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Question: Right at the end of the movie just before the credits come up there is a song playing (when Anakin and Padme kiss), then the credits come up and as this happens, the theme song for Star Wars plays. Would someone please be able to tell me the name of the song before the credits come up?

Answer: It's called "Across the Stars" and is featured on the soundtrack of the film, by John Williams.

David Mercier

Question: In one of the deleted scenes on the DVD, Elizabeth asks Jack if any of his stories are true. In answer he lifts his sleeve and shirt to show her lots of scars. Does anyone know how he might have got those scars or what stories Elizabeth is referring to?

Answer: No - it's not revealed. The references to stories and his scars are merely there to show that Jack has had an eventful career and gained a considerable amount of notoriety. The closest we get is the story about escaping from the island, which turns out to be untrue anyway, and the interestingly varied list of charges being read out at his execution - "impersonating a cleric of the Church of England" sounds like a particularly bizarre tale.


Question: Towards the end of the scene where Alex and Clear are talking to Tony Todd about death, right before they leave Tony Todd says to Alex "I'll see you soon." What does he mean by that?

Answer: He knows Alex is going to die, so he is referring to how he will be seeing Alex's body in the morgue soon.

T Poston

Question: I saw this movie in theatres in Jakarta, Indonesia and my friends and I were surprised at how often we would see a boom mike drop into the scene, is it just me or did anyone else catch this? Was this done on purpose to keep the idea of a movie that depicts realistic imperfection?

Answer: No, this was not done on purpose. The projectionist in your theater simply did not frame the film correctly.

Nick N.

Question: Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the script for this movie online?

Answer: I found what appears to be a full transcript at although it annoyingly lacks labels on who is speaking each line.


Odd Jobs / Movie Magic - S3-E2

Question: At the end of Movie Magic, Trixie and the 2 boys that were with her (who said they made their movie because they were bored) said that comedy is the lowest form of entertainment next to animation. What are all the forms of entertainment, and please put them in order from lowest to highest or vice versa?

Answer: It's a joke. One cannot list all forms of entertainment. The list would never end. The boys were trying to convey how superior they were to the others, by saying that they were too good for comedy.

Chosen answer: I don't think it's ever said. I always assumed Pidge was a boy, and I'm not sure why. I think because it was a man who did the voice.


She is a girl it is made clear she is a girl in episode 5 season 1. It is also made apparent she is a girl in season 8.

Question: I am confused as to what happens to Sati. Is she the new One, succeeding Neo? Or did the Merovingian simply ensure that she could survive the Smith infection? In either case, where does the Merovingian, one program with power over only other programs, get the ability to guarantee either of these results?


Chosen answer: When Neo destroys Smith, all effects of Smith were undone, or something like that. There are those who say that everyone in the Matrix had become a Smith which is why the machines needed Neo's help because the situation was out of control.

Sol Parker

Answer: She was just unhappy with the screenplay and the development of the characters. In fact the screenplay was altered 15 times on her requests and those of Jonathan Demme (director of Silence of the Lambs) and eventually neither of them had anything to do with the film.

David Mercier

Question: Why does the girl have writing on her eyelids? What is the joke there?

Answer: She has written "I love you" on them. It's why Dr Jones splutters his speech and focuses on them.

David Mercier

Answer: To clarify the other answer a bit. The female student wrote "love" on her right eyelid, and "you" on the left. The "I" in, "I love you," is her actual eyes. She has a crush on Indy.


Question: At the end, when Frodo attacks Gollum in the fires of Mount Doom, does he attack him so he can get the ring back or so he can push him over the edge, hence destroying him and the ring? This doesn't actually happen in the book, Gollum just falls, and I was just curious.

Answer: He's just trying to get the ring back, not destroy it. The filmmakers just made this scene a little more intense by adding the struggle.

Jack's Revenge

Question: What is the song that is playing at the end of the movie when Matt Damon is at the burger place working and his brother comes in and plays a song on the jukebox?

