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The Twilight Zone (1959)

3 mistakes in Judgment Night

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Judgment Night - S1-E10

Revealing mistake: When Lanser goes below deck frantically trying to find people and tell them to leave the ship, when he opens the door at end of the corridor, it's a bit too obvious that the hallway behind that door is nothing more then just a painting.


Judgment Night - S1-E10

Revealing mistake: When Lanser drops the cup, you can quite see that he is drinking from an empty cup, since the steward never poured him any and yet he manages to get some of it on his suit.


Come Wander with Me - S5-E34

Trivia: Producer William Froug rejected an extremely nervous young singer/actress auditioning for the part of Mary Rachel, and recalls thinking that "I'll probably kick myself. She'll probably be a big star." He turned out to be right on both counts. The aspiring young singer's name was Liza Minnelli.

Jean G

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Deaths-Head Revisited - S3-E9

Question: When Becker is reading the list of indictments to Lutze, what were indictments four and five? Lutze was screaming so loudly I couldn't hear them.

Answer: #4: That he did personally murder at least 14 (Jews). The last word I couldn't quite hear because of the screams, but I hear an "-oz" sound at the end, so it's an educated guess. #5: That he did sign and put into effect specific orders calling for the gassing and cremating of one million human beings.


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