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Answer: He's the representative of the owner of the ship.

Question: At the beginning of the movie, the entire Good Guy factory is completely covered in dust and cobwebs because of not being used in eight years. What caused the factory to close for such a long time? Nobody believed Andy when he said that his Good Guy doll was possessed by Chucky. And even though Andy said Chucky was responsible for so many murders in his doll form, people most likely wrote it off as a child's overactive imagination and that wouldn't be enough to close down the factory.

Answer: The public believes that the Good Guy doll that committed the murders had simply malfunctioned, which caused great negative publicity for the company. The public does not believe Andy or his mother's claims that the doll was possessed by a serial killer and was actually alive. In Child's Play 2 the company finds and reassembles the doll to prove to shareholders that the Good Guy doll is safe. This backfires and the doll is re-possessed, which leads to additional murders in that film crippling the company for 8 years.


Tall Men with Feelings - S1-E11

Question: Who is the guard inside the guard station in the background - right as Pornstache is leaving Tricia's bunk (the drug addict that ODs) when Red says they will clean up her things? That guard looks like Blanca Flores. We never see any guard that looks like the woman in that guard station. Just wondering. (00:02:17)

Oh What a Tangled Web - S4-E6

Question: Captain Peacock explained the real reason why he and Miss Hazelwood were late for work but, why did they both decide to hide the truth and make up a story as to why they were late? Why not just come right out and admit it? If they had, it would have been excusable.

Question: I've been looking all over for this answer and can't find it. I know this has been asked, but it has not been properly answered to what I can find. At the end of "War of the Worlds", Tom Cruise saw the birds and realised the shields were down. How did the shields deactivate? I understand that the aliens got sick and died from bacteria, but there must have been something else. Even if there were designated aliens to control each tripod's forcefield, there is no way that every "Shield duty" alien died before the other members of their crew, leaving their tripod mobile and vulnerable... Were they getting low on resources because they had eradicated too many humans too quickly? Did they decide that since the majority of people died, that they could focus on using more of their "fuel" towards mobility and capturing instead of combat?


Answer: I believe its supposed to be the tripods work on the alien's biology, so its powered by the presence of a Martian inside. So if the martian is sick, the tripod is sick.


That's always what I believed. This is further evidenced by the fact the tripods themselves have actually been on earth for millions of years, but they get "sick" when the Martians do. It has to be tied to the Martian's own health for that to make any sense.


Answer: Bear in mind if memory serves we only see that one tripod with no shields - other than that we're just told another one "behaved erratically" then went down. So there's no evidence that all the shields on all the tripods went down by default. Could well just be that with the one we see the alien inside was seriously ill, flailing about and deactivated the shields by mistake not long before becoming completely incapacitated.

Jon Sandys

Question: Redfoot is the whole reason they ended up in LA (he was the fence), and the reason they got connected to Kobayashi through the attack on the drug dealer. So if he's just a made-up part of Verbal's story, how did they end up in LA, and how did they end up connected to Kobayashi?

Answer: The fence did exist, he just gave him a fake name. His real name wasn't Redfoot.

Question: At the beginning of the movie, we see everyone getting picked up by the police for the lineup. Everyone except for Verbal. Given that he had the power to orchestrate the lineup, did he get picked up as Verbal, or did he get there some other way?

Answer: Verbal is telling the story to Agent Kujon and makes it up as he goes based on things he sees around the room. Verbal Kint is a master manipulator, so to believe anything he says is ridiculous. The entire story is made up, as he tells it using various bits of truth and things he can see in front of him, which help him to remember his lies. That there even was a lineup would need to be verified to know for sure. The only fact of the story is that the ship burned and all but one witness and Kint are dead. Everything else is speculation based on the word of a known criminal and apparent habitual liar.

Question: Carrie mentions that her longest or most serious relationship was eight-and-a-half days with an acid rock singer, that she came home and found in the shower with his mother. Wasn't she about to get married when Bandit found her? Would you not think that she actually had a relationship with him (and didn't she say she was pregnant, therefore, had to get married?).


Answer: She had a relationship with her fiance but in her mind it wasn't serious. She is running away because she is being pressured into marriage with a man she doesn't love. So the statement is accurate, her longest serious relationship was only 8 days.


Answer: Where does she say she was pressured into marriage? - didn't have to really be snarky about it. They pick her up, she says there is a wedding in search of a bride... doesn't mean she was pressured... In fact, there is no definitive statement that she was forced to marry him or didn't love him. All she says is "I'm sorry Junior!" at the end. She just bolted from the wedding... people get cold feet all the time.


Answer: She is running away because she is being pressured into marriage with a man she doesn't love. That implies that there was no declining the proposal.

Answer: The "eight-and-a-half days" comment is a hyperbole - a deliberate exaggeration that is used to make a point. She was not being serious when she said that.


Answer: Then she could have said no to the proposal (just saying) when it was done (off camera).


So what's your point? The character agreed to the marriage under pressure, then changed her mind and decided to run. Where's the problem?

Show generally

Question: In the second episode Chrissy's mother comes to visit. In future episodes her father comes to visit - who is an actual "father" (i.e. priest). Aren't priests forbidden to be married?