Answer: Bread - Baby I'm -a want you.

Question: Can anyone explain the riddle the two guards tell Sarah (before she falls down into the helping hands). I know there's a certain question you can ask and the answer helps you figure out which door it is. can anyone help?

Answer: It is the same as multiplying. Two positives or two negatives make a positive and a mixture of positive Lets say right door and negative left door will always return a negative answer. To simplify further lets call the one door -X and the other door +X. -X (X) = -X So when done this way the answer you get back is always the negative. Then to switch polarity you just multiply by -1. Or for the more vocal learners out there the friend (+) of my friend (+) is my friend (+). The friend (+) of my enemy (-) is my enemy (-) and lastly the enemy (-) of my enemy (-) is my friend (+) or to explain with the doors The Liar and The truth Teller Produce/tell a lie when you have one answer for the other (multiply thier values). So you know the answer is the polar opposite or inverse value.

Answer: One Guard always lies, and one always tells the truth. This is absolute. So when Sarah asks Guard A to tell her what Guard B would say, she knows it will be a lie, no matter what. If Guard A were the liar, he would have to lie about what Guard B would have said. Since Guard B would have told the truth, Guard A would then have to tell the lie to Sarah. However, if Guard B were the liar, he would obviously have lied. However, Guard A would then have to answer the question truthfully which would be the lie from Guard B. Hence, no matter which guard is the liar and which guard is the truth-teller, the answer that Sarah gets would have one and exactly one lie in the answer. Knowing this, Sarah takes the other road.


Answer: I still don't understand how Sarah's logic isn't incredibly flawed. Both guards can say yes or no depending where the right door is and I don't understand how she reached a decision with this in mind.

She figures out that the red guard is the truth teller because the blue guard saying the door behind Red leads to the castle truthfully is impossible since if that's true that would mean Red is lying but said the truth. So, Blue saying the door behind Red is to the castle has to be a lie, so that's the liar and the door behind Blue is to the castle. Basically she asks Red if Blue is the liar, and he said yes, which can only be the truth because a no would mean he is the liar but tells the truth about that. He can't answer no. In both cases (either the liar or the truth teller) the Yes means that the door behind Red is not to the castle.


In no way does Sarah figure out which guard is the truth teller. She just forced the guard she spoke with to give her an answer that contains a lie. She didn't ask the guard which way she should go. She asked the guard what the other guard's answer would be. The liar would lie about what the truth teller would say, hence it would be a lie. And the truth teller would accurately report that the liar would lie, hence the answer would be a lie. Try it out with two of your friends. Have the two of them decide on one to tell the truth and one to lie, unless you change her question or one of them gets confused and answers incorrectly, the answer to your question would have to be a lie no matter who you spoke with.


No it's more specific than that. She asked one guard if the other guard would say if this door would lead to the castle. That's different than asking one guard if the other guard would answer with a lie.


I never said she asked if the other guard would answer with a lie. She asked a question that by its very structure has to be answered with a lie. She guaranteed that the answer would be a lie and then took the other door.


No, again, it's more complicated than that. I was wrong about one thing though, she doesn't know who is the truth teller and who the liar is but she asked a question in such a way that it doesn't matter. The question she asks is indirect, she asks it in a way that both the truthteller and the liar would give the same answer. The Yes being the truth means the other door is to the castle, the yes being a lie would also mean the other door is to the castle. It is true she doesn't find out of who the liar and who the truth teller is, she only figures out which door to pick. In her logic she does conclude that the Red one is the truthteller but in reality she doesn't know that. But she is not wrong about which door to pick.


Question: Once Austin has introduced himself to the two models, and they start photographing, what is the music that is in the background?

Answer: The music is the theme song to the TV show "Charlie's Angels".

