Pretty Woman

Trivia: The scene where Edward offers Viv the necklace and shuts the box on her fingers wasn't scripted - Richard Gere did it as a joke. You can tell because when he does it, Julia Roberts laughs and looks up and around (ie. at the film crew) - in the context of the scene there wasn't anyone there for her to look at. (01:21:45)

Trivia: Not an actual mistake, just amusing. The opera that Edward and Vivian go to is an opera about a prostitute who falls in love with her employer.

Trivia: Per Gessle (of the rock group Roxette) has said in interviews that he was asked to write a song for the film. However he didn't have the time so he gave the filmmakers an already recorded song, "It Must Have Been Love."

Trivia: On the movie poster, Edward's hair is brown. In the movie it's gray.

Trivia: In the shots of the city in the very beginning, you will notice that some of the neon letters in the hotel where Vivian lives are burned out. The only remaining lighted letters spell "HO," which is "hoe" (short for "whore") a slang term for a prostitute.

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Trivia: At the beginning of the movie when Edward is driving around trying to find Beverly Hills, the bum he asked for directions from is actually the director of the movie, Garry Marshall.

Trivia: The scene at the opera was supposed to be the San Francisco Opera house. But due to damages from the 1989 Bay Area earthquake, the opera house was closed. The film crew could not film there and it had to find an alternate location to stand in for it.


Trivia: Julia Roberts has often said that "It Must Have Been Love", which plays when Vivian is leaving Edward and going back to her apartment, is one of her favorite songs.

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Continuity mistake: The morning after Vivian's first night at the hotel, room service brings breakfast. When she's eating a croissant it cuts to a shot of Edward, and when it cuts back to Vivian she's eating a pancake which goes from being half done, to being a whole pancake again. (00:30:55)

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Edward: What makes you think I am a lawyer?
Vivian: You have that sharp, useless look about you.

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Question: Is there any particular reason Julia Robert's dress was changed from the blue and white dress she wears at the beginning of the movie to a black and pink version of the same dress on the movie poster and film/disc cover? I've always wondered why - there's really no reason for the change.


Chosen answer: Posters are usually designed long after the film has been made, and by the marketing department. Decisions about the outfit may have been based solely on what was considered best by the marketing department (for instance, to match the color of the lettering in the title.) Also, Julia Roberts' head has been super-imposed onto a model's body in the poster image (just as Richard Gere's hair has been darkened). These are all creative marketing decisions.

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