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Question: Why was Angier's first name of Rupert in the novel changed to Robert for the film?


Answer: I learned the answer to this today while reading the novel, in which Angier states that the name "Rupert" attracts amused inquisitiveness from Americans, so while traveling in the United States, he goes by Robert or Robbie.


Answer: It's Finnish. They say "Lähetätkö helikopterin?" which means "Will you send a helicopter?"

Question: At one point in the film Doc pulls out a case of "emergency money" he's collected from different time periods. When did he have the time to go to all those time periods? Marty went to 1955 and after getting back Doc went to 2015 before coming straight back again to get Marty to go to the future, so when did Doc have the time to go collecting all that money?


Answer: He wouldn't have to travel to the specific time periods to get past money; he could have found ways to procure it in the present (from collectors, museums, banks, etc.) before ever time traveling in the first place.

Answer: He didn't just visit 2015 and came straight back. He had visited more places and spend some time travelling before returning to Marty. He collected all the money in those visits.


Near the end of the first movie, when Marty asks Doc how far ahead he's going, Doc responds that he's going thirty years into the future.

Answer: Doc Brown is a resourceful man. Seeing how the bills in his emergency case are pretty crisp and not knowing how many travels he really made, it is only safe to say that he must have found a way to get his hands on those bills. Though his masquerade and "adding of 30 or 40 years to his life" by way of treatment in a rejuvenation clinic may not have been born out of vanity.

Instrument of Destruction - S1-E12

Question: Throughout the entire Power Rangers series, Skull has shown to scream in fear whenever confronted by a terrifying monster or a group of them. In this episode, how was Skull, who was dressed up as the Phantom Pianist at the time, able to keep his fear in check when the Cogs came to get him?

The question was how was Skull able to keep his fear in check when the Cogs came to get him. Not what episode it happened in.

Question: How come Kevin never told his parents or his family about the Wet Bandits? He also never told them in the sequel either.


Answer: If your kid came to you and said he single handedly captured to two robbers, you'd believe him.

Answer: He never tells them onscreen, nor does the movie give any indication that they know, but realistically, Kevin was a witness to their crimes, and he would be called in to give statements and testimonies in order to put them away. So his parents would have to know about his encounters with them, otherwise it would be a major plot hole. Perhaps the film-makers thought it would be funnier and more in line with his character for Kevin to be secretive about it.


Not necessarily. The police caught them red-handed and one of the cops said their habit of flooding houses was proof as to which houses they hit. It's possible no-one knew Kevin's connection.

Brian Katcher

Good point.


Mr. Marley, the elderly next-door-neighbor, knew about it. He, too, was also a witness. It's highly unlikely that it would not come out that Kevin had some involvement. The burglars did break into the McCallister house, further adding to their crimes.


Answer: Adding to a previous answer, the cops arrested them at the site of a previous break-in. Even though Marley rescued Kevin, it's possible he didn't tell anyone about them either, so them breaking into the McCallister's house didn't matter. Not to mention, Marv blabbing about them having the calling card to the police didn't help their case either.

Answer: Why would he need to? The idea is that he outsmarted them alone, and his parents were none the wiser.

Question: Why did Pamela follow Jason to Russia if she had the tape with Abbot's confession?

Question: What are the symbols behind Mr Incredible's head at Edna Mode's house? What do they mean?

Answer: If you mean the mural in the background as they enter the house, it's a depiction of Perseus fighting medusa. There are several ancient greek symbols visible also. Probably depicting names.


Question: Hagrid is determined to be innocent after this year, so why is he still banned from using spells and charms?

Answer: According to J.K. Rowling in an interview with Southwest News Service, Hagrid was allowed to openly use magic after he was exonerated. However, because he never completed his training, he was always a bit inept. The movies just glossed over this as there was little need plot-wise to show him casting spells.


Question: Why didn't Arleen Sorkin reprise her role of Harley for Arkham City and Arkham Knight?

Answer: Arleen Sorkin had retired from voicing the character around the time this game was being made. Her last voice role as Harley Quinn was in DC Universe Online, which was released the same year as Arkham City (2011).


Question: One thing I didn't understand. If Chiffre's organisation had kidnapped Vesper's boyfriend already in return for the money, how could Vesper have struck a deal for them to spare Bond in return for the money? Couldn't they not accept since they already have the upper hand (Vesper's boyfriend)?

Answer: Vesper's boyfriend was a member of Quantum himself. He wasn't actually in danger, but his kidnapping was staged to gain leverage over Vesper. Since they were getting the money anyway letting Bond live didn't seem much of a stretch, he was only a raw agent at the time.

Question: Any reason why the new 2021 MVD Blu-ray is so heavily edited? Bought it online, and was extremely disappointed to see that virtually all the gore was edited out. Why bother doing a new restoration if it's going to be of the edited-for-TV version and not the full uncut version?


Answer: MVD posted on their Facebook page that they're looking into what happened. The master copy they were supplied was the Abridged Version. It may take them a couple weeks after the holidays to get an answer and see if they can get the original master copy and issue replacements.


Thanks! Honestly wasn't even expecting a response. But it's cool that they're looking into it, because the disc was otherwise really fantastic, and they did a good job with it.


Question: What was that stuff fairy godmother had Harold put in one of the teacups?

