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The Woman in the Car - S1-E11

Question: Pickering is interviewing the team from the Jeffersonian. When she gets to Bones, she mentions someone's name and Bones rings a phone number and Pickering is told not to move and all her notes are to be destroyed. What is Bones' relationship to the person Pickering mentioned?


Chosen answer: Pickering states the name "Juan Guzman" and during the run of the show we are never told who he is, or why Brennan had been in Cuba and met with this Juan Guzman. We don't know if there is any kind of "relationship" between Brennan and Guzman. A bit frustrating, but I like how this short scene shuts down Agent Pickering's entire review, and it hints at Brennan's career history and her level of security clearance.

Super Grover

Thanks for the clarification. It's been a while since I watched the series start to finish. It also adds to show how much power Brennan actually has.


Do you remember when Bones was telling Angela about the time she was on one of her out of the country trips, and she was thrown in a dark cell for what she later found out was 3 days? She was crying and looked terrified as she remembered this. She had that same look as someone who was remembering past trauma when Pickering said this name. I kind of always thought that "Juan Guzman" was the one who did that.

Show generally

Question: How is the couple, mother played by Mandy Moore, able to adopt the orphaned kid? Given they're a poor couple with two kids already, wouldn't the hospital hold off on this for awhile and try locating the child's parents?


Answer: Where did you get that they were poor? they were middle class and had their own home.

Answer: Because that would not have made for an interesting TV series.

Question: How did Papillon, Diega and Marturette manage to sail to Colombia after their second escape attempt? Colombia is on the opposite side of South America from French Guiana/Devil's Island. It seems like they would have ended up in Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Curaçao or Aruba long before ending up in Colombia. I'm sure the book sheds light on this, but the movie completely glosses over it.


Answer: I discovered the answer to this by reading the book's plot synopsis on Wikipedia. The inmates actually sailed to Trinidad and then picked up three other inmates. They set sail again and were captured near the Colombian coastline when the wind died down. It would appear that in the interest of saving time, the movie chose to just have them appear in Colombia.


Answer: She did apply for adoption, but because she's a single woman, "it can take about 5 years to get an adoption" and would cost $100K. She didn't want to wait that long for a child.


Answer: She had attempted to adopt, but was denied. Unmarried people often have more difficulty in adopting children. It can also take years before a child becomes available and the cost is high.


Question: We learn in the first Annabelle installation that a soul has to be 'offered' and that a demon can't simply take one, so how was it able to take Annabelle's?


Question: 1. Is the demon attached to the owner of the doll? If so, why didn't it begin to torment the priest and instead went back to haunt Mia? 2. If the demon wants a soul to inhibit, why did it want Mia to kill herself? Wouldn't that have been counter intuitive? 3. Did the bookstore lady killing herself somehow cause the demon to 'move on' to a new owner? I don't see how the logic follows of who it decides to haunt and who's soul it wants. 4. Why did Annabelle Higgins commit suicide?


Question: When the cops are using Chris' wife as bait to nab him, how does she warn her husband she's been compromised? I don't remember.

Answer: As Chris is about to walk in to the apartment building, his wife, standing on the balcony, gives a subtle hand wave which people often use to say no, without the cops realising. This was enough for him to realise she wasn't alone in the apartment.

Casual Person

The Rabbit Hole - S1-E2

Question: In flashbacks, Dougray Scott looks noticeably younger than present-day scenes. Is he digitally de-aged, or is it just makeup and soft focus? Or indeed is he just made a bit older and more "grizzled" in the present day scenes?

Jon Sandys

Question: How did Grissom figure out Jack was sleeping with Alicia?

Answer: He was suspicious, but when she first entered the penthouse and Grissom said to leave their business meeting, he noticed the sexy facial exchange Alicia and Jack gave each other.

Answer: Eckhardt ratted Jack out after getting assaulted by him and muttering under his breath: "Where've you been spending your nights?" He watched Jack long enough to get dirt on him and told Grissom that Jack was stealing his woman. Grissom confirmed it by inviting her up to his apartment when Jack happened to be there and watching to see if they recognized each other. Then he immediately set Jack up to take the fall for Axis Chemicals and gave Eckhardt the tip to get there first and assassinate him.


Question: As Jackson manages to get hold of the map that leads to the arks in China, he tells Gordon, his ex-wife and kids that they'll need a bigger plane. Why do they need a bigger plane? (01:05:00)


Answer: The small plane they were flying on would likely not have the range to get across the Pacific to Tibet, even assuming there were still intact islands where it was possible to refuel.

