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Last Man Standing (2011)

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Wrench in the Works - S8-E2

Continuity mistake: When the guys are around the table talking about the car, Mike is holding the pictures. It cuts to his hands being empty and then back to him holding the picture and back to being empty.


Putting a Hit on Christmas - S2-E7

Continuity mistake: The Christmas package in front of Kyle is fully but badly wrapped. When Eve turns back with new Christmas wrapping to re-wrap the package, it is fully unwrapped with not enough time for Kyle to remove the old wrapping.


Papa Bear - S6-E1

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when Mike is talking about the rubber bands around lobster claw, he takes his hands off the counter to mime the claw and Vanessa is touching him. In the next shot his hands are immediately on the counter.


Here's the Kicker - S4-E1

Other mistake: The score board says Huskies 16, Visitors 14, with 16 seconds left on the football game. But the story is that Eve, who is the kicker for the Huskies, kicks the winning field goal. The Huskies are already winning. (00:10:00)

Heavy Meddle - S6-E20

Continuity mistake: The sandwich Mike makes changes after he cuts it, you can tell the lettuce is different. And in the last shot, the sandwich flips in his hand; he was holding it so the lettuce was on the bottom and in the last shot it's on top.


Papa Bear - S6-E1

Continuity mistake: Ryan puts the salmon on the loading dock near the cat food, inside the warehouse, and leaves. When the bear walks out though, it's gone, platter and all.


Last Halloween Standing - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: When Mike is in Ed's office he is sitting in a chair he has a remote in his hand. His hand is up by his ear the shot changes, his hand is now in front of him. The remote is in his left-hand then switches to his right. When he leaves it is back in his left.

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Pilot - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: Mike takes a box of waffles out of the freezer. He takes a waffle out and puts it in the toaster. The shot changes he is no longer holding the box.

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Dual Time - S9-E2

Deliberate mistake: When Tim Taylor is telling Mike about his show "Tool Time," he mentions that it lasted for 8 years. Later in the episode when Mike is asking Tim why he stopped doing the show, Tim says it's because he found it challenging to keep the show great and not run out of ideas. Firstly, while Home Improvement ran for 8 years, the show within the show of "Tool Time" was already a couple years old when Home Improvement started, as evidenced by the fact that its season 3 episode "Fifth Anniversary" was about "Tool Time" celebrating its 5th anniversary, as the title suggests. Additionally, Tim didn't quit "Tool Time" for the reasons he stated here. He spontaneously quit over creative differences with Binford's new president, who was turning the show into a sensationalist Jerry Springer type of format, and because his wife Jill had just been given a job in Indiana, and he decided the family would move there to support her.

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The Wolf Returns - S5-E1

Other mistake: As Ed and Kyle are leaving Ed's office, Ed reaches over and puts his hand on the light switch to turn off the lights. The lights go off, Ed moves his hand away, but the position of the switch never changes. (00:11:10)

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Tattoo - S5-E20

Trivia: Vanessa's tattoo artist has a "Binford" tattoo on her right shoulder. Binford was the tool company and sponsor of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor's home improvement show from the TV series "Home Improvement."


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Elfie - S3-E11

Question: Why did the young girl not welcome her Dad home when he came out of the box?

Answer: I'm not sure what little girl the question is asking about. But, the scene in question was a real life surprise to the family of Petty Officer 1st Class Raymond McKnight. It was his wife and two sons that were there. His son was already excited about being on TV and then just shocked at seeing his Dad and didn't know how to react. But then he is hugging and welcoming him home.


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