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Question: I'm watching on Netflix. Was this edited somehow from the original? In the Netflix version Brian enlists the help of Todd and Kiersten to rescue his brother. After escaping the dungeon, it shows them rearming themselves at the school. Then there's a cutscene where Maurice is in Ronnie's room and says "oh, Ronnie." Brian, Todd, and Kiersten are see walking into Boy's room a 2nd time, then all of the sudden Ronnie is there with the battery pack, and no-one seems surprised. In the original, was Ronnie recruited the first time around and then cut in the Netflix version? In the Netflix version Boy says the line "why lose 5 lives when you can gain 4?" when there's only 4 kids and not 5. So I feel like he must have been there. If Ronnie was edited out, why? Was it just to save the run time? If Ronnie wasn't edited out, who are the 5 lives Boy is talking about?"


Answer: I'd seen the movie a lot growing up and also just picked up the new Blu-Ray. As I remember seeing it when I was younger, and indeed in the new Blu-Ray, Ronnie is recruited on the group's second attempt to rescue Eric. He was never there the first time around. Admittedly, the line about "why lose five lives when you can gain four" is confusing given there's only four kids. But I always assumed he was referring to the four kids and Maurice, who he also has held captive.


Answer: You see Brian go down with Kiersten and Todd armed with their first set of flashlights. He then says this line because he wants to keep the four kids there and turn them into monsters. But he could kill them and my guess is maybe kill Maurice as well because he didn't succeed in turning Brian into one of them.

Answer: They went back to rescue Brian's younger brother Eric. Ronnie was there after Maurice went and got him to come and help. So the five lives refers to the four kids and the one that he stole which was Eric.

That's why I'm wondering why it was edited on Netflix because Ronnie isn't there when Boy says the line. In the Netflix version, Ronnie is recruited after Boy's line.


Question: Considering how many heroes died fighting Thanos, why was only Tony Stark given a funeral?

Answer: There's nothing to indicate that only Stark was given a funeral. While some sorcerers, Ravagers, and Asgardians were certainly killed in the final battle, they wouldn't have been personally known by all the main characters, and showing funerals for any of them would be rather superfluous in an already three-hour long movie.


Question: How come this game has so much swearing compared to other games of the same rating?

Answer: Perhaps due to the comical nature of the game, and that the violence wasn't too bad, the rating board overlooked it.


Question: What song does Marty play on his guitar in 2015 after he gets fired?

Answer: He is attempting to play the song "The Power Of Love" by Huey Lewis and The News. He was first seen playing it very well in the first Back To The Future movie when he was trying out for the school dance. Jennifer recognizes the song and is shocked that Marty who was so good at guitar was suddenly able to hardly play it.

Question: After the main battle, Captain America only had half of a shield left, so where did the shield that he gave Sam at the very end come from? Did he go to Wakanda and have another made?

Answer: The Russo Brothers confirmed that Steve lived out his life in an alternate timeline before travelling back to the main timeline. Presumably his shield was never destroyed in that timeline.

Answer: Yeah that's just another one, just a regular shield or even vibranium. How he got it can only be speculated, but there are many different ways. It could just be symbolic to give to Sam.


Question: Where does Peter put his clothes when changing into Spider-Man? And is he usually just getting rid of them, except if it's like a suit (as seen after the elevator scene)?

Answer: We see him bundle his clothes and use webbing to secure them. Presumably, he does this every time and just retrieves his clothes later.

Answer: If he were caught, he would still be forced to serve the jail sentence he was given. In addition, he may be charged with various kinds of fraud: insurance fraud if someone collects on a life insurance policy, identity fraud if he gets fake documents, tax fraud, etc.


Question: What was the message that Dr. Thurman was trying to say to Rose? She said she needs to talk to Rose for some reason. Why?

Answer: I think I can recall enough to answer. Dr. Thurman's most recent therapy session with Donnie resulted in her assessment that Donnie's condition had quickly deteriorated and he was (or might be) in imminent danger of hurting himself or engaging in some type of dangerous or violent or self-destructive behavior (or doing something bizarre, such as attempting time travel). Under hypnosis, Donnie admitted to Dr. Thurman that he "did it again" (flooded the school), burned down Cunningham's house because he had "kiddy porn", that "Frank" was going to kill someone, and the "sky was going to open up"; Donnie was also crying. Dr. Thurman wanted Rose to be aware and, undoubtedly, keep a close eye on Donnie and inform her immediately of any changes or behaviors of concern. Why Dr. Thurman would leave a telephone message under these circumstances and fail to immediately intervene or take preventive measures does not speak highly of her competence. I think showing the party before Dr. Thurman leaving the message left some viewers in the dark.


