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Question: In the TV version, after the segment "Boys Do Get Bruised", why did it show Walter lying in the coffin instead of Carl? Walter survived at the end of the segment so it made no sense for him to be in a coffin.

Question: What was the get-away plan for the bank robbers? Surely they couldn't just hope a news helicopter would show up.

Answer: They told a hostage to call a news station knowing that that station would send a chopper.

Question: At first, was Mandy serious about committing suicide with Emmett, or did she want him to die and be solely blamed for the murders?

Question: I read that there was supposedly a deleted scene which happens during or after Daniel's fight against Dutch. Namely, after Daniel scores a point, Dutch gets so angry that he tackles him, causing him to get disqualified in the process. Is this true that this scene existed?

Answer: Yes.

And why was this scene deleted? It would explain how Daniel was able to defeat Dutch by scoring only one point.

Question: What was Justin Tarr's (Eddie) line? Outside Enrico's "Remember Sashu"? Was that the name?

Answer: Soft Shoe - a fence, one who deals in " hot" or stolen merchandise.

Answer: I think so. Kind of a throwaway line probably to cement that he was an informant and trading in favors was expected. I always felt Bullitt's response, "I'll try." was pretty weak.

Question: Wouldn't the air-to-air refuelling plane have exploded once E.D.I shot off the couplet?

Question: What two items were on Mr. Liotta's resume that should have been excluded?

Answer: Mr. Liotta's resume should have excluded her skills, favorite movie, and that she hates bees.

Question: Why did Richard Burton crash the bus through the doors of the structure it was in, instead of having one of the team quietly open the doors and slowly driving it out and away from the village? Didn't what Burton did draw unwanted attention?

Answer: Logic is seldom a factor in action movies. "Crashing the gate" has always been a popular action film gimmick, as it creates urgency and tension and elevates the audience adrenaline level, even when "crashing the gate" makes no sense. A similar scene is found in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," when Jones and his father are making their castle escape in Austria. Indiana Jones ingeniously distracts the Nazis by launching an unmanned motorboat down the canal, and the Nazi pursuers are adequately distracted. In fact, the Nazis probably would have left the scene entirely, chasing the motorboat, if Jones had just waited patiently for another minute or so. He doesn't wait. Rather, Jones bursts out of a crate on a motorcycle within feet of the Nazis, instantly giving away his true position and initiating the whole motorcycle chase scene that follows. Again, logic goes out the window, and the hero senselessly "crashes the gate" for no other reason than to drive the action.

Charles Austin Miller

Exactly! That's why they called them "action" movies.

raywest Premium member

Question: I know the pool was a busy one when filmmakers shot the pool scene, but how were they able to get permission to get in and get all those extras in the film?

Answer: The filmmakers would have rented out the entire pool and closed it off to the public. This movie was filmed in Utah, and many businesses in Utah, at least at the time the film was made, were closed on Sundays, so it's possible they rented out the pool on a day that there was no business being conducted anyway. I believe this was all done in one day, because I attended a panel with Patrick Renna at a convention in 2019, and he mentioned the day they filmed at the pool wasn't particularly warm.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Kendall was really part of 8. This is evident as he was rescued by Pike but went along with the story that he was rescued by Dunbar. Also, that Dunbar was in interrogation but knowing it was really Pike. He also uses the phrase, get your story right. He drew an 8 to indicate that he was part of the organization. He was rescued by Pike because he was part of 8.

Answer: First of all, what's the question? Second, Kendall was indicating that Section 8 was involved because they had the reputation of being a renegade outfit, to deter the fact the he was part of the drug smuggling gang that was operating within the military base.

Question: Is this filmed at the Grand Traverse Resort?

Answer: The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa is located near Traverse City, Michigan. The exterior shots of the wedding site were filmed at the oceanfront Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, California. The wedding and reception interior shots were filmed at Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory in San Marino, California.

Super Grover Premium member

Snow Job - S4-E4

Question: Lana Shields became a regular cast member then she disappeared from show without any explanation, why?

