Rumble in the Bronx

Rumble in the Bronx (1995)

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Revealing mistake: The kid in the wheelchair is playing a Game Gear with no game in it.

Revealing mistake: In one scene, after a massive car chase, the end result is a city bus twirling round and round. Look under the bus and you can clearly see the mechanism supporting it.

Revealing mistake: Jackie Chan picks up a little girl out of the path of the on-coming hovercraft and throws her to her mother. He clearly throws a doll.

Continuity mistake: When Jackie is fighting the gang at their place the black shirt he is wearing gets dirty one shot and is clean the next shot.

Continuity mistake: When Jackie is on the side of the hovercraft and he falls off, he rolls under a transport which, in that shot is sliding. In the next it is stopped, the next it is moving and then it is stopped again.

Revealing mistake: When Keung hits the mobster in the face with the football helmet, you can see his bruise appear a split second prior to contact. You can see it better in slow-mo.


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Other mistake: During a chase scene with the hovercraft near the waterfront in NYC you can see mountains in the distance. Not in NYC.

Revealing mistake: When Keung meets the gang the first time he throws one of them into a pile of Pepsi cans in the grocery store. You can see that the cans are empty. So why were they piled up?

Audio problem: In the club in which Nancy is dancing (and Keung goes to talk to her), there is dance music playing. This is not a score to the film/scene, but rather an actual song being played in the club. Then why is there also a rock band playing guitars/bass/drums, and why can't we hear it? It's also quite obvious that the band isn't playing in harmony with that dance song in any form, either.


Continuity mistake: Jackie is in the Lamborghini with the large blade, at the end of the movie. He spins under a transport and you can see that the blade is gone.

Revealing mistake: When the hover craft throws the bad guy into the tree on the golf course, you can plainly see the wire helping him to swing into it.

Revealing mistake: Although set in the Bronx, trolleybuses of BC Transit, Vancouver are seen passing in the background.

Factual error: When the hovercraft is stopped after Jackie cuts the side open, it isn't slanted to one side(from the outside view), it is straight.

Factual error: Jackie goes to the golf course to get revenge on White Tiger. It isn't possible to have fixed the hovercraft that quick, with duct tape, while it was deflated

Revealing mistake: When Jackie is water skiing behind the hovercraft you can see white plates strapped on the bottom of his shoes which are allowing him to water ski.

Revealing mistake: The movie is set in New York City yet during the fight in the parking garage before Jackie jumps to the adjacent building, high mountains can be seen in the distance in numerous shots.

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Factual error: When the hovercraft lands on the beach an NYPD helicopter descends; the aircraft is sporting a Canadian "C" registration number, not an "N" number from the FAA that it would require.

Factual error: When the hovercraft is going down the road the wrong way, a silver Hyundai Pony swerves to avoid it. It has New York plates like all the other cars on the road, but this is impossible as the Pony was only exported to Canada and could not be registered in the US as it didn't meet EPA emissions standards.

Danny: MY cushion.

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Trivia: "Rumble in the Bronx" is oft-considered Jackie Chan's first major breakthrough hit in the US. The film was among the first of Chan's films to receive a wide American release, in addition to general critical and commercial acclaim.


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Question: Is the original cut of the film available in Region One territories on either DVD or Blu-Ray? I have the standard DVD and Blu-Ray editions, but they are pretty sparse on content and only seem to have the cut US version of the film, which is missing some plot and comedy beats.


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