The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Corrected entry: It's extremely unlikely that through the proceedings, before Dr. Mott kills himself, that the family would never have seen his wife, especially with all the news coverage of the story. (00:19:15)

Correction: Not necessarily. Some accused people do their best to shield their spouses and/or children from media coverage. Also, she approached the family months after the husband's death, and gave the impression of being a friendly woman and an experienced nanny. The family has no reason to immediately connect her with Dr. Mott.

Correction: Claire only got to the point of reporting the incident to the medical board. Dr. Mott killed himself before any of the court proceedings could take place.

Corrected entry: When the glass in the greenhouse ceiling breaks, showering Marlene with the shards, she bends forward, covering her head. When they show her dead in a later shot, she is on her back, with cuts and blood all over her face and neck.


Correction: She falls forward, but it's possible that as she falls she twists. Or that she isn't dead when she hits the ground, and tries to roll over. Also, the glass is still falling around her, as are plants, so she could easily have gotten cuts after she's on the ground.


Corrected entry: Throughout the film, we see that Claire suffers from severe asthma and even the slightest distress can bring on a debilitating attack in which she can barely breathe or move. Yet during the final confrontation with Peyton, she has plenty of energy to fight to the death, even after being hit with a shovel, knocked to the ground, punched, stomped on, etc. And even worse, she's *still* perfectly fine after Peyton falls to her death and the fight is over.

Correction: She can probably get through all of this because of the adrenaline rush produced by the situation - she's fighting to protect her children, her husband, her life. People have developed amazing abilities in similar situations - it's not entirely inconceivable that she can shake off an attack.

Corrected entry: There is a scene where Marlene is frantically driving. They show her from the side without a cigarette and without any cigarette in either of her hands. then they show out the front windshield so that you can just see her empty hands holding the steering wheel. When they cut back to her a face she has a miracle cigarette in her mouth. (01:16:00)

Correction: She does hold the cigarette with her left hand. Angle cuts to a close-up of her right hand (which means that, off-screen, she would be using her left hand to take the cigarette to her mouth). Then it cuts to a wide angle where the cigarette appears. No mistake here.


Corrected entry: Part way through the movie we find out that the nanny has been breast feeding the baby and used a breast pump to keep herself lactating until she had an opportunity to work for the family. But her own baby died at birth and she underwent an emergency hysterectomy. Under those circumstances her doctor would have given her something to stop her lactating and by the time she'd have been released from hospital her milk should have dried up.

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Corrected entry: When Claire is sexually assaulted by the doctor, she seems really reluctant to go to the police about it, and her husband has to persuade her, so if she was so unsure about it would she really allow for them to show her photo and use her name on the news?

Correction: What do you mean "allow"? The media and the news coverage has free reign over anyone's photo/name. She has no say so on the media using a picture or her name. If that was the case a lot of celebrities would not have their names/pictures smeared all over the news/tabloids.


Corrected entry: Claire has several asthma attacks throughout the film. Each of these are treated by spraying an inhaler in the general direction of her mouth, followed by her breathing in a second or two later. As anyone who has even seen someone use an inhaler (let alone used one themselves) would know, the inhaler outlet needs to be in the mouth with lips around it; you then breath in as you press down the spray.

Correction: As an asthma sufferer myself, I can say this is absolutely false. It depends on which method the prescribing doctor prefers. My doctor taught me the outlet should NEVER be in the mouth: the medication being a corticosteroid, it could lead to a yeast infections in the mouth. The medication should be puffed out about two inches from the mouth (but in its direction), then inhaled, which directs it all to your lungs instead of all around your mouth.


Plot hole: The only reason the movie takes place is because the news station that Mrs. Mott watches names Claire as the woman who filled the lawsuit against Mr. Mott. It is completely illegal for broadcasters to name or show a picture of a sexually assaulted victim.

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Claire: She's Doctor Mott's widow, Michael.

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Question: Do we know if Peyton's husband was really molesting his patients? I can't tell if he killed himself out of guilt, or because he was depressed that he had been accused of something like that.

Answer: Yes, Dr. Mott was molesting his patients, as was seen when he slipped off his plastic glove just before performing a pelvic exam on Claire. After Claire reported Mott to the authorities, a number of other women came forward and their accusations were made public. Mott never showed any remorse, and it appears he committed suicide because he was unable to face the ensuing scandal and criminal investigation.


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