Rumble in the Bronx

Factual error: When the hovercraft is stopped after Jackie cuts the side open, it isn't slanted to one side(from the outside view), it is straight.

Factual error: Jackie goes to the golf course to get revenge on White Tiger. It isn't possible to have fixed the hovercraft that quick, with duct tape, while it was deflated

Factual error: When the hovercraft lands on the beach an NYPD helicopter descends; the aircraft is sporting a Canadian "C" registration number, not an "N" number from the FAA that it would require.

Factual error: When the hovercraft is going down the road the wrong way, a silver Hyundai Pony swerves to avoid it. It has New York plates like all the other cars on the road, but this is impossible as the Pony was only exported to Canada and could not be registered in the US as it didn't meet EPA emissions standards.

Revealing mistake: The kid in the wheelchair is playing a Game Gear with no game in it.

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Danny: MY cushion.

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Trivia: One of the first scenes to be filmed was where Jackie jumps from the base of the bridge to the hovercraft. Unfortunately, he broke his ankle doing it and ended up in plaster. A sock that looked like a trainer was created to go over the plaster and Jackie filmed the rest of the movie with a broken ankle. If you watch through the titles, you can see him showing off the sock.

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