Fight Night - S3-E7

Plot hole: A large part of Nick's plotline revolves around the discovery that the couple's stolen ring has a fake diamond switched out for the real one. But the ring was left as collateral for a very expensive necklace for the woman to wear that night. There is no way that a jewelery store would accept a ring for collateral without appraising the ring's/stone's value first. And in that inspection, they would have discovered the switch and not accepted it.


21st Jun 2004

Pretty Woman (1990)

Trivia: The scene at the opera was supposed to be the San Francisco Opera house. But due to damages from the 1989 Bay Area earthquake, the opera house was closed. The film crew could not film there and it had to find an alternate location to stand in for it.


29th Apr 2004

Love Actually (2003)

Revealing mistake: In the big scene at the children's show when David and Natalie are revealed kissing behind the curtain, many members of the audience are shown snapping picture after picture. One of the guys who is snapping away very rapidly has a "throw-away" one-time use camera. All one-time use cameras have wind wheels, meaning you can't take photos that quickly. (01:54:15)


26th Dec 2003

Stealing Home (1988)

Continuity mistake: When Billy and Robin are having sex on the couch from the side shots Billy is noticably moving in a way condusive to sex with facial expressions to match. But from the shots from behind the couch Billy is barely even moving his head.


21st Dec 2003

Seven (1995)

Trivia: Kevin Spacey made sure that it was in his contract that his name would not appear in any press releases or reviews, that his photo would never appear in any of the above, he was not to be mentioned in interviews nor was his name to be anywhere in the opening credits. He cites his reason as being that The Usual Suspects and Outbreak were both opening earlier that same year and figured that people would start to recognize his name. And he also figured that if people saw his name in connection with the movie and he didn't appear for the first 2/3 of the movie they would know that he was playing the killer, thus ruining the element of shock and surprise that the moment in the movie has built up to. To compensate, Spacey is listed first in the ending credits.


Other mistake: Why would the entire crowd and all of the players wait after the final shoot-off shot? It would have been pretty easy to tell whether the puck went into the net or not. I understand the dramatic ending and all, but it just seems goofy.


27th Aug 2003

Old School (2003)

Factual error: Even though it is a women's event, one would assume that the rythmic floor routine (performed by Frank with the ribbon) would still have been judged by the same scoring means. In which case, they wouldn't have passed since the ribbon touches Frank's body and the floor a number of times which causes point deductions each time that happens.


26th Jul 2003

In & Out (1997)

Plot hole: Why would the press converge on Greenleaf to begin with. Nobody but the residents of the town know that Howard still thinks that he is straight. Why would press people from across the US think that there was a story there? Dozens of people get thanked every year at the Oscars and the press certainly doesn't do follow up stories on every single one of them.


28th May 2003

Bruce Almighty (2003)

Trivia: The telephone number that "God" pages Bruce with (only in the original cinema release - it was changed for the DVD) was a real number in a few different parts of the US - a few businesses and one residential (known of to date). It was also valid in Manchester, UK.


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