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Answer: They were scared of him and probably had no other choice to follow the rules. It's kill or be killed.

Question: Using the motion tracker with the screen when Dallas is in the vent, is it top-down or side-view?

Answer: It actually appears to orient both ways, presumably Lambert is switching back and forth between orientations. When Dallas turns; it shows on the readout as a 90 degree turn. When Dallas goes down the ladder the first time the readout shows the dot travelling downwards on the screen. It can't do both unless Lambert is switching them. And it makes sense that she would, she knows where he is because he is calling out his location as he goes. Lambert likely knows the path Dallas intends to take and switches orientations when he does. This confusing set-up is purposefully meant to disorient the audience, so they, like Dallas, have no idea from which direction the alien is coming. Lambert seems to have also become disoriented (this seems an impossible task with no line of sight) and can't give Dallas a direction to escape. She has the screen oriented so "forward" is to the right, Dallas goes down towards the alien, so she says "No! Not that way! The other way! God!"


Question: What did Jane say to Barbara that upset her? The only thing I could make out was, "This place" and "family."

Answer: Jane says "the house is meant for a couple with a family" and is therefore too big for them. Meaning that Adam and Barbara have no children and thus aren't a family yet. It upset her to be reminded that they don't have any children.


Adam even suggests 'trying again on vacation,' implying they'd tried to have a child before. It's why they bonded with Lydia so well; they'd been hoping to be parents.

Brian Katcher

Question: How many years is Disenchanted set after the original Disney Enchanted movie? 15 or 10? Also, (connected to this), how old is Morgan now? 16 or 21?

Answer: Disenchanted is set 10 years after the original movie. Also, Morgan is 16 years old since it's set 10 years later and Morgan was six in Enchanted.

Question: Two questions about the song "Touch-a touch-a touch me." 1. Janet tells Rocky that she only kissed before. Columbia looks shocked and asks Magenta, "You mean she?" with Magenta confirming. What was the implication? 2. Janet tells Rocky that she wants to stay the distance. What did she mean by that? Shouldn't she really be saying that she wants to go the distance?

Answer: Janet has only gone as far as kissing. Columbia is saying "you mean she's a virgin?" Stay the distance means basically the same thing as go the distance. I don't know if the phrase was more popular in the 70's or the song writer just liked the flow of "stay" instead of "go."


Show generally

Question: What's the episode where they're all travelling on a train, and Phil and Cam see a writer whose books they admire?

Answer: It's S7xE21 Crazy Train.

Super Grover

Answer: It could simply be a case that he can no longer keep it to himself, and he has to tell someone before he gives a speech about how great Dan was.


Victim - S5-E4

Question: How was a police report filed for OA's mugging in the beginning of the show? OA wanted nothing to do with the police or to be seen as a victim. He ran away from the scene when he learned a passerby called 911.


Question: What happened to the 4th Somali pirate? When the Somalis take the ship, there are FOUR of them: Muse (captain), the young kid, the muscular psycho, and a 4th guy with a beard. He just disappears and doesn't make it into the lifeboat.


Answer: Actually there are four in the lifeboat, the guy with the beard is at the front in the driver's seat.

I realised after rewatching that he was there the whole time, he was driving the boat and just had a slightly smaller role than the other 3 did. Thanks for the reply.

Invasion - S4-E1

Question: Why in the episode of the unexploded bomb in a children's playground was the bomb referred to in weight using kilograms? Did they refer to bombs in the 1940s in kilograms or pounds? (01:14:34)

Answer: They are using the accepted names of the bombs. During World War 2 the Germans used the metric system and produced bombs ranging from 50kg to 2500kg. Referring to the weight of the bombs in pounds (or fractions of tons) risked confusing the situation and would require someone to understand how to convert from imperial measures to metric, not an easy thing to do when under stress.

Question: In the club scene where the Oakenfold track is playing...there are some either movies or music videos being played in the background. Does anyone know what they are?

Question: What kind of logic is behind Christoph's urge to keep Truman in the show now that he's realised what it's all about? Did Christoph suggest Truman (and all the viewers too) would start faking a happy life as all the other cast? Wouldn't it nullify all the idea of the show?

Answer: I think he wanted to explore the angle of "Now that he knows, what happens next?"


Well, he already witnessed what happens when Truman finds out.

Mart Känd

Question: When Trevor is flying over the berm onto the road, I hear a voice which sounds like Mandarin or other Chinese dialect. Can anyone tell what is said?

Question: Was there any physical indication of what killed the Maitlinds? The football players died in a bus crash and looked mangled. The girl who committed suicide had slashed wrists. I never noticed anything suggesting how the two of them died by their appearance.

Answer: They died by drowning. Jane's daughter even tells Lydia when she asks what happened. Although Adam and Barbara should have been completely wet for the whole movie, Tim Burton decided to keep Alec and Geena dry as he felt that keeping them wet the entire time would be an uncomfortable experience for both of them.

Question: Jamie is Laurie's daughter and also Michael's niece in the movie. How is this possible? Michael killed his sister at the beginning of the first movie and Laurie isn't even related to him.

Answer: There are multiple timelines in the "Halloween" series, and in this particular timeline Laurie is, in fact, related to Michael. In the original "Halloween II," it is established that Laurie is Michael's long-lost younger sister, who was adopted sometime after he killed their older sister Judith. This movie is a sequel to that film, thus Jamie is both Laurie's daughter and Michael's niece. While the most recent trilogy (starting with the 2018 film) has ignored this fact, most of the sequels have Michael and Laurie as long lost siblings.


Question: It is never explained why Catwoman hates Batman enough to attack him during their first encounter. A day or two earlier, when she was just Selina Kyle, Batman had actually saved her from one of the thugs rioting in Gotham City, so there is no reason for her to be so aggressive towards him (other than the fact that the audience expects them to be enemies, which is no explanation at all). Why does she?

Gibson Rickenbacker

Answer: Not to be rude... but did you somehow miss the part where she just blew up a building and Batman is trying to catch her for it? Of course, she's gonna fight back and be aggressive... she doesn't want to get caught. (Although she is also very seductive to him).


Answer: She was in a rage against all men, her boyfriend dumped her and her boss threw her out of a window. She attacked a mugger and felt hatred for the female victim for being afraid. She felt invincible after blowing up the building and was not going to let a man in a bat suit stop her. After falling off the building, he saved her life. That's when the sexual attraction began.

Question: Why were the sequels for this movie cancelled?

Answer: The first film made too small a profit and failed to resonate with its targeted youth audience. The global financial crisis of 2007-08 was also a factor in deciding to cancel the sequels, and New Line Cinema, the company that produced "The Golden Compass", instead put its resources into the ongoing "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.


Question: Michael dragged Corey into the sewers with the intent of killing him. Why did Michael let him go?

Answer: The implication seems to be that there is some sort of subliminal connection between the two that they both pick up on. I personally took it as Michael somehow subconsciously feeling the "evil" brewing within Corey... almost as though he sees his own evil in Corey. Thus, he lets him go and subsequently "teams up" with him later on. They're a twisted form of kindred spirits.


Question: In the office scene, there is a painting in the background of a rocket ship. What is this painting?

Answer: It is an office decoration.

Question: The Russian tank has the number '206' stamped in its machine gun assembly, but mirrored. Is the picture flipped, or is it something ordinary and has no significance at all?

Answer: There are multiple Russian tanks in the movie. You have to be more specific about when.


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