Question: In the scene near the end, Jack talks to Norrington about the strategy they should use to approach the 'unsuspecting' pirates. Then Jack goes on to say something quite confusing about how there is possible danger on the ship. We then see Elizabeth being forced to go into some room. She blames Jack and mentions something about the curse. She then unwillingly goes into a room on the ship, even though there may be possible danger on that very same ship. How is this Jack's fault? What does this have to do with the curse? If there is danger on the ship, why put Elizabeth 'safely' away in a room on that very same ship? What exactly goes on in this part?

Answer: In his plan, Jack expected the pirates to get to the Dauntless via the boats, remember in the cave with Barbossa he asks,"Not to the boats?" He also expected Norrington to go back to Dauntless and to 'blast the bejesus' out of the pirates. Thinking that Norrington would keep firing cannons at the pirates until the curse is lifted in the cave at the 'opportune' moment for Jack. It didn't occur to Jack that Norrington would stay with the small boats and that the pirates would walk under water, board and attack Dauntless unnoticed. He didn't want to risk Elizabeth getting in the way of any of his plans, he doesn't trust her and it was his small payback towards her, getting her 'protectively locked away'. Norrington and his men don't know about the pirates' curse, Gillette was just humoring Elizabeth when she blurted it out, as she was being put into the stateroom. Neither Elizabeth or Jack told Norrington about the curse because it wouldn't benefit either of their motives. Her motive is saving Will and his is killing Barbossa. She knew Jack's clever and that it was his doing that got her locked away.

Super Grover

Question: Can anyone translate what Axel Torvalds and his lawyer say to each other in their conversation after Agent Roberts is decoyed away by the fake phone call? The film doesn't provide subtitles because it isn't essential to the plot, but I'm still curious.

Phil C.

Chosen answer: Scene 1: T: Funktioniert alles noch? (Everything all right?) L: Es geht (more or less). Scene 2: L: Sagen Sie nichts mehr (Don't say anything). T: Ja. L: Ich kriege Sie hier raus und zurueck nach Europa (I will get you out of here and back to Europe). T: Sie wissen, dass die beiden Affen noch hinter dem Spiegel sind (You know that these two monkeys are behind this mirror). Scene 3: L: Das macht die Lage auch nicht besser (That doesn't improve the situation). The Lawyer speaks German as a foreign language, Thovald's German is perfect.

Show generally

Question: Is there any significance behind the song "England's Mountains Green" (or whatever it's called)? It seems to be the only song anyone ever sings, outside of sketch-specific songs (like the Lumberjack Song).


Chosen answer: The song you talk of was originally a poem by William Blake called 'Jerusalem'. It speaks of the possibility of Jesus having visited England. The poem has four verses but you only ever hear the Monty Python boys sing the first one which goes, "And did those feet in ancient time/Walk upon England's mountains green/And was the holy Lamb of God/On England's pleasant pastures seen?" If there's any sort of in-joke connected to it's use, I'm not aware of it. It seemed to just be the standard song/hymn they used when a song was needed that wasn't sketch specific. Some of the sketches it appeared in were 'Salvation Fuzz/Church Police', 'Buying a Bed' and 'The Art Gallery Sketch'. Something that may be relevant, though, is that the only one who was present every time it was sung was Eric Idle. Perhaps he just liked it?

Chosen answer: The Architect says it is because he took the second door (to rescue Trinity) that no one else ever has before. This somehow (not explained in detail) gave him a connection to the machines.

Grumpy Scot

Answer: Because the bomb exploded in a depression in the Mojave desert, which contains the radiation.

Question: They stop at a restaurant called 'Dante's Inferno', hottest food east of the Mississippi.' Is this a real place? Where is it?

Answer: No, at least not anymore. The building is located at 845 West 24th Street, Ogden, Utah, United States and is the home of a department of The American Legion Post 9 There are several restaurants called Dante's Inferno, if any of the is related to one once located in that house, is unknown, I couldt find any information online.

Answer: In this link there is something about a restaurant called Dante's Inferno. If you look at the map, you can see that it lies on the 191. It lies in Montana, but I'm not sure that it is the same restaurant.'s_Inferno1029620067.html.


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