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Question: Why did the nuke fridge scene cause so much controversy?

Answer: People felt it was ridiculous and cartoonish, even by Indiana Jones standards. Even if it was possible to survive a nuclear blast via the lead lining of a fridge (it's not), or that the fridge would simply be thrown away rather than be melted/torn apart like everything else in the vicinity (it wouldn't), the impact of being flung what appears to be a mile or so through the air, then violently crashing into and rolling over the ground, would certainly kill anything inside. The controversy arose because usually, in "classic" Indy films, the fantastical elements were exactly that: fantastic, magical, and/or supernatural. This was presented as taking place in our reality, with no "power of God" or magic spells, and for many, that was just too much disbelief to suspend.

Dead Freight - S5-E5

Question: How did the train conductors not hear the water pump Walt was using to pump water into the tanker? They were only around 800 feet away in open land, so it should have been audible.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: For one thing the engine running the pump isn't that loud. The characters have conversations at a normal volume without having to scream at each other. Even if the conductors could hear it, there is no reason they should care or be suspicious. It just sounds like an engine running in the distance and they don't care enough to look for what is making the noise. At that very moment there is also a kid riding a dirt bike in the area. Engine noises are a very common thing.


Question: What were other children singing/chanting when young Freddy used hammer to kill the hamster?

Answer: "Son of a hundred maniacs." Freddy was conceived when his mother, Amanda, was accidentally locked in a ward of violent mental patients and gang raped.

Brian Katcher

Question: Why does Freddy use Alice to gain access to new victims?

Answer: As Kristin was being burned to death in the boiler, she passed her ability to pull other people into her dreams to Alice. This enabled Freddy to get new victims.

Answer: He'd killed her friends in the previous movie, remember? When he came back she'd had time to recover and make new friends.


That was Kristen, not Alice. Alice gives the answer to this question herself, while talking to Dan in the diner. She says that Kristen was the last of the children of the people who killed Freddy, and "maybe Freddy can't get to the new kids unless there's someone to bring them to him."

Answer: They are vacationing on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. How else are the supposed to dress. Daphne is all about style and fashion. Everyone else is dressed differently.

Question: Maddy pulls up to the house in her dead husband's Cadillac right around the time Ned was supposed to be at the boat house. Why would she be driving his car when at that point in time, she is supposed to be Mary Ann Simpson, her real identity? Ned was supposed to be dead at that point. The boat house could have blown up as she arrived and the fire dept. called by a neighbor would be on its way?

Answer: It was all part of the plan to frame Ned, she purposely left clues behind as Ned would become suspicious of her. In the end, the dead body of the real Mary Ann Simpson was already in the houseboat. Thus everyone would think she's was dead when in fact she in sunning on a tropical beach.

Answer: Maddie (who was the real Mary Ann Simpson) was deliberately being careless, dropping clues, and creating inconsistencies, like leaving Edmund's eyeglasses behind at the house when they moved his body. It was the same with Edmund's car. She was framing Ned as being the sole murderer who killed both (the real) Maddie and Edmund. She had specifically targeted Ned as her accomplice, knowing he was an incompetent lawyer who was careless about details.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why didn't the terminator obey Kate at their first meeting, when she told the Terminator to let her go?

Answer: Her life was in immediate danger and his primary duty was to protect her. If her command to him jeopardized his mission (which it did), he would prioritize and override her commands until she was out of danger. Stated differently, he did not have to obey her if doing so interfered with his ability to protect her.


Answer: Maybe her future self gave the terminator specific instruction on when to obey her and when not to, particularly regarding her own safety.


Question: I was wondering what does the German surgeon say to Paxton before Paxton talks?

Answer: I'll have to re-watch to catch the bad-guy's words, but Paxton keeps saying, please don't take my life, I haven't done anything.

2001 - S5-E10

Question: Sam says a stargate's range is roughly 300,000 light years, yet, in the movie, Earth connects to Abydos "on The Other Side of the known universe." Why the discrepancy?

Answer: For an out-of-universe explanation (that is to say in real life), when the TV series was created, the idea was there were thousands of other Stargates out there that the original film didn't account for, so they just wanted to have everything happen in the Milky Way galaxy. In s01e01, Daniel finds the star charts on Abydos and they (the writers) had to explain why the Stargate on Earth didn't connect to any other Stargate except for the one on Abydos. In-universe, this is because of stellar drift but Abydos was so close that there wasn't enough stellar drift to affect the connection (meaning it is in fact located in the Milky Way). In the film "Abydos" was said to be located in the Kaliam galaxy and an in-universe explanation (though never stated outright) is they initially got their calculation wrong when determining where the planet was. Later in the series, Vala makes a reference to the Kaliam galaxy as a nod to the original film.


Answer: Gaara contains a lot more chakra than Naruto expected, besides Gaara is extremely strong.

Question: Why was the boys' mother so desperate to believe that Todd was the killer, instead of Terry?

Question: How did Bel and Genesis know about the conversation Ethan had with his family before his family left for the beach? He asked them were they spying on him, but the conversation was in the house. How do they know what was said?

Question: This question applies to the Mafia Trilogy. Did any of the named businesses that appeared, were mentioned on the radio as well as products that were mentioned like beer and cigarettes actually exist in the eras where the games were set, or were they made up for the games?

Answer: All made up.

Question: Why would Alex put a letter in that mailbox? Did he know this lady was going to show up?

Question: Trying to find the name of the actress who played Tommy's date in the scene where she and Henry's mistress were talking about Sammy Davis Jr, and she (Tommy's date) says "You can see how a white girl could fall for him", and Tommy of course, overreacts.

Answer: Elizabeth Whitcraft. She's credited as "Tommy's Girlfriend at the Copa."

Answer: Kirk was getting his physical and Dr. McCoy probably turned off communications, because if he hadn't, Kirk would have left and headed straight for the bridge, leaving McCoy irritated.

Question: That multi-coloured gloop that Bowman and Poole are eating looks quite disgusting. What were the actors really eating?

Answer: It appears to be pureed vegetable, probably peas, carrots, and also some kind of meat. It looks disgusting, but it is more practical as regular food would float away in zero gravity.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why does Percy like to bully Delacroix so much? Does he hate foreigners?

Answer: No. Percy is just a typical bully who abuses his power and enjoys picking on people he thinks are weak plus, as a guard, he can do it all he wants without facing any form of punishment.

Answer: Percy was also struggling with the homosexual tendencies of Delacroix. Further evident when Wild Bill grabs him and says some nasty things to him.

MovieFan612 Premium member

Answer: They are released by Jessie and James to defend a group of young Ekans and Koffings from a poacher.


I don't think anyone knows where they are now since they haven't been seen since or heard from since they were released.

Answer: Spock is also half-human and does not entirely look like a typical Vulcan. Mudd likely noticed that.

raywest Premium member

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