Rumble in the Bronx

Rumble in the Bronx (1995)

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Corrected entry: When Jackie is fighting the gang at their place, he hits someone over the head with a glass bottle. The noise it makes is metallic.

Correction: When Jackie is at the gang's place, he hits a member with a glass bottle, which does not break and makes a cartoony "CLANG/DONG!" sound. This is deliberate and not a sound editing mistake, but rather for comical effect. It does sound out of place however, and comes across as a sign of poor editing.

Corrected entry: The voices were added to the movie later which is why half of the time the voices don't match up to their mouths.


Correction: This is because the movie is dubbed. Not a mistake.

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New this month Correction: To add to the other correction, the actors all spoke their native tongues during filming. Hence some were speaking English and the dubbing looks more-or-less natural, whereas others spoke Chinese, and thus look noticeably dubbed.


Corrected entry: When Jackie is driving the Lamborgini and then turns it into a 180 in the first shot the ground is covered with sand to help the car spin. Then in the next scene there is nothing.

Correction: I've watched this scene a few times and that is no sand on the ground. It's nothing more than debris.


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The kid in the wheelchair is playing a gamegear with no game in it.



One of the first scenes to be filmed was where Jackie jumps from the base of the bridge to the hovercraft. Unfortunately, he broke his ankle doing it and ended up in plaster. A sock that looked like a trainer was created to go over the plaster and Jackie filmed the rest of the movie with a broken ankle. If you watch through the titles, you can see him showing off the sock.