Answer: McComb paid Fielding to do whatever he wanted her to do for him. She provides protection, follows his orders, passes on useful information about TEC, etc.


Question: When Lyle is at his desk, he has two newspapers in front of him and he is circling the same stock on both of them. One newspaper is for the year he's currently in, 1929. The second one is from 2004. How could stocks from the same newspaper 75 years apart possibly be helpful in getting McComb to the presidency?

Answer: Also, it was strongly implied that Lyle Atwood was in New York City shortly after the massive Wall Street crash that occurred in October of 1929, so all he would need to do is find stocks that still exist and are doing well in 2004 and buy those particular stocks when they're presumably at their lowest value in history; the payoff after 75 years would be astronomical for the stockholder.


Answer: Any stock that massively increased in value between 1929 and 2004 would be a great investment for a time traveller, providing vast quantities of wealth to help fund a presidential campaign, for example.

Question: When Hulk has the Infinity Gauntlet, Tony tells Hulk to snap back everybody that Thanos killed. Why not just snap Thanos and his army first and then snap half the world's population back to life? If Thanos had been snapped first, then they wouldn't have to worry about him anymore.

Answer: Bruce snapped everybody back before they even knew 2014 Thanos had traveled into the future to attack them.


Answer: It's important to remember Tony's motivation as well. He was reluctant to even try because he now had a daughter and didn't want to risk losing her or Pepper. When he reminds Banner, he tells him not to try anything other than bringing everyone back in the present because he doesn't want him to rewrite history, potentially removing his daughter.

Answer: No guarantees they'd get two goes at it. They likely figured it was more important to bring everyone back and hope they can take on Thanos conventionally. Although if I remember rightly, they have no idea Thanos is back before they snap anyway - last they heard they'd chopped his head off, end of story.

Question: At the beginning of the film, why was Guy Fawkes attempting to burn down the Houses of Parliament and what led to his capture?

Answer: Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators wanted to assassinate King James I by blowing up the House of Lords while the king was there. Their goal was to improve the position of Catholics in the predominantly Protestant England, because an anonymous letter was sent to one of the lords, detailing the plot. Fawkes was in charge of guarding the explosives that were already in place when he was caught on the site, hence why he is the most famous one.


Question: What city and state do the movies take place in?

Answer: A fictional location in the San Francisco Bay Area referred to as "Tri-County Area." - says google.

Question: When Obi-wan Kenobi goes to the planet to fight General Grievous alone, shortly after he arrives he is in two places at once. He is sitting back in his ship talking to his droid before leaving and yet seconds later he has never left the planet. Can this be explained?

Answer: He set his plane on auto-pilot and then snuck off it before it took off to give the impression that he had left the planet.


Thanks for your response. Auto pilot had occurred to me and it must have been that way, it's just that that it all happens quick, in the blink of an eye.

Question: Why would the Trade Federation need the queen to sign a treaty to make their invasion legal if they've already invaded the place and taken over anyway?

Answer: They want the rest of the Republic to believe the queen has legitimately sanctioned the trade treaty.


Not just the trade treaty, but the occupation too.


Yes, that too.


Question: What did Rooney mean when he told Grace to "go soak your head"?

Answer: It's an old insult, somewhat equivalent to 'buzz off'.

Brian Katcher

Answer: The other answer (about buzzing off) is correct, but the phrase has multiple definitions. It can also mean that someone doesn't know what they're talking about, or a person who is extremely frustrated and unable to express themselves calmly or coherently need to cool off.


Question: Why didn't Hulk use the Infinity Gauntlet to snap Thanos and his army? He was able to snap everybody that Thanos killed and survived, so he would have survived another snap.

Answer: The gauntlet fell off after his first snap, then Thanos arrived from the past and destroyed the building, separating them. Hulk never got near the gauntlet and the stones during the ensuing battle, so he didn't have an opportunity to try a second snap to destroy Thanos.