Answer: Love potion, to make Fiona fall for Prince Charming.

Brian Katcher

Uh, why wouldn't making Fiona take a love potion to make her fall for Prince Charming be interfering with Fiona's free will?

Answer: Love potion. If she drank it, she would fall in love with the first person she kisses.


Ninety-Seven - S2-E10

Question: If only the Resolution was able to do galactic travel, then how was Fortuna able to do the same?

Answer: The Fortuna didn't have an Alien Engine. The cover story was the Fortuna was to explore Alpha Centauri but it was exploring the rift. The rift is what the Alien Engine creates and explains how the Fortuna was able to travel to a distant planet (what you call "galactic travel").


Question: When Declan was in prison, and the FBI director asked him what his deal with the Jackal was, he replied, "That's between me and him." What was that conflict between the two? Did they really know each other from something in the past? Or was he simply just trying to convince the director that he had seen him when he hadn't, just to get out of prison?

Answer: Declan Mulqueen's former lover, Isabella Zancona, is a former militant member of the ETA, a Basque separatist group. While in Libya, the Jackal wounded Isabella, causing her to miscarry her and Mulqueen's unborn child. Mulqueen wanted revenge.


Question: One of the plot points is that Charlie is acting out due to his dad not being around and him not being able to tell people who his dad really is. If Scott doesn't have to be up at the north pole all year round, why can't he live at home with Charlie most of the year and then go up to the pole closer to the fall/winter? In the first movie he didn't have to report back until Thanksgiving. Can't he do the same the other years as well?

Answer: Bernard said, Scott has a year to get his affairs in order and be back by next Thankisgiving, to forgo his old life and adjust to his new one. By Thanksgiving, the Naughty or Nice list would have been compiled, the toys ready for packing and the reindeer prepared for flight.

Answer: Being Santa Claus is a full time job, keeping updates on the children who are naughty or nice year round. Plus, kids change their mind constantly about what they want for Christmas. One minute it's Star Wars, the next it's Marvel. Technology is also changing, the latest computer game becomes obsolete in 6 months.

This answer doesn't address the fact that in the first film, it's made clear that Santa doesn't report to the North Pole until Thanksgiving. Plus, the naughty/nice list is sent to his house, by FedEx of all things.


Question: Charlie complains that he can't tell anyone his dad is Santa, and he tells Lucy she can't reveal that either. Why though? In the third movie Scott tried to keep Carol's parents from finding out the truth, but he eventually relents as they are his family, and he doesn't want to keep secrets from them. Can't Charlie be allowed to do the same with Danielle if it makes him feel better? Sure she might not believe him at first, but he could show her the snow globe like he did with Carol.

Answer: This falls in with the theme of believing is seeing. Santa's Christmas magic works because children do not need to see him in order to believe there is a Santa. By telling people, it defeats that purpose. If people know something is real, there is no need for belief as it is a fact. The Christmas magic will disappear. By the third movie, Carol is Scott's wife and Mrs. Claus. Her parents share a much greater bond than Danielle has to Charlie. Carol may fight with her parents, but they stay her parents and part of Scott's extended family. Danielle is a just a friend/girlfriend. A fight/break up could have catastrophic consequences. Telling her isn't worth risking the secret of Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas.


True, but then that logic completely falls apart with the third movie as Jack Frost decided to just open the north pole to the public to profit from Christmas and the magic didn't disappear then. And like you said, it does fall in the theme of believing is seeing, but Charlie also tells Lucy that most people stop believing when they get older but people like him, Lucy, and the rest of the family get to believe forever since they know he exists. Not so much fact, but more people can believe.

Question: Curious on why the surgical equipment doesn't melt when removing the Queen chest burster from Ripley when she has acidic blood?

Answer: This is just speculation (and I haven't watched the movie for ages) but the operation is done with medical equipment in a facility designed for studying Aliens, which the military knows a little about. Maybe it is made of futuristic acid proof material.

Question: Why didn't Nick and his cop buddy lock down the warehouse after they discovered the tunnel to the prison? They could have waited for Clyde to return to nab him and shut him down.

Answer: Clyde was already in the process of bombing City Hall when they discovered his warehouse. They deduced that if Clyde realises they are onto him, then he will detonate the bomb early, so they decide to let Clyde return to his cell and trap him while he is under the impression that his plan is going to go off without a hitch.


Question: After Harry and Marv are taken away, how would Kevin have been able to get the tar off the steps in the basement? The other traps are quite easy but to remove tar would be nearly impossible.

Answer: Remember his neighbour takes him home so maybe he helped with the cleaning. He may have also helped with the tar on the steps as well, but they just didn't show it.

Answer: There's no reason that Kevin would be the one removing this, not could he. At some point, his family would know about him protecting the house. His parents would have the steps professionally cleaned or replaced.


There is no evidence to suggest that Kevin ever told his family about the wet bandits.

Considering the police were involved at the end, as well as the next-door-neighbor, and the two burglars were arrested in the house across the street, it's highly unlikely the parents would not, at some point, know what happened and Kevin's involvement. Kevin is a witness to the criminal activity. Also, the parents would also question why the steps were covered in tar.


Answer: They are indeed brothers, as is revealed in the episode Orphan's End. They were separated in their youth after their parents were abducted, which is why neither is aware of the other.


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