The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Question: Do we know if Peyton's husband was really molesting his patients? I can't tell if he killed himself out of guilt, or because he was depressed that he had been accused of something like that.

Answer: Yes, Dr. Mott was molesting his patients, as was seen when he slipped off his plastic glove just before performing a pelvic exam on Claire. After Claire reported Mott to the authorities, a number of other women came forward and their accusations were made public. Mott never showed any remorse, and it appears he committed suicide because he was unable to face the ensuing scandal and criminal investigation.


Question: What was the reason for Peyton getting Ernie Hudson in trouble? I can understand her annoyance with Claire and Michael, but he did nothing to her apart from see her breast feeding?

Answer: She wants to prevent him from exposing who she is and what she is doing. By setting up a premise that he did something wrong, it is easier to discredit anything truthful he says and also get him fired, which is what she did.


Question: If nobody was home when Claire got unconcsious then who called the ambulance when Peyton was outside with Joey?

Answer: Claire had called 911 but she couldn't talk. I'm sure their city had enhanced 911 coverage so they knew where the call was coming from and sent paramedics.


Answer: Claire calls police to help with the dead woman in the green house, when she fails to answer the police shows up to investigate.

Question: How did Peyton get back in the house at the end without keys?

Answer: The same way any common criminal gets in to a house, she "broke" in by either kicking the door, or smashing a window, etc. A locked door is not that hard an obstacle to overcome.


Question: Who was the person actually breastfeeding the baby (real person)? My daughter thought it was Rebecca De Mornay feeding her own biological child possibly?

Answer: Rebecca DeMornay has two children with actor/sportscaster Patrick O'Neal. She and O'Neal didn't start dating until 1996, which is long after this film was made. Therefore, that couldn't be DeMornay's own child. It was likely a new mother who was hired as a stand-in.


Question: When Michael and Claire are discussing whether to hire Peyton, Claire says, "I don't think she'll be a nanny forever, but I think we can get her to commit for a year." Why does she not think that Peyton can be nanny long-term?

Answer: Peyton is young and attractive, and Claire, unaware of her real identity, is assuming Peyton probably will meet someone and want to marry and have a family. Presumably, most nannies do not stay in one position for long and it tends to be a high-turnover profession.


Question: Why was Solomon in the attic at the end of the film? They sacked him, so he wouldn't have known to have been there at that specific time or anything.

Answer: He figured something was wrong pretty quickly and being framed for messing with children only hastened his suspicions. He would have heard about Marlene dying in the greenhouse on the news and may have even seen an ambulance turn up when Claire collapsed due to being unable to find an inhaler. He was a very kind and caring person so probably kept an eye on the house to make sure the kids were safe. He probably saw Payton break into the house and snuck inside the same way she did.

Question: Do hospitals have devices for women with asthma so they can breathe while in labor and can a baby really be breastfed by another woman as done here?


Answer: As far as breastfeeding, yes, a woman can breastfeed another woman's infant. Historically, wet nurses (lactating women who were not a child's mother) were used when a woman produced too little milk or was otherwise unable to breastfeed her own child. Today, commercial formula is used to fully supply or supplement a baby's diet.


Audio problem: When Claire is in the car about to leave hospital, she turns around to tell Emma to put her seat-belt on. Though you hear her say "fasten your seat-belt sweetheart" - her lips aren't moving when you hear "sweetheart".

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Peyton Flanders: When your husband makes love to you, it's my face he sees.

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