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29th Apr 2022

The Walking Dead (2010)

TS-19 - S1-E6

Factual error: At CDC headquarters, Dr. Jenner shows Rick and the group an MRI of an infected patient's brain activity as they die and subsequently resurrect. The patient is shot at point-blank range as the barrel of the gun can be seen in the MRI. This is impossible. MRI machines are highly magnetic and the gun would have been ripped from Dr. Jenner's hands with such force that not only would he not have been able to shoot, the MRI machine would have been destroyed.

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Character mistake: When Barb introduces herself to Flint, Steve calls her a monkey, and she corrects him saying that she's an "Orangutang", pronouncing the G at the end. But the correct word is Orangutan, with no G sound. Barb would surely know this, as a genius ape.

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15th Mar 2022

The Nanny (1993)

Franny and the Professor - S3-E2

Factual error: When Fran is on Jeopardy, she gets a Daily Double question and wagers $1,000 dollars. When she answers the Daily Double question though, she buzzes in first and Alex calls on her to answer. Fran would not have needed to buzz in since the Daily Double can only be played by one person.

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19th Feb 2022

The Twilight Zone (1959)

Of Late I Think of Cliffordville - S4-E14

Other mistake: Mr. Feathersmith sells the 1403 acres to Mr. Hecate for $40, so he can pay Devlin to send him back to his own time. $40 in 1910 would be about $1,127 today and it's extremely unlikely that anyone, especially a man like Hecate, would have that much money on them. (00:47:45)

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29th Sep 2021

Mama (2013)

Stupidity: Lily dying at the end seems poetic but it would obviously cause legal trouble for Lucas and Annabel. The court/CPS would still be checking in on the girls, making sure that Lucas and Annabel were responsible guardians. There's no possible way that they could explain the disappearance of Lily. Victoria would certainly be removed from their care and there would be legal action against them, as negligent caregivers. (01:30:00 - 01:40:00)

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Suggested correction: Except, of course, if Lily's body is found and her death is determined to be a tragic accident.


Her body can't be found though, because when she died, her body ceased to exist and all that was left was a butterfly.

Question: How is Peter Pettigrew, aka Scabbers, even able to enter Hogwarts under the guise of a pet rat? Surely with all the enchantments protecting the school, one couldn't simply turn into an animal to sneak in? If it's that easy to sneak in, wouldn't the other death eaters turn into cats and owls to do the same?

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Answer: Pettigrew didn't sneak in. He arrived with Ron in the first film as his "pet" rat, Scabbers, and returned with him each year up until "Prisoner of Azkaban," when his identity was revealed. "Scabbers" (Pettigrew) was previously Percy's rat and lived with the Weasley family for twelve years. Every student could bring a small pet to Hogwarts, so there was nothing unusual about Scabbers being there. Every pet was accounted for and any outside animals suspect. Death Eaters probably could have sneaked in as a Slytherin student's pet, though few witches or wizards were capable of becoming an Animagus (changing into an animal), nor could they choose or change the animal form - it reflected their personality. All legal Animagus were registered with the Ministry of Magic and their animal forms documented. (Like Pettigrew, Sirius Black was an illegal Animagus, and he entered Hogwarts via the secret tunnel.) There was little reason for Death Eaters to sneak into Hogwarts as Harry wasn't a specific target until much later, and his mother's death magically protected him from harm until he was legal age. (Many consider the Weasley twins having never noticed Pettigrew's name on the Marauder's Map to be a huge plot hole).

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6th Dec 2020

New Girl (2011)

Show generally

Factual error: S3E01, "All In", reveals that Winston is colorblind, seeing green as brown. But later in the series, Winston becomes a cop, working for the LAPD. This wouldn't have happened because candidates for the LAPD are put through a color blindness test where they are required to quickly and accurately identify colors. Winston would have failed and would not have been allowed to join the LAPD.

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17th Dec 2019

The IT Crowd (2006)

The Final Countdown - S4-E2

Character mistake: When Moss is actually on Countdown, the host calls Moss' opponent "Jeremy" once, when he asks how long his word is, and again when he asks him for the word. Moss' word is longer and the host remarks that Moss will probably win, and apologizes to the opponent but this time calls him "Jonathan." (00:01:49 - 00:02:30)

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Suggested correction: He says Jermey. However, I do know Netflix's closed captions says "Johnathan", but that's not a character mistake for the show.


I'm not referring to closed captions on Netflix. I'm talking about what the host actually says out loud. He says Jeremy first and then "Sorry Jonathan" later.

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I know what you were referring to. I listened multiple times and he says "Jeremy" every time.


To Catch a Neighbor - S2-E24

Character mistake: Sophia tells Dorothy that lying is breaking a commandment, to which Dorothy corrects her by telling her that it's not a commandment. Actually, not lying is in fact a commandment. The biblical quote is "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." Whether it's an error on the part of the writers or an intentional mistake for Dorothy, it's still a mistake. (00:12:15)

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