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Corrected entry: Just before the pig-lizard is teleported and then explodes, one of the Thermians says that the equipment has never been tested. So how did the humans get onto the spaceship in the first place?

Bruce Trestrail

Correction: They used the goo pod things. Remember when they sent Jason back to earth? He stepped on a pad, and goo formed around him and he was shot through a black hole. Same thing happened for the humans getting to the ship. It was even shown in the movie when the Thermian girl hologram ordered several pods to blast the humans to the ship.

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Corrected entry: When Sigourney Weaver and Tim Allen are trying to disarm the over-load/destruct sequence, there is a nice shot of the computer's timer showing the passing seconds counting down. The timer even has three decimal places, accurate to within 1/1000th of a second: pretty precise timing, to be sure. The computer also 'speaks' the countdown as the numbers are shown counting down, but for the entire countdown, the computer doesn't even come close to matching the digital display shown. The computer states "one second" when the display shows "1:999" which is of course basically two seconds. Pretty sloppy accuracy for such a sophisticated device.

Correction: Remember, the Thermians designed everything on the ship to mimic what they saw on the TV show. So if this happened on the show (which is very likely) it would happen on the new ship too.

Corrected entry: When Gwen and Jason are going through the chompers they are shouting "Go" and "Stop" etc. However, when you can see their mouths, they are not in sync with the audio.

Correction: It is not Jason and Gwen saying "Go and "Stop," it is the geeky kid on the vox.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the show, in the convention where Guy is introducing the crewmembers, Alexander bows with his hand open, when he straightens out his hand is closed.


Correction: It's done in one shot. He opened and closed his hand while bowing. There is no discontinuity and no mistake here.

Corrected entry: Nesmith is welcomed to the real, Thermian-created spaceship by Mathesar, who says, "Welcome to the 'Protector II'. However, when the ship is shown it is only christened with the name 'Protector'.

Correction: How is this a plot hole? The Thermians have created the ship as a precise duplicate in honour of their revered heroes. This includes the markings. While they may refer to the ship as the Protector II, the marking reflect the original.

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Corrected entry: The amount of time that gets reset when Taggert presses the Omega 13 is a LOT longer than 13 seconds.

Correction: The "13 seconds" was a guess from a fan of the show. They had no idea what it would actually do, or how long it would take, when it was activated.


Corrected entry: When the two guards are thrown into the air lock, the last one does a voluntary leap through the open door which looks very unconvincing.

Correction: The second Guard did not 'leap' to assist the crewman throwing him into the air lock. He was leaping to get to a gun to recapture the crew. You see him pick it up and turn around just before the airlock opens and he is pulled into space.

Corrected entry: Considering the pains the aliens went through to reconstruct the ship, why do the chompers vary in speed so much from the TV show to the real ship?

Correction: The chompers are perfetly in synch with the TV show, which is why the kid can guide the actors through them. The only point of confusion is that the actors don't know the sequence the way the fans do.

Corrected entry: When the crew crash into the convention, you can see a guy in black start running before the ship comes through the wall.

Correction: If a ship of that size was coming towards you, it would make a very large vibration that you would feel, whether you saw it or not. One could determine which general direction it was coming from. He was just getting out of the way.

Corrected entry: How come the Commander knows so much about the spaceship when his friends join him? His first time on the ship he was hung over and didn't think it was real. The second time, he got there ahead of his crew by only three or four minutes. In that time he shaved, changed into his uniform, and learned all about the spaceport, ship, and all the aliens?

Correction: Maybe the time/space continuum was different inside the ship. Maybe onboard the ship, he had been there for a long enough period of time to realize and act out everything you just mentioned, and then some - but back on earth, the time span of his absence was only a few minutes. It *is* a science fiction film, after all.


Corrected entry: When Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver have to negotiate the stompers you can hear Tim Allen's character giving instructions of when and when not to go. However, his mouth is not moving.

Correction: It is not Tim Allen who is giving the instructions - it is the boy on the walkie-talkie thing.

Corrected entry: When Jason is at home watching TV after his outburst at the convention, he is flipping through TV channels and finds a repeat of Galaxy Quest. However, he reacts to seeing the show on the TV while we still hear the audio of a previous channel.

Correction: As he flips through the channels, he clicks the remote from (we hear) David Letterman, to the rerun, but there is no audio crossover. As he sees the rerun, there is an absence of sound as the show takes a brief dramatic pause (inferred by the dramatic speech he makes).