Really what they should have done was pulled the stones off the gauntlet and separated them again, and not run around with a fully assembled and powered up Gauntlet for Thanos to grab.


I agree.

That would mean they had to touch them, and nobody besides Hulk, Thor and Carol could touch one without dying.


Ordinary humans can't just grab an infinity stone. Even when Thanos takes the power stone out of gauntlet you see it start to destroy them.

Only the Power Stone has been shown to kill normal people who try to hold it. Hawkeye literally held the Soul Stone in his hand in this movie.


Because he made the necessary sacrifice. Anyone else touching it, big problem. Could be an exception though. The power, reality and space gems have been proven to be untouchable and killing anyone who does (with exceptions though). Time gem is very carefully handled as well so I wouldn't touch that one either. Mind gem, who knows?


I don't recall the Time Stone killing anyone who touched it. The only example I can think of was the Red Skull presumably being killed when he handled the Tesseract, but was in actuality teleported to Vormir. The Reality Stone has a will of its own, so someone could feasibly handle it without harm. You're wonder about the Mind Stone is correct, as no human character was shown in any movie to have handled it directly. Overall though, I would say that I disagree with someone trying to remove a stone from the gauntlet, as one stone could easily be lost, and Thanos could still kill every hero at the battle even with one or more stones missing.


The reality stone attaches itself to anyone touching it like a parasite and slowly kills them. I'd say it's a bad idea to touch it. As for the time stone only the ancient one and Hulk actually touched it and there is reason Strange handles it carefully and without touching it. As for the Red skull, don't really know if he is really alive on Vormir. Who knows what the tesseract did to him?


Whether or not Red Skull is still alive is an interesting topic, but either way, I'd argue that while the Tesseract transported him, it itself is not what made him in his current state, but rather his curse to guard the Soul Stone and the planet of Vormir itself, as it is a dominion of death as Nebula stated.


Answer: Caractucus Potts uses the Baroness character in the story he tells his kids to add tension and fright. The Baroness is a spoiled, selfish, narcissist whose only true love in the world is the rich and powerful Baron. She probably did not want children in her life with the Baron to distract her from enjoying and indulging in the power and riches she shares with the Baron, and she projects that onto other people who have children. Children, to her, are a huge distraction from her cushy life. Or, she hates children because she cannot have any of her own due to medical reasons, thus, she figures if she cannot have them, then nobody in the village can have them, so the children that are around are in hiding. The movie makes no mention as to why the Baroness hates children, so leaves that up to speculation by the viewer, unless the original book version has her backstory.


Answer: She's seen a picture? Been given his description? There are any number of possibilities.

Answer: I'd say this is a deliberate movie mistake to provide plot exposition. Bellatrix was one of the Death Eaters who tortured Neville's parents into permanent insanity when Neville was a young boy. It's unlikely Bellatrix would recognize Neville on sight, but this reveals her involvement in the Longbottom family tragedy, and shows that Neville fighting Voldemort and the Death Eaters is personally motivated.


Answer: He looks like his father, wears similar clothes.etc.

Patrick Smith

Question: Spider-Man: Far From Home shows that people snapped back after the "blip" come back in exactly the same place they disappeared from - mid-band performance, for example, and getting a basketball to the head as a result. Have the makers of either movie expanded on the ramifications of this? Because people snapped off a flight for example, might reappear mid-air...but with no plane, so plummet to their deaths.

Jon Sandys

Answer: Kevin Feige said in a Reddit thread that Hulk specifically brought everyone back in a safe place.

Chosen answer: The makers haven't said anything that I have heard, but we can see and deduce a couple things. First, if you watch the band members disappear, then the reappearance, those that reappear are not at the locations of those that disappeared (note the two videos are 90° off from each other), meaning either some compensation happened in Stark's invocation, or the filmmakers made a mistake in their portrayal. Second, we don't hear anyone in the movie make any comment about such problems so that implies the blip-ending had a compensation for such events so they didn't happen, though to prevent calamity, not simple harm. If you take this issue to the extreme, the planet is no longer where it was, plus has spun on its axis, so if no compensation occurred, everyone would have reappeared in space millions of miles away from the planet's new location, which they didn't.

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