Answer: Probably because there are now more passengers being carried, more supplies are needed to be brought along, and a bigger plane can carry more fuel and travel farther.


Question: What's the name of the song/music playing in the background when Veronica and Helen are chatting in Escupimos en su Alimento?

Answer: El Jarabe Tapatío - The Mexican Hat Dance.

Question: Shouldn't opening the Palace of Eternity (pulling out of the stone heads and falling in the place) only have to be done once (Oxley mentions he was there before)? Because who's gonna fill all that sand back up and replace all the stones that keep the sand in?

Answer: Oxley had been there before but couldn't figure out how to get in, so the stones were never removed by him.

That is true, but... There are dead adventurers inside... And this place is a LOT harder to reset than e.g. the one with the golden idol.

Spiny Norman

Question: There is a scene in the movie where Billy chops a vine with a machete and sucks on it. What kind of vine was that?

Answer: I can't tell you the specific type of vine it was, but some vines contain water safe enough for drinking. This is a commonly known survival tactic.


Question: Let's say Adam did get the key and unlocked his shackle. What would he have been able to do? He could have gotten the tape recorder out of Jigsaw's hand and been able to retrieve some other stuff, but he did all of that when he was locked, so what was the point of him walking around? And the door was locked too, Dr. Gordon checked it.

Answer: He would have been able to get the tape recorder and the gun much easier and would've had free roam of the room. Adam was never meant to be locked up in his chains, else Jigsaw would've never gave him that type of power.

Answer: Any person confined in that way is going to do whatever they can to free himself. The first step would be getting the ankle shackle removed, then attempt other methods to escape. Even if he never got out of the room, it's still more comfortable and less cumbersome to not be chained to a pipe. Adam doesn't initially know the outcome, so he's not going to just lie there and wait for inevitable. Also, as he's being electrically shocked through the chain, removing it would prevent that.


Question: When the guys are in that bar, the police raid it. Why do they do this? The place not have a license to operate or something?


Answer: The mud wrestling is a form of gambling, betting money on winning. The bar probably didn't have a gambling permit.


Question: Does Arthur kill Sophie when he realises he's hallucinated their relationship? I know there may not be a concrete answer to this.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Yeah it's completely up to the viewer to believe he killed her or not. I don't think he did, he liked her, just like Gary. I think he visited to see if it was all in his head, with that confirmed he just left.


Answer: Todd Philips actually answered this in an interview on IndieWire; "As the filmmaker and the writer I am saying he doesn't kill her. We like the idea that it's almost like a litmus test for the audience to say, 'How crazy is he?' Most people that I've spoken to think he didn't kill her because they understand the idea that he only kills people that did him wrong. She had nothing to do with it. Most people understood that, even as a villain, he was living by a certain code. Of course he didn't kill this woman down the hall."


Question: Who is the little person / dwarf who follows Piangi around? (00:08:55)

Answer: He is a person born with dwarfism and is following Piangi as a side of comic relief for the audience and he is as a sort of circus act.

Question: What are the little clear beads that Agent 47 puts down before his hotel room door after he rejects the blonde girl at the bar? They seem to release some kind of gas when the FSB raids his room but I thought they were only put down so he would hear them be crushed when stepped on (which would be impossible to hear if he were doing anything else other than listening for them).

Answer: The reason for the beads being put down was so he could hear if someone stepped on them. Notice how he heard them after Diana said his location was compromised. The beads never released any gas. The smoke filling the room could have either been caused by the explosive device he attached to the door which set most of the room on fire or, they could have been smoke grenades throw into the room by the FSB in an attempt to apprehend 47 although they were unaware he had already escaped.

The Serpent's Lair (3) - S2-E1

Question: How did Daniel get into the sarcophagus all on his own in order to heal his staff weapon wound? Then how did he operate the sarcophagus while inside it? Finally, how did he get it to open while inside it? How lucky that he got it opened in time to escape through the gate. Or maybe the real question is, who loaded him in, healed him, and then released him without ever being seen?

Answer: The Goa'Uld who use it do it by themselves as well as observed on many occassions. The sarcophaguses are fully automated. You open it, get in, the thing closes on its own and after a certain period (after the wounds are healed or some preset time) it opens again.


Question: When Henry, Belch, and Victor go down into the sewers in the first part of the movie, I know they separated, but what happens to Victor? All I saw was a bunch of bright light.

Answer: He was caught and killed by Pennywise, just like Belch is a few minutes later. They just cut away before he dies. But it's easy enough to surmise he's dead given all the context clues the movie gives you.


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