The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

When gynecologist, Dr. Victor Mott was put in the media spotlight for damning evidence of sexually molesting his patients he blew his brains out. For Claire & Michael Bartel who first broke this story to the world the sordid events that led to this tragedy where nothing compared to what then followed. For you see Victor was married and his wife suffered a misscarriage from the heartbreak that shattered her blissfull married life, more misery followed when she was left no longer capable of having any other offspring...ever again. Six months later the Bartels unknowingly take her in as a nanny to their kids. Serious mistake as the only thing that kept her going was the thought of revenge on those she blames for destroyed her life and she's not going to be satisfied till both children belong to her


Continuity mistake: After Claire punches Peyton for the first time, there is blood on Peyton's face. When she gets up off the floor, the blood is completely gone.


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Claire: She's Doctor Mott's widow, Michael.

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Question: If nobody was home when Claire got unconcsious then who called the ambulance when Peyton was outside with Joey?

Answer: Claire had called 911 but she couldn't talk. I'm sure their city had enhanced 911 coverage so they knew where the call was coming from and sent paramedics.


Answer: Claire calls police to help with the dead woman in the green house, when she fails to answer the police shows up to investigate.

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