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Corrected entry: The ship was built using the idea and the functions of the original Galaxy Quest show's ship. On the original Galaxy Quest show, they used "beryllium spheres" to run the ship. So, how would it be that there is a planet with these "alien miners" that actually make these spheres if the idea of the spheres came from a television show.

Lisa DesGroseilliers

Correction: If the show's creators did some homework and discovered that a beryllium sphere would make a pretty good energy source for a spaceship, odds are decent that another civilization could develop a beryllium-sphere-based spaceship and would mine beryllium to fuel their own ships. Star Trek does this with matter-antimatter reactions.


Corrected entry: Why are there chompers coming from the sides when in the "historical documents" there are only chompers coming from the ceiling?

Correction: There were chompers coming from the side in the old TV show footage.

Corrected entry: When Tim Allen is on the alien planet being dragged by "The Rock", his shirt comes off before this Rock guy finishes dragging him. When Tim Allen gets digitised back to the ship, his shirt suddenly appears on the floor next to his feet. When did he get his shirt back?

Correction: His shirt does not appear, but is a clean shirt (notice no dirt on it). Remember, the Thermians built the ship in accordance to what they saw on the show and according to the comment made by Alan Rickman's character "You managed to get your shirt off," Tim Allen's character apparently had a lot of shirts come off, so it would be logical that the Thermians would keep spare shirts for him near the digitizer.

Corrected entry: After Alex says that "Before the black hole there was an energy surge from Saris's ship." Saris then walks in disguised as Fred. But once the Omega 13 has been activated Saris, disguised as Fred, walks in while Alex says that "Before the black hole there was an energy surge from Saris's ship."

Correction: The scenes are shot from different angles, so that it only LOOKS like the scenes are not synched up.

Corrected entry: The crew are escaping the enemy ship by holding a boost button down. By doing this they blow an engine and come to an abrupt stop. Why? There is no force to stop them in space. And even if they did blow an engine wouldn't they start going in circles because the other engine was still intact?

Correction: Well, they obviously have complete control over inertia and gravity as they can walk about freely on the ship and are not stuck to a bulkhead when the ship accelerates. Also the ship can turn at sudden angles like a jet fighter in atmosphere, so why is it unreasonable to assume the ship would just stop in space? Also planes don't fly in circles when they lose an engine: again, probably due to the ship's inertia control.

Corrected entry: When the Omega-13 is activated causing the 13 second time loop, wouldn't Tim Allen's character forget what had happened, just like the rest of the crew?

Correction: Since the Omega 13 is a fictitious device, why is it hard to believe that the person ACTIVATING the device (in this case, Tim Allen's character) goes back in time with perfect knowledge of the 13 seconds. Obviously this would HAVE to happen otherwise the device is completely useless.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Lazarus is holding the scanner searching for the Berylium sphere on the planet's surface, he's holding it upside down so it's pointing them in the wrong direction. Even if the scanner was upside down, it would still point them toward the Berylium sphere, not away from it. Treat it like a compass - whatever direction you face in, the needle still points north.

Correction: Dr. Lazarus isn't holding any type of scanning device, but a "surface mapper", as his Thermian counterpart mentions only two minutes beforehand while handing it to Dr. Lazarus. Like any other mapping device, holding the surface mapper upside down would lead them in the wrong direction as is portrayed by the movie.

Corrected entry: The character Guy Fleegman was supposed to have played a crew member who was killed in the opening minutes of episode #81, which was made about 20 years before the movie takes place. Guy obviously isn't as old as the other cast members - Sam Rockwell, the actor who played Guy, was only 31 when Galaxy Quest was released. This would mean that the show had a crew member who was approximately 11 years old killed to start an episode.

Correction: Laredo was only that old, so it's definitely possible.

Corrected entry: There must have been a scene deleted that deals with Fred Kwan smoking pot. The parts that support Fred's "activities" are that he is holding a large paper sack (maybe carrying snacks for when he gets the munchies or the pot itself) while signing autographs, on the spaceport, and on the planet while rolling the sphere back to the shuttle; Fred seemed VERY interested in getting something out of the vending machine as they were being sent to the ship; and last, and most obvious, is that Guy Flegman actually asks Fred if he is stoned when he comes up with the idea to transport the rock monster onto the ship.

