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Continuity mistake: The reporters in the movie are hiding and video tapping the "drug deal gone bad" at the beginning of the movie. For the location that they are taping, there isn't any movement, they stay in one place. However, when the kids are watching the tape both times, it seems to be like an actual tape of what was going on, not what they could have taped, because, not only do they have cuts (going from one actors face to the next with no transitions) but they also show a shot where you could see where the cameraman was hiding, little hard for him to hit that angle!

Visible crew/equipment: When Jackie is climbing out of the building that is attacked, in the shot from below him as he's climbing back onto the plank, you can easily see a wire holding him.

Revealing mistake: When being chased down the street and Jackie is in the horse carriage, he throws a guy through a window. You can see the glass has been pre shattered and therefore easier to break.

Continuity mistake: At the very beginning, when the bad guys are throwing the blonde chick into the landfill, the girl's stunt double is very obviously a guy, with muscular legs, and a bad dark-haired wig.

Continuity mistake: When Jackie is on the horse drawn carriage, and it's crashing into the shop signs, one of the bad guys is thrown and lands on one of the signs - Academic & General Book Stores. However, after this shot, the horse carriage keeps going forward past the shop. In the next shot, another bad guy crashes into a shop window - but what shop is it? The same Academic & General Book Store.

Continuity mistake: As Jackie walks through the park with the tape to trade for his girlfriend, at least one woman, perhaps two other people, are walking in the same direction as him. Seconds later, when his girlfriend cries out, we see Jackie, with those same people now walking towards him.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when Jackie is doing the cooking show, the guy doing the talking says what Jackie is doing such as, "kneading the dough". Later, when Diane is watching the same tape, when the voice says "kneading the dough" the picture show Jackie twisting the dough, which happened a minute or so later than the kneading.

Continuity mistake: When Jackie is on the roof of his apartment the gangsters throw 6 grenades into the apartment and then in the next scene where it shows the windows blow up there are about 13 explosions.

Continuity mistake: During the rooftop escape, Jackie removes Lakeisha's high-heel shoes and throws them off the building. However, later Lakeisha is wearing her heels with no indication as to how she could have got them back.

Continuity mistake: In the horse and carriage chase the bad guys smash into the green Off Ya Tree sign, destroying it. Then we see Jackie Chan duck under the intact sign.

Other mistake: In the scene near the end when Jackie drives the big truck through the house, there are explosions everywhere, in solid concrete, and huge sparks from tiny wires. And when did thin wood pieces like the wooden tower/pavilion outside start to explode? Nothing modern or metallic was placed on this pavilion, so that can't explain the explosions.


Trivia: Because of the wreckage the film team had left in its wake, Jackie Chan is forbidden to film in Melbourne again.

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Answer: Yes. His name is Emil Chau. Such questions can usually be answered using The Internet Movie Database

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