The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Solomon, who sensed something was wrong with Peyton Flanders Mott, loses his job after he is suspected of molesting Emma (Peyton sets him up). Peyton then rigs the green house to shatter its glass roof onto Claire Bartel the next time she enters it. However, when Marlene Craven shows up knowing the truth about Peyton, Marlene is lured into Peyton's makeshift death trap instead. Peyton then empties all the medication from all of Claire Bartel's inhalers, so when Claire discovers Marlene's body in the greenhouse she suffers a near fatal asthma attack. Eventually Peyton's past is uncovered, so our nanny from hell decides to kill the Bartels bar Emma and baby Joe who shall substitute for own deceased offspring. Michael has a shovel taken too his legs (after being hit in the face) immobilizing him. After overpowering Claire (who suffers another coughing fit), Peyton corners Emma and Joe hiding in the attic. Her truimph is cut short when Solomon shows up and together with Claire pushes Peyton out of a window who falls to her messy pointy demise on the fence spikes far below. The Bartels have a renewed trust in Solomon and he is welcomed back to the family.


Audio problem: When Claire is in the car about to leave hospital, she turns around to tell Emma to put her seat-belt on. Though you hear her say "fasten your seat-belt sweetheart" - her lips aren't moving when you hear "sweetheart".

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Claire: She's Doctor Mott's widow, Michael.

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Question: If nobody was home when Claire got unconcsious then who called the ambulance when Peyton was outside with Joey?

Answer: Claire had called 911 but she couldn't talk. I'm sure their city had enhanced 911 coverage so they knew where the call was coming from and sent paramedics.


Answer: Claire calls police to help with the dead woman in the green house, when she fails to answer the police shows up to investigate.

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