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Question: It was discovered that the only way for the demons to take possession of a living person is either through a kiss or a bite. How could Colin have been turned into a demon when he wasn't bitten or kissed?

That Hope Is You, Part 2 - S3-E13

Question: At the very end of the episode, why does the Discovery warp instead of using the spore drive? Dilithium is still in short supply, everyone's desperate for it, seems daft to warp places which takes time, rather than jumping directly from place to place.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: Discovery had plenty of dilithium from before the Burn, and the implication seems to be that the dilithium planet in the Verubin Nebula has essentially ended the galaxy's shortage, although it will take time to mine and distribute it. That said, I suspect the reason Discovery warps at this point is to test out its new warp drive system, replacing the warp core which was ejected inside the Viridian.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: How did Lex Luthor find out that kryptonite makes Superman weak?

Answer: When Krypton exploded, fragments of the planet went into space. Luthor said it's reasonable to assume some of those particles drifted to Earth. He also thinks the fragments would have a very high specific radioactivity that would be lethal to anyone from Krypton. However, to me everything he says about the effect of kryptonite is a guess and there doesn't seem to be anything in film to suggest the fragments from Krypton would be radioactive or the radioactivity would affect Superman.


Question: I have always been curious about one thing in this movie - when Thornton was taking the oral examination, if he answered all of Dr. Barbay's questions right, why did he only get a D? How did Dean Martin not question that?

Answer: It should also be noted he got all D's and just 1 A. So it wasn't just Barbay that gave him a D.


Answer: We don't know that he answered all the questions right, just that he answered the last one right. Based on Barbay's upset response to that correct answer, it is likely Thornton was at the edge between a wrong answer giving him an F and a correct answer giving him the D he got.


Question: What happened to Paul? If he was killed, why not Ginny as well?

Answer: In the original draft of the script, it was heavily implied that Paul was killed by Jason and Ginny was the only survivor. And in fact, an alternate ending was filmed showing he died. However, any direct references to him having died were removed from the final film during editing (in part because the special effects were deemed "too silly"), and his fate was instead left ambiguous. There is also some SLIGHT evidence he may have survived, as a radio broadcast in "Friday the 13th Part III" says eight bodies were found at the camp, only only eight people at the camp died on-screen. (Paul would have made nine). But ultimately, it's left up to the viewer to decide whether you believe he's alive or dead.


Question: In the real, modern world, what would have happened to Michael when he was 6? Or, alternatively, what if he had a competent doctor who didn't think he was evil? I could see his "evil" personality in the hospital being a symptom of abuse, PTSD, or Autism. Also, he was 6, it's possible he didn't understand killing was wrong until being locked away. I mean, what he did was awful, but he could have just been a screwed up little kid who wasn't given proper medical care.

Answer: Autism wasn't really tracked until 2000, they may have tested him for abuse which wouldn't make sense for killing his sister, given the setting, the early 60's they may not have begun testing children for PTSD yet.


Question: How many members were there of the Crazy 88's?


Answer: It's never specified, but 40 actors were credited with being members.

raywest Premium member

Question: Would it really be possible to make water using the method Mark Watney uses in the movie?

Answer: According to Internet sources, yes, it's possible to do this. Here's one link with more information:

raywest Premium member

Question: Was everything Richard Tyler went through real, or was it all just a dream?

Answer: It's hard to say for sure but I think it was just a dream to help him to overcome his fears.

Question: When Metro Man admits to Mega Mind and Roxanne what really happened at the observatory, he tells them that everybody had something he didn't have, which was a choice. What did Metro Man mean he didn't have a choice? He chose to become a superhero and use his powers to help people.

Answer: When it was discovered he had superpowers, everyone assumed he would become a superhero. What else would he be - a super delivery man, garbage man or a super plumber?

Question: What song is Tyra Banks dancing to as the cameraman is killed?

Question: Why did Hitch's girlfriend break up with him?

Answer: Sleazy Vance seduced Sara's friend Casey and claimed he used Hitch's services to meet her, even though Hitch had refused to work with him. Sara thought Hitch was a predator who helped men prey on vulnerable woman and dumped him.

Brian Katcher

Question: When Cutter arrives below stage to find Angier drowning in the tank he sees Borden hitting the glass trying to break it, desperately trying to save Angier, but why does he tell the court that Borden was just watching him drown?

Answer: Cutter believes that Borden set up the tank as a trap. It doesn't make sense that Borden would then try to save Angier, so it seems reasonable that Cutter believed Borden was simply putting on a show for the witnesses because he was caught red-handed. Cutter pushes Borden out of the way and exclaims "What have you done!" as he happens upon the scene, so it is clear he doesn't believe Borden is actually trying to save Angier.


Question: Where did Kevin get swimming trunks? I assumed they were his dad's, but the backpack only seems to carry personal items like wallet and other travel stuff. Do nice hotels provide swim trunks in the rooms? They are too big, meaning he didn't buy them.

Answer: It's never explained. He likely found them (in the backpack), borrowed them, stole them, or they were provided by the hotel.

raywest Premium member

Question: Katya has scars on her throat which would explain why she can't speak, but when John arrives while she's having sex with Simon, how is she able to scream?

Answer: It was never implied she couldn't speak, but merely she choose not to, or had difficulty speaking. Making sounds is easier then making vocal words.

Question: When Zeus is on the phone with Simon in the subway, Zeus says that McClane was on his way. Simon responds that they weren't playing by the rules, hangs up and a few moments later the bomb goes off. McClane states that Simon wanted the subway bomb to go off. Why would McClane think it was Simon's intention to have the bomb go off whether they both show up or not?

Answer: Because Simon basically gave them an impossible task. Given NYC traffic, getting 90 blocks in 30 minutes is a Sisyphean task.


Answer: Because when McClane found the bomb, supposedly before Simon's deadline, the binary liquid began to mix, indicating it was about to go off.


Question: Would a fire even keep burning if the temperature was -150'f or lower?

Answer: Fire is a chemical reaction, so regardless of how cold it is as long as the fire has fuel and oxygen it will burn. The real question is how long would that fuel stay viable in that temperature.


Question: Where is Peggy's son Scott in Peggy Sue Got Married? Why do we only ever see her daughter Beth?

Question: Is the T-1000 aware that the T-800 also travelled back in time? When Todd mentions a "big guy on a bike" looking for John the T-1000 gives a knowing look, but how would he know about the T-800?


Answer: He told the foster parents, "I wouldn't worry about him" (or something to that effect). It didn't really matter who the biker was - John (and his foster parents) were in danger from the T-1000 himself.


Answer: It's never made clear within the film; however, the T-1000 may have been programmed to anticipate that the human resistance might send a reprogrammed T-800 back to the same point in time for unexplained reasons, such as surveillance by Skynet in the future, or Skynet could have simply anticipated such an action by the resistance, especially seeing as how the resistance had already sent Kyle Reese back in the first film.


Question: Towards the end when Scrooge gives his nephew a couple, it looks like the bottles have a very modern wrap around the top. Is this correct?

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