The Twilight Zone

A Kind of a Stopwatch - S5-E4

Other mistake: When McNulty uses the stopwatch to rob a bank, he goes through a small wooden door and past the employees. With time frozen, the small door should have stayed open but immediately swings shut.

You Drive - S5-E14

Other mistake: When Lillian calls Oliver, she tells him that the car stalled at 3rd and Park - the original scene of the accident. Later, when Oliver goes into his garage in the middle of the night, the car turns on its radio and goes to a news broadcast about the hit-and-run that took place at 3rd and Elm.

The Fugitive - S3-E25

Other mistake: Old Ben duplicates Jenny so she can accompany him to his home planet. As he can turn into anything, he should be able to approximate her height. When the now twins walk out, the girl on the right is a couple of inches taller than the girl on the left. Not only that, but her hair is noticeably darker.

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To Serve Man - S3-E24

Other mistake: Chambers asks what time it is on Earth, a strangely vague question to which the Kanamits grant an equally odd answer: on Earth, it is noon. It can't be noon everywhere on Earth at once. While it can be fancifully explained away ("They somehow knew to answer for the time zone he was taken from"), it still jars the viewer, because neither Chambers nor the aliens, both highly intelligent, should make this sort of imprecise mistake. Both director Richard Bare and Damon Knight, author of the original short story, confirmed this as a scriptwriting error that should have been caught before shooting began. (00:02:15)

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The Eye of the Beholder - S2-E6

Other mistake: For someone whose entire head has been bandaged for several weeks, Janet Tyler's curly hair is remarkably unflattened when the bandages are finally removed, and her thick mascara isn't smeared in the least. (00:00:15)


The Lonely - S1-E7

Other mistake: The supply crew arrives at the asteroid every 3 months, as established by the dialogue between Corry and the astronauts who bring him the female robot. However, Corry's narration reveals that he has been living with the robot for 11 months when the next supply ship arrives.

Of Late I Think of Cliffordville - S4-E14

Other mistake: Miss Devlin tells Feathersmith the cost of his trip, including the historically accurate maintenance of the town Cliffordville and its citizens, but line doesn't make any sense, the town is not a recreation since Feathersmith is being literally sent back in to time, the town can't be anything other than accurate.


The Arrival - S3-E2

Other mistake: As part of the story line, three men see different tail numbers on the plane. However, the first and third sets of numbers are printed on a big sticker, because the numbers are a different style than the second set. Also, they used two different planes. The second tail number is N67588, which should be on the bottom of the wing, but that number is N107932.

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Where is Everybody? - S1-E1

Other mistake: When Mike first walks into the town he sees the ringing church bell then looks to his right. The camera acting as his POV pans from left to right but since he was already looking to his right then the camera would be facing the direction he just came from.

Nightmare as a Child - S1-E29

Other mistake: Helen is holding the cup of rich "cocoa" that Markie supposedly just drank. Helen says, "I thought she'd finished her cocoa, and here it is untouched." Close-up on the "cocoa," which is clearly (so to speak) nothing more than water. (00:12:10)


Of Late I Think of Cliffordville - S4-E14

Other mistake: Mr. Feathersmith sells the 1403 acres to Mr. Hecate for $40, so he can pay Devlin to send him back to his own time. $40 in 1910 would be about $1,127 today and it's extremely unlikely that anyone, especially a man like Hecate, would have that much money on them. (00:47:45)

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The Fear - S5-E35

Other mistake: As Trooper Franklin is shining his light on the side of the car showing the fingerprints, notice the front passenger's door. The key hole and the black painted rim of it is not covered by the fingerprint, or paint as it turns out to be. But regardless, it's not covered. (00:14:15)


Where is Everybody? - S1-E1

Other mistake: When Ferris first arrives in the town the the church bell chimes seven times indicating it's 7 o'clock. Later the bells chime again but this time only four times indicating 4 o'clock. Surely he didn't walk around the empty town for 9 hours.

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Suggested correction: Since the revelation of the episode is that Ferris is merely in a simulation, it stands to reason that they control how quickly time passes for him.

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A Kind of a Stopwatch - S5-E4

Other mistake: When McNulty uses the stopwatch to rob a bank, he goes through a small wooden door and past the employees. With time frozen, the small door should have stayed open but immediately swings shut.

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Come Wander with Me - S5-E34

Trivia: Producer William Froug rejected an extremely nervous young singer/actress auditioning for the part of Mary Rachel, and recalls thinking that "I'll probably kick myself. She'll probably be a big star." He turned out to be right on both counts. The aspiring young singer's name was Liza Minnelli.

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Answer: #4: That he did personally murder at least 14 (Jews). The last word I couldn't quite hear because of the screams, but I hear an "-oz" sound at the end, so it's an educated guess. #5: That he did sign and put into effect specific orders calling for the gassing and cremating of one million human beings.


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