Galaxy Quest

Trivia: In interesting contrast to Guy's frequent ranting about how he, as the only unnamed character, will be the first to die, in the sequence where Sarris enters the command deck and shoots everyone, Guy is the only crewmember who is NOT shown getting shot.

Trivia: The scene near the end of the film where the bad guy kills all of the Galaxy Quest crew is very similar to a scene in the '70s British sci-fi TV show Blake's 7. In that scene, the crew are shot one by one in the same fashion as in this scene.

Trivia: When Sigourney Weaver and Tim Allen crawl through the air ducts to stop the ship from exploding, she complaints about going through air ducts again (Aliens), then complains about crossing over a big fan (Aliens & Alien 3).

Trivia: The film's script originally contained a mention of Alexander Dane having been knighted by Queen Elizabeth. Alan Rickman asked that this be changed because he believed it was inconsistent with the character, and all mentions of the knighting were removed; however, the character remains listed as "Sir Alexander Dane" in the credits.

Trivia: Apparently Sigourney asked and was allowed to keep the devices used to pump up her breasts so much. Some sort of silicon pad thing, I think.

Trivia: At the end of the film, during the 'trailer' for the return of Galaxy Quest the series the voiceover mentions an absence of '18 years'. This is the same length of time between the first two Star Trek series (1969-1987, not counting the films).

Trivia: Rumors of a potential sequel or follow-up were fairly consistent starting just after the film's initial release, especially as many of the cast and crew enjoyed working on this film and highly enjoyed the final film. In 2015, website Amazon was reportedly actively developing a web-series follow-up that was intended to feature the entire original cast. However, production on the series was placed on an indefinite hold in 2016 following the tragic passing of co-star Alan Rickman and scheduling conflicts with Tim Allen's television series "Last Man Standing."

Trivia: JJ Abrams is a big fan of this film (he calls it "one of [his] favorite 'Star Trek' films..."), and reportedly, he very subtly made a few homages to it in his 2009 "Star Trek" reboot.

Trivia: While "Galaxy Quest" has, over the years, achieved cult status, and some commentators have even claimed it is better than Star Trek, the story idea for GQ seems to have originated in Star Trek fan fiction of the mid-1970s. In an anthology of fan fiction commercially released as "Star Trek: The New Voyages" (edited by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath), there is one short story titled "Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited" by Ruth Berman in which the principle actors of the original Star Trek series (William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelly) are somehow, inexplicably, transported from the film studio to the REAL starship Enterprise, where they pretend to be real Federation officers and must deal with a Klingon incursion. It's the identical main story of "Galaxy Quest," except Star Trek fans invented it more than 20 years earlier. Http://

Charles Austin Miller

Trivia: The film was originally much more "mature" and contained more profanity, violence and adult-oriented jokes. The first cut of the film submitted to the MPAA even received an R-rating according to one of the producers and co-star Sigourney Weaver, due to some of its content. It was then decided that the film should be cut for content down to a more family-friendly PG rating. It's obvious when watching the film that some of the dialog had been overdubbed to remove profanity, and the film's official shooting script was also more profane, containing several instances of strong language and some crude humor. (Such as a scene where a fan presents Gwen with a fake/shopped "nude" photograph of her to autograph... which she does).

Trivia: As per the documentary "Never Surrender": The ships designation "NTE" stands for "Not The Enterprise" and was chose to avoid (or defend against) copyright issues that might have been raised by the owners of the rights to the Star Trek franchise.

Trivia: The film was originally going to be directed by Harold Ramis, but he stepped down due to creative differences with the casting.


Trivia: Tim Allen wasn't the original choice for Jason Nesmith. The producers and original director wanted Kevin Kline to star in the film as Jason, but he turned it down. Reportedly, Alec Baldwin loved the script and campaigned aggressively for the role and was also considered, but ultimately wasn't chosen.


Trivia: When the captain and Gwen enter the room to disengage the core overload Gwen's shirt is slightly open, then a few seconds later it is ripped down so you can see her bra. In a deleted scene she was showing her boobs to the two bad guys.

Trivia: The Thermians' unique way of speaking was reportedly just improvised on-set by co-star Enrico Colantoni. Everyone loved it so much, it was made a part of the film, and all of the Thermian-actors began adopting similar quirky voices.

Trivia: Despite not being a hit upon release, the film subsequently grew an enormous cult-following on Home Video and cable, and co-star Tony Shalhoub has stated that it's one of the films that fans want to talk to him about the most when they meet him.

Factual error: Laredo drives the ship out of the starship docking station and scrapes the main hull on the walls. This would not be possible without either scraping the wings first, as they are much wider than the main ship, or turning nearly sideways, which they clearly don't.

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Gwen DeMarco: Let's get out of here before one of those things kills Guy.

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Question: In the beginning of the movie, Dane attempts to flee from the convention but is stopped by Nesmith, who says "the show must go on". Dane looks furiously at Nesmith for a second and then makes his appearance on stage after all. Can anybody explain to me why Nesmith's line makes Dane change his mind?

Answer: Dane is a classically trained stage actor from England. On the stage they have the saying "The show must go on". i.e. hundreds of people have payed for tickets to see the play, so the thespians go on stage to do the best job they can. Nesmith is reminding Dane of this as Dane considers it a stage tradition that he doesn't want to break.

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