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Sarah - S3-E9

Question: Duke creates a paradox by giving his grandfather the gold coin. Duke gives the coin to his grandfather, who then gives it to Duke's father, who then gives it to Duke. Where did it come from?


Question: Was Terry attracted to Ruby? There were a number of times when he acted weird, like staring at her when she got out the pool in her bikini, reaching over her to put her seatbelt on, etc. If he wanted her to trust him, why did he act like such a creep? Wouldn't it have just made her more suspicious?

Answer: My theory is that Terry deliberately acted like a creep to make Ruby uncomfortable around him. If she accused him of being inappropriate, he could deny it, making her look like the "troublemaker." She already has a history of being in trouble at school and sneaking to parties/raves. And he set her up for another accusation of plagiarism. He probably wanted to get rid of her because, unlike her brother, she was not fooled by him and Erin. He later points out that they only need one of the children in order to get the money.

Question: Why didn't Obi-Wan and Yoda ever attack Vader together before Vader killed Obi-Wan? Why wait for Luke to grow up and then expect him to do it? Obi-Wan almost defeated the newly-turned Anakin by himself on Mustafar. He and Yoda could certainly defeat Vader together.

Answer: There is the emperor to consider. Yoda failed to defeat him; going at them both again is suicide. Vader only became stronger with the dark side. His fight made Yoda only weaker. If they both die, it's all really over. Luke was their only hope. A new hope.


Question: Peggy Sue had 2 kids. We keep seeing the daughter, Bethany, but we never see Scott through the whole movie. How old was he older than his sister? Was he in the army? She got pregnant when she was 18. So, who was the first child, Bethany or Scott?

Question: On the front of the ship that rescues Tom Hanks, there is a symbol in white. What does that symbol mean?

Answer: I think you're referring to the symbol that looks like a "5" without the top line. It represents the fact the ship has a bulbous bow and its shape. That way tug boats bringing the ship on are aware, since it may be underwater and not visible.


Question: Why did J ask K, "How do you know this song in the end?" and what does "Secrets of the Universe" really mean?

Question: What was the game that Harlan and Marta were playing with the board and black and white pieces?

Answer: It's a game called "Go."


Question: Was the ill-fated Rollercoaster in the film supposed to be a working one? The owner's angry reaction to its destruction suggested that it was, but if you look closely, there were gaps in the tracks and also where was the actual rollercoaster itself. This has always confused me.

Gavin Jackson

Answer: To me, in real life, it looks like a roller coaster was already set up for demolition because of its poor conditions, and the crew was able to film it for the movie. However, in-universe, the owner kept saying they were closed. It's possible they were closed to repair the roller coaster to make it work but now it's completely destroyed and beyond repair.


Murphy's Luck - S2-E16

Question: How did Prue get her job back as a photographer when the last conversation she had with the studio guy had him angrily calling her a fraud, telling her she was not only fired but he would make sure she would never be hired by anyone else, etc.?


Question: What brand of pen did Oda Mae use and then ask the teller if she could keep it?

Answer: Yes. While making the movie, he was arrested for drunk driving.

Answer: To add to the other answer, this is from Wikipedia: Nolte had struggled with substance abuse for the majority of his adult life and had begun abusing alcohol at an early age. After remaining sober for nearly 10 years, he resumed drinking in the late 1990s. Following his 2002 arrest, he again stopped drinking.


Answer: He considers Toretto a friend and has fallen in love with his sister.

Answer: From online sources, it appears her character's storyline had gone as far as the show wanted to take it after one season.


Thank you.


Answer: Kruger said O'Toole was an unpleasant person, often was drunk on set, and was a "hellraiser." That pretty much fits O'Toole's history of drunken and wild behavior for most of his adult life.


Question: After Cady claims to have written the Burn Book, Ms. Norbury doesn't believe that she wrote the whole thing alone. Why does Cady refuse to "talk about people behind their backs"? The other Plastics really did write it, and reporting them to a teacher is different than gossiping.

Answer: I think Cady was trying to end all of the catty behavior and bullying. If she told Ms. Norbury that the other Plastics wrote parts of the book, the "drama" would continue.

Question: Obviously, Evan has traveled back in time more than what was shown in the movie itself. I was just curious, how many times had he likely time traveled before the second-to-last jump, with the blockbuster that killed Katie? Keep in mind, I'm talking about off-screen ones done as well on here.


Show generally

Question: Loreli got pregnant at 16 and takes off for a long time. Why didn't Emily and Richard report her as a missing person? If not, go find her yourself. Or even just check up on her if she is safe wherever she is. They had money, also a private investigator maybe?

Answer: Most likely they made some attempts to locate Loreli, but the exact circumstances are unknown. Realistically, this is a plot device that drives the story between Loreli and her parents, so the details are deliberately vague.


Answer: There's no way of knowing what was in the case. It is a plot device called a "MacGuffin," a term coined by director Alfred Hitchcock. It doesn't actually matter what the object is but is just something that drives the story. It can be any type of object or device such as a "secret formula," "enemy war plans," a "nuclear weapon," a "treasure map," and so on that the characters are either searching for or protecting. There was never any intention to reveal what it was. Its purpose is to motivate the characters' actions and tell the story. Most likely it was intended to be a McGuffin just to keep the audience guessing and thinking about the movie long after it ends.


Show generally

Question: Whenever Kevin talks to Mack, Kevin calls him "Mack Daddy." Mack always responds with "Don't call me that." What is the reason Mack doesn't like to be called "Mack Daddy"?

Answer: "Mack Daddy" was a 90s phrase meaning "Ladies man," and Mack simply doesn't like the stupid nickname.

Brian Katcher

Question: Was Dzhokhar really slapped to the ground from off the boat as depicted in the movie? Or was that exaggerated to show the finality of the authorities finally getting him?

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