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Question: When Grey questions Walker about calling children services, why did she keep asking Walker if he did call them? Grey wanted a yes or no from him but, every answer Walker gave was pretty much his way of saying yes.

Answer: He knew if he said, no, it would have been a lie. He tried to answer in a way that would not make him sound like a villain.

Show generally

Question: I'm trying to find out what episode Liz makes reference to a lower back tribal tattoo with a Chinese symbol in it. I've looked everywhere.

Answer: Maybe s02e14, "Sandwich Day"? Liz is talking to Floyd and asking if the girl who answered his phone has a lower back tattoo with a Chinese character that is suppose to mean "peace", but probably means "I have chlamydia." But nothing about it being a tribal tattoo.


Question: There were less than 200 colonists living on LV-246 at the time of the marines arrival based on the Hadleys Hope sign (pop. 158 specifically). Why then did 4 sentry guns with a total of 500 rounds each run dry killing xeno's in the tunnels? There were many more after the fact. We were told 60 families but general population counts would include everyone. And given plenty of of the colonists are still "alive", incubating, there can't have been that many aliens fully grown. Where are all these aliens coming from?

Answer: One possibility alluded to in the "Aliens: Newt's Tale" comic book is that the colony had livestock and pets which could increase the number of hosts considerably. Also the guns were set up as in pairs at two locations, firing about ten rounds a second. A single alien being detected by both guns and flailing around as it dies could expend up to 100 rounds. Depending on how tactical the aliens were in their approach, it's possible that 2000 rounds of rapid fire would kill most, but not all, of 150 xenomorphs.

Sierra1 Premium member

Answer: It could also include medical personnel, contractors who constructed the buildings and army troops. Plus transport ships coming and going carrying relief crews and new people seeking jobs.

Question: Is the actor playing Rosie at the very end when he releases Tyler a different actor than the rest of the film? When he goes up to hug Bohdi he looks very different from earlier.

Answer: He injured his behind when he sat on the toilet after Junior threw an M-80 firecracker into the pot.

Brian Katcher

Question: Is Quill actually a member of the Sengh Brotherhood or does he just have the spiderweb tattoo for protection in case he encounters them, as happens towards the end of the film?

Answer: No, he was a member, they most likely had different branches scattered all over the world.

Question: Is there a symbolic reason why Alice and Anna are both American? Or was it just a coincidence with the choice of actresses?

Answer: This is not an official answer, but my interpretation is that them both being American makes them interchangeable, in a way. Whether Dan or Larry is involved with Alice or Anna, both men have issues that cannot be totally helped by a relationship with either woman. Although, Larry and Anna only spent a night together.

Question: Why was John, just before his death, terrified when he saw T-800? The previous T-800 protected him and even there was a bond between them. So, when John saw another T-800, he should have been either sentimental or happy to see the T-800 alive as it should have reminded him of the previous T-800. Why was he scared to see it?

Answer: Because he's not an idiot. He knows Skynet still wants him dead, if it exists, and he knows "his" T-800 was destroyed. Which means if another one suddenly appears in his life, the overwhelming likelihood is that it's another attempt by Skynet to kill him.

Question: Who actually sent RALF to take David to the ship? The ship tells him to get in RALF but later on we see Carolyn looking shifty when they're questioning how he escaped?

Answer: Carolyn wouldn't have wanted David anywhere near the UFO as it could've been dangerous, so it's safe to assume that "Max" programmed the R.A.L.F robot. Although Carolyn didn't have anything to do with with David's escape, it wouldn't have escaped unnoticed that the R.A.L.F robot was in the hanger where the UFO was. Given that she's always the one with the R.A.L.F. robot, it's safe to assume she was acting worried that she'd be blamed rather than acting "shifty"

Question: At the pub in London, on Marwood returning from the toilet and saying "balls to Monty", Withnail says he's just spent an hour on the phone to Monty "flattering the bugger"? Surely Marwood wasn't in there for an hour and it's unlikely Withnail would have had time to phone Monty in the short while he surely must really have been in there, especially with a threatening guy sitting outside and likely to come in the longer he spent there.

Question: Why does Ed's Aunt Vesta throw candy at Evelyn? Why is she not shown?


Answer: She's a grouchy, hateful, possibly senile woman who doesn't like Evelyn, despite the gifts she brings her. As for not showing her, it's funnier to try to imagine what she looks like.

