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Question: At the end of the film, Malthazar says "The ship was a model as big as this - a very clever deception indeed." Does he mean that the Thermians now accept they were decieved by the "historical documents", or does he still believe the "documents" were real and the Captian was deceiving Sarris by pretending to admit they were false?


Chosen answer: He thinks that the Captain was just tricking Sarris and the "documents" were real.

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Question: A question of the Omega 13. When Brandon (the geeky kid) is describing the device, he says something along the lines of its a "matter re-arranger, effecting a 13 second time jump to the past." I'm not sure if I interpreted this correctly, but does this mean that the Omega 13 doesn't actually rewind time, but just re-arranges particles to their positions 13 seconds ago, or does it do conventional time travel?

Answer: Whatever you want it to. No one actually knew what it did before it activated. Somehow Jason Nesmith was the only one to know what happened in the original timeline, after it was activated, so there could be any number of possible explanations.


Question: In the beginning of the movie, Dane attempts to flee from the convention but is stopped by Nesmith, who says "the show must go on". Dane looks furiously at Nesmith for a second and then makes his appearance on stage after all. Can anybody explain to me why Nesmith's line makes Dane change his mind?

Answer: Dane is a classically trained stage actor from England. On the stage they have the saying "The show must go on". i.e. hundreds of people have payed for tickets to see the play, so the thespians go on stage to do the best job they can. Nesmith is reminding Dane of this as Dane considers it a stage tradition that he doesn't want to break.

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Question: When the Proctector leaves spacedock, there are Thermians inside the spaceport watching it leave. Later on Mathesar says the Thermians on the Protector are the last ones left. What happened to the Thermians left behind at the spacedock?

Answer: I believe Mathesar was referring to both the Thermians on the Protector and at the base as being all that was left. Not just the ones on the Protector.


Mathesar meant only the Thermians on the Protector were the ones that were still left. The Protector does not go back to the base to pick up the Thermians that were left behind.

We do not know if the Protector went back to pick up the surviving Thermians at the spaceport, as the last act of the Thermians on the Protector was to separate the ship and send the GQ cast back to Earth. Maybe the Thermians did head back to the spaceport to reunite with the Thermians there.


Answer: At 01:01:09, Jason says, "You can drop us off, and you guys can be back to your home planet before supper." Teb answers, "Oh, no, sir. We have no reason to go back." Jason then mentions family and friends. Then, Teb says, "We are all that is left." Based on the shocked silence that follows, it's apparent that Sarris has completed his plan to slaughter all other Thermians, as Mathesar had told Jason earlier.

Answer: Why, certainly they all were transported back to the ship after watching the great moment of the first undocking. After all they have the technology, right?

Question: In the film's trailer, I saw several scenes and special effects that were not in the final cut. Does anyone know about these shots? I am assuming they were cut close to the films release to cut back on time.

Answer: There didn't seem to be any special f/x that were in the trailer that weren't included in the film itself. The only shots that were certainly not in the film was the opening shot that shows the aliens watching one of the Galaxy quest shows and when the narrator introduces Sigourney Weaver where she is showing off her chest (which is a deleted scene on the DVD). Your explanation of why they are not there is the most likely reason they were cut.


Question: When Jason Nesmith travels through outer space in the gelatin spacesuit, he is in a very special room with a retracting ceiling so that he may travel at great speed directly into space. However, later on the remainder of the crew is also set to launch in what we are led to believe is the same fashion, however they are set to launch inside of an indoor space with a ceiling and roof. If this mode of transport can travel through solid matter, why would Nesmith's chamber bother to retract the roof?

Answer: In the theatrical release that scene was made even more spectacular by widening the aspect ratio, so in reality it only exists to cause the audience the same overwhelming emotion Nesmith must have felt with the reality of actual alien space technology crashing in on him. As for the fiction. Maybe the Thermians were showing off? Then again, since that technology also is based on "historical documents" (there barely is any generic thermian technology in the movie) maybe opening the ceiling was a "better safe than sorry" approach?

Factual error: Laredo drives the ship out of the starship docking station and scrapes the main hull on the walls. This would not be possible without either scraping the wings first, as they are much wider than the main ship, or turning nearly sideways, which they clearly don't.

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Gwen DeMarco: Let's get out of here before one of those things kills Guy.

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