one of these people. I come home and I need a piece of cake.

Carol Beer: Computer says no.

Old Ma Evans' lodger: Well, I seem to have passed your gay test, so I must be gay.
Daffyd: No, you are not a gay. I am the gay. You're probably just a little bit poofy.

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