Corrected entry: In the beginning scene at the Galaxy Quest convention the crowd is clapping and shouting to see the actors but when they cut to the back of the audience you clearly see the audience are not clapping and shouting, or even moving yet, but the sound of the clapping and the shouting is still there.

Correction: When the actors are being announced, there is only one shot of the audience from behind and they are definitely clapping and cheering.


Corrected entry: When Nesmith is taking his ride in the Limo to what he thinks is a fan-based appearance, he is given a can of Coca-Cola to drink. The can has the traditional white, vertical 'Coca-Cola' writing on an all-red can. The next scene of him on the space ship shows him drinking from the same can, yet it now has the special-edition black, white & silver, diagonal 'Coca-Cola' lettering on a metallic red can.

Correction: The Coke can cannot be seen when they're in the limo. Regardless, time obviously passes between the time Nesmith is in the limo and when he regains conciousness on the ship. It is entirely possible the original can of Coke didn't make it out of the limo, and the Thermians merely gave him another can for when he woke up.


Corrected entry: If the Thermians studied the show enough to base their entire way of life upon it, shouldn't they freak out at seeing Guy alive and well despite him being killed in the "historical documents"?

Correction: As their reaction shows they did not really remember him. The Thermians much like any fan of a show will most likely remember many of the major characters, plots and certain details of the show. That's not to say they will remember every single detail but just the important ones, like the names of the major crew members and so forth.

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Corrected entry: When Jason is fighting the pig creature, he leaps over it and rolls on the ground. He is wearing short sleeves, but the next shot of him shows that his arms are perfectly smooth and unscratched even though he took a pretty rough tumble in the sand.

Correction: I've wrestled in sand plenty of times with my friends and never had a big problem with the sand causing injury. I should think one "rough tumble" wouldn't do anything noticeable.

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Corrected entry: Just after Sarris has sent his first missile at the ship, Guy says, "Uh, guys, there's a red thingy moving towards the green thingy." The display on Guy's radar screen changes between shots of Guy (a large spherical diagram) and the close-up of the screen (lines and dots).

Correction: The radar scope could be changing in scale to show the things getting closer together. The closer the are, the smaller the scale, reducing from a sphere to the lines and dots.

Corrected entry: There is no way that the alien who shot Quelleck could have done so from the angle shown - the aliens' bullets do not bounce off walls, therefore he would have had to have been behind Quelleck, but he was down the corridor.

Correction: It's a fictitious, alien weapon. We know nothing about its full capabilities. As such we can't arbitrarily limit it to the ballistic capabilities of weapons as we know them.

Corrected entry: In the fair, when the group of boys is questioning Nesmith, he yells at them and says, "There's no goddamn ship." The camera is focused on the group of boys, and what we hear Nesmith say doesn't match what he is mouthing. (00:10:35)


Correction: All we see here is the back of Tim Allen's head (as you said - the camera is focused on the nerds) - so how do we know what he's mouthing or that it doesn't match the dialogue?

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Corrected entry: The ship was built using the idea and the functions of the original Galaxy Quest show's ship. On the original Galaxy Quest show, they used "beryllium spheres" to run the ship. So, how would it be that there is a planet with these "alien miners" that actually make these spheres if the idea of the spheres came from a television show.

Lisa DesGroseilliers

Correction: If the show's creators did some homework and discovered that a beryllium sphere would make a pretty good energy source for a spaceship, odds are decent that another civilization could develop a beryllium-sphere-based spaceship and would mine beryllium to fuel their own ships. Star Trek does this with matter-antimatter reactions.


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Gwen DeMarco: Let's get out of here before one of those things kills Guy.

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Trivia: In interesting contrast to Guy's frequent ranting about how he, as the only unnamed character, will be the first to die, in the sequence where Sarris enters the command deck and shoots everyone, Guy is the only crewmember who is NOT shown getting shot.

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Question: At the end of the film, Malthazar says "The ship was a model as big as this - a very clever deception indeed." Does he mean that the Thermians now accept they were decieved by the "historical documents", or does he still believe the "documents" were real and the Captian was deceiving Sarris by pretending to admit they were false?

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Chosen answer: He thinks that the Captain was just tricking Sarris and the "documents" were real.

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