Brian Katcher

Question: Why does Benji have to enter the facility at the same time Ethan is switching the security profile? It's more dramatic that way, but couldn't Benji have waited to enter until after he knew the profiles were switched?

Answer: He most likely could have waited, but as you pointed out, it's more dramatic that way. This is a movie and the action is choreographed for maximum dramatic and visual effect, timing, tension, continuity, audience attention, and character interaction. We're not supposed to overthink it.

raywest Premium member

Question: What did Harry and his friends come across when they were trying to escape from Filch?

Answer: Presumably you are referring to when the trio come upon "Fluffy," the three-headed dog, that is kept in the restricted area of the castle. Inside the room there is a magical self-playing harp that keeps "Fluffy" asleep when it's playing. Hermione also noticed Fluffy was lying atop a floor hatch, which leads to where the Philosopher's Stone is hidden.

raywest Premium member

Answer: In addition to raywest I will add that at this point in the book, the Harp isn't playing and Fluffy is awake. It is also not known at this point that music puts Fluffy to sleep.

Ssiscool Premium member

True, although the question only relates to what the trio came across while evading Filch, not about knowing what any particular object is or does. (I just added an explanation as an aside.) However, I'm not sure now the harp had been installed yet when they first found Fluffy, so it was probably about the floor hatch.

raywest Premium member

Question: There's a scene where Al Pacino gets called away from dinner with friends to investigate a girl's murder... who is she? And what's the importance of that part of the story? She doesn't have the same hair as the prostitute Waingrow kills.

Answer: Waingrow is a serial killer. He is kills several young, black prostitutes in LA. Showing Waingrow attacking one and then the body of another is a clever trick to explain to the audience that there is more than one victim without having exposition directly stating this fact. Vincent is coincidentally asked to cover the homicide because his team is available that night and there are apparently no other detectives free.


Question: When the kidnapper threatens to shoot Brad Garrett if he doesn't change the channel back, he then pulls the trigger but the gun doesn't go off. But when the gun is checked and empties, there are 6 bullets in the gun. Why did it not go off?


Answer: There were 5 live rounds ("bullets") and 1 empty shell. So the cylinder was positioned to shoot the spent round when the trigger was pulled.


Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister - S2-E7

Question: At the beginning, Eleven overhears Becky Ives call the police and talk about her. Becky wanted the police to come and take Eleven. Why would Becky betray Eleven all of a sudden? Earlier, she told Eleven to stay with her in the house while showing her own room. She even said she could get Eleven a real bed. Change of mind that soon?

Bunch Son

Answer: She said that to try to make her feel calm and "at home" in a way.

Question: When Malcolm leaves the bathroom after Big Momma gets in the shower, does the toilet or the shower make that weird noise? Also, what is he looking at that makes him vomit?

Answer: I think it's the toilet unclogging. Also, he was probably looking at the diarrhoea she left behind in the toilet bowl.

Question: Is this true that, when working on this movie, Mark Wahlberg relentlessly bullied Jack Reynor? And, if he did, then what caused him to bully Reynor?

Question: Why did Palpatine ever want an apprentice? If I am correct, he always intended to dispose of Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and Darth Vader when they were no longer useful to him. And probably Luke, if Luke had accepted his offer. Why not work alone?

Answer: Because an Apprentice does the emperor's bidding, dispatches orders, acts as an emissary, intimidates enemies, is a spy, and so on. Having minions at one's disposal is a show of power, and supreme leaders would not do those things themselves. It dilutes their authority, and they would look weak and ineffective. As you pointed out, when the current apprentice is no longer as useful or obedient or becomes too powerful and poses a threat, they are replaced.

raywest Premium member

That's the rule of two for the Sith, there's always a Master and an Apprentice. No more, no less. In order to remain a Sith Master, Sidious must have an apprentice.

Answer: Succumbing to the dark side comes with it a megalomania that has you wanting to display proof of your omnipotence by training a skilled and powerful apprentice who starts out THINKING he's going to kill you and take your place someday but in the end is forever your obedient slave (or so you think.) Likewise, Sith apprentices all have an unspoken desire to eventually pull the ultimate power move by killing their master and taking their place as head honcho when they least expect it (or so they think). This of course results in Sith relationships always becoming weird and twisted, vaguely BDSM-like mind games.


Question: Mr. Chagall, the man who told Madeline about Lisle, what was the deal with his eye? It twitched seemingly uncontrollably in his first scene, but then when he's giving his speech at the party it seems completely fine.

Answer: Like all zombies his body was falling apart. He was pushing it back into place.

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