Correction: This is pure supposition on the part of the submitter. As such, it cannot be considered valid trivia.


Corrected entry: Nobody knows Guy's last name prior to the end of the movie, yet Jason calls him Fleegman when they are planning to steal the beryllium sphere from the mine. Jason did NOT know Guy's last name prior to this operation, as Guy asked everyone what his last name was while in the transport pod and nobody answered, leaving Gwen to comfort him with, "Guy, you have a last name."

Correction: Just because he wasn't able to remember his last name at that point does not mean it was a deliberate mistake. I know through myself that sometimes I can't always recall someone's first or last name and then all of a sudden I can remember it. Unless Jason had been calling Fleegman repeatedly and it was proven he knew his last name very well, then its just assumption it is a mistake.


Correction: There's sufficient time between the scene in the landing pod and the scene on the alien planet for Guy to tell Jason his last name, or even for Jason to ask him about it offscreen - in the pod, Jason had looked uncomfortable enough to want to finally learn this important piece of information about his "crew member."

Corrected entry: The Thermians say that the teleporter has never been tested, because it was designed to carry humans rather than Thermians. But they then test it on the pig-lizard creature, which is no more like a human than a Thermian is.


Correction: The Thermians do not say that the transporter was designed for humans. It was designed based on human movements, meaning Fred's movements to transport things. As such they built it but can't operate it properly.

He says it was built to "accommodate your anatomy." Next, he says that now Fred is there, Fred can operate it. These seem to be two different thoughts; he looks at Gwen's chest when he says "anatomy" so I don't think the issue is specific to Fred's movement style.

Corrected entry: You know how Guy goes through his whole rant about just being crewman # 6 and nobody knowing his last name, right? Well, if they didn't remember his last name, then why does Tim Allen call him Flegman when giving the crew instructions for the beryllium sphere operation?

Correction: Guy is ranting because his character on the show had no last name, and was therefore destined to die early. As far as how Jason knew his last name, Guy was introducing himself to the crew and passing out head shots at the convention.

Correction: When Guy becomes hysterical in the landing pod and screams at Jason ("Then what's my last name?"), Jason rather awkwardly confesses (00:47:44), "It's...I don't know." Guy then continues ranting about the unimportance of Crewman #6. However, there's sufficient time between this scene and the scene on the alien planet for Guy to tell Jason his last name, or even for Jason to ask him offscreen - in the pod Jason had looked uncomfortable enough to want to finally learn this piece of information.

Corrected entry: Sarris' lieutenant Lathe is in two places at once during the siege of the Protector. He is seen in the atmosphere control room when the rock monster is beamed in and presumably dies later. A few moments later, he is on board Sarris' ship informing him that the crew has escaped custody.


Correction: The rock monster is beamed in at 1:18:40, around 4 minutes after Lathe informs Sarris that the crew has escaped. Further, Lathe is not in the atmosphere control room. There is a shot of all the occupants just after the rock monster is beamed in. Lathe is not present.

Peter Harrison

Revealing mistake: When the bridge is exploding from the mine attack, the stuntman playing Jason obviously launches himself out of the captain's chair.


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Trivia: In interesting contrast to Guy's frequent ranting about how he, as the only unnamed character, will be the first to die, in the sequence where Sarris enters the command deck and shoots everyone, Guy is the only crewmember who is NOT shown getting shot.

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Question: In the beginning of the movie, Dane attempts to flee from the convention but is stopped by Nesmith, who says "the show must go on". Dane looks furiously at Nesmith for a second and then makes his appearance on stage after all. Can anybody explain to me why Nesmith's line makes Dane change his mind?

Answer: Dane is a classically trained stage actor from England. On the stage they have the saying "The show must go on". i.e. hundreds of people have payed for tickets to see the play, so the thespians go on stage to do the best job they can. Nesmith is reminding Dane of this as Dane considers it a stage tradition that he doesn't want to break.

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