Answer: He's not a Catholic priest. He's a pastor, with the title Reverend, at a community church who chooses to wear a clerical collar. Some people still address pastors as "Father" though. I'm not sure of his religious denomination, but most pastors can marry.


Answer: Yes Pastors can marry... I was asking for Priests since his collar appears to be that of a Catholic descent.


Some protestant pastors wear the clerical collar as well:

Brian Katcher

Question: Lady Mary mentions George and Caroline in a sentence about carrying on Downton Abbey in the future. Who is Caroline?

Answer: Caroline Talbot is the half-sister of George Crawley. She is Mary Talbot's daughter.


Thank you.

Question: When Zach wrote that all of the monsters got pulled into the manuscript, why did Hannah get pulled in too? She wasn't a monster but a friendly ghost.

Answer: When they use the term "monsters", it isn't specially about evil creatures, it's anything R.L. Stine created in his books. All of Stine's creations were pulled into the book, including Hannah, who was never a real person. A ghost would be considered a monster, no matter how friendly or benevolent.


Question: How did the reavers attack the front of the ship, killing Walsh, when they would have been behind the ship, after Walsh glided in?

Answer: Serenity spins around as it skids across the the front of the ship is now facing the Reaver ship.

I disagree I've watched this recently and agree with the questioner. Maybe a final spin DOES occur but off-camera.

Watch the scene again (You can find it on YouTube under the title "Serenity (6/10) Movie CLIP - A Leaf on the Wind (2006) HD"), and you will see that Serenity does indeed spin around 180° and lands facing the front of the building, and thus allowing the Reavers to take the shot that kills Wash. First it bounces off a column that takes off one of its thrusters, then it bounces off another object, causing it to start to spin in the opposite direction. When the camera cuts back to the exterior a few shots later, you see it finishing a 180 degree spin and thus facing the front of the hanger. (You can even see the light from the hangar door in one of the shots).


Question: Does anyone have a clue why Anakin Skywalker from The Phantom Menace was given a normal sized body instead of a shorter one like other smaller characters in the game?


Answer: Originally they were not. The earliest Lego Star Wars sets had normal sized legs.

Answer: Because they are Lego. Most Lego men regardless of age or species are the exact same size.

Quantom X

Characters who are significantly smaller/shorter (typically young children) are usually depicted with shorter legs in Lego games, those type of legs which aren't rotatable and doesn't have holes in them (excluding the bottom of their feet). Yoda and Boba Fett (From Attack of the Clones), on the other hand, has those type of legs in the game.


At the time of Phantom Menace, Lego did not have those short legs. By the time Attack of the Clones was released, they had developed them. The use of long legs for Anakin is accurate.

Show generally

Question: Why did the cord on the wall phone in the police station change from straight in the early episodes to coiled later?

Answer: There's probably no particular reason. Sets and props on long-running TV shows often change as needed and for various reasons throughout a series run.


Question: How come the little girl didn't give Howard back his ball when he tried to retrieve it around the mall?


Answer: Most likely, she decided to keep it and not want to give it to Howard which is why she put it in her mouth.

Question: Why can't Scaramanga see the solex on the floor after he kills Miss Anders, as Bond sees it easily?

Answer: He is a trained killer and like Bond he must watch his back at all times. He was so busy looking around for traps and other agents, that he didn't notice it. Bond, however, is trained to observe everything, his main focus was to find the solex.

Question: Why in the world is Alex, when unmasked at the end, wearing lipstick? Symbolic or something?


Answer: Alex is not the typical one dimensional slasher serial killer, but rather a complex individual with conflicting motivations. The lipstick is a symbol that he is portraying the hurtful people from his past even as he kills them.

Answer: The film doesn't provide an answer (which I think is a good thing). My interpretation is that Alex has somehow absorbed his sister's spirit, symbolically (not literally), and is avenging her death *as* Robin, in a way. Her name is his last word before he dies. A scene was shot but cut which revealed that Robin and Alex were twins. That scene was added back to the television edit of Prom Night.

I thought they said that when Kim was telling Nick on the hilltop where the beach was that Alex and Robin were TWINS! And what happened to Mr. And Mrs. Hammond? They "disappeared" after Kim and her father danced! So many QUESTIONS! And when did they say LOU was KIM'S EX? Missed that one.

Answer: He's asking for them to make peace and stop arguing.

Answer: Because Reese was controlling the replicators, or at least still linked to them, and he saw shooting her as the only way to stop the replicators. However, Daniel suggests that Reese deactivated the replicators prior to being fatally shot, so the audience is left to wonder who was right.


Question: If Erica arrived after Marin and Harry, why was she surprised to see someone in the kitchen? Surely she saw a car in the driveway. And where did that car go? It wasn't in any scene after Marin and Harry parked. Supposedly, they shopped for groceries and ate dinner the same day they arrived. Why did they change clothes so often? It seemed Marin had her black bathing suit on under her dress at the store but wore something different at dinner. Harry had three different shirts, Erica changed from a scoop to a turtleneck and Zoe seemed to put a sweater over her blue top while shopping but changed at dinner.

Answer: This sounds like it could an editing issue. Movies often film multiple scenes that, for whatever reason, are later deleted, but sometimes portions of those scenes are compressed into one sequence, even though there are obvious inconsistencies like wardrobe gaffs.


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