Answer: No official explanation was given for why the Lana Shields character was abruptly written out after a handful of episodes. Ann Wedgeworth, the actress who played Lana, said she was never given a reason, but according to Wedgeworth's daughter, her late mother was unhappy playing a one-dimensional character that had little development potential. The daughter said Wedgeworth and the Three's Company producers came to a mutual agreement for her to leave the show.

raywest Premium member

Answer: John Ritter also said in interviews that there was no way that Jack would continue to resist Lana's advances since she was attractive and Jack was notoriously sex-crazed, so that could have been a factor as well.


The New Landlord - S4-E3

Question: How can Jack, Janet and Chrissy confuse Ralph Furley's furniture with Mr. Roper's? They have been to Mr. Roper's apartment so many times that they should have known that furniture was not Mr. Roper's.

Answer: In addition to the other answer submitted, don't forget - the trio hadn't met Furley yet at that point nor did they know The New Landlord had moved in yet so it would make sense if they thought it was Roper's furniture (even if it was unfamiliar to them).

Answer: As the Ropers were the landlords, it's possible they kept unused furniture in the building storeroom or an unrented apartment (or so Jack might have assumed).

Brian Katcher

Question: When Beetlejuice replaces the handrail as a snake, I don't understand the line, "We've come for your daughter, Chuck." I know "Chuck" is "Charles" so who is "we" and why does he say "they" are only there for Lydia? (01:00:28)

Answer: It's a rather outdated usage. Queen Victoria was known for using the "Royal We," saying things like, "We are not amused." It was a way of saying something without being directly accountable for it. Others use it merely as an embellished speaking effect, meant as hyperbole. That is what Beetlejuice is doing to sound loftier.

raywest Premium member

Question: How would a deaf person know whether they're making a noise? Was the daughter constantly monitored, so she didn't inadvertently break a branch, slap her hand on a table, do anything that makes a noise?

Answer: She's deaf but is fully cognizant, educated, and old enough to be aware. Just because she cannot hear anything does not mean she doesn't understand what makes noise and the need to be quiet at all times. She also normally uses a cochlear implant that allows some hearing, but due to the invasion, it is currently unusable.

raywest Premium member

Question: #1 I have always wondered about this movie. The sea captain Konrad obviously had his boat either shrunk or completely rebuilt small, so why are most people in leisure land stuck with using the shared community vehicles? I wouldn't want to have to share a vehicle with all of my neighbors. #2 Why are the people from the original colony in Norway going underground long before they have to. The movie made it sound like people still had many years before the end of humanity, why not just wait till last minute?


Answer: Regarding Question #2: The Norway experiment wasn't about saving humanity at the last moment. It was taking proactive steps early on to save the planet before it reached the tipping point and minimizing humans' negative impact by reducing pollution and waste, conserving resources, etc.

raywest Premium member

A Nightmare on Dick Street (1) - S2-E25

Question: Don says if he nabs Karl Borsky he makes detective. (I'm pretty sure I've seen other shows where a cop says if he does something or brings someone in he'll make detective, or some rank). Is that how some police departments promoted officers to detective? I thought it just a matter of necessary years of experience and passing a test (and maybe having a vacancy) and not about having a certain number of high profile arrests or accomplishing a certain feat. Granted Don may be exaggerating, but taking what he said at face value, how true is it?


Answer: Being promoted within the police department is usually a result of time on the job, combined with demonstration of talent and ability. When a character "cracks the big case" or "nabs the bad guy" this means that their superiors will take notice and possibly promote them if possible. In Don's case, he may already have the required years of service, but has yet to show sufficient ability.

Question: How did Ross get Renick to go along with the identity switch?

Answer: Money. A whole lot, plus he likely double talked him into believing it was a con job. Ross saying, "I'm running from the I.R.S. or angry ex-wife wanting alimony and child support."

Question: Like the Wilhelm scream, is there a name to the scream Howie Long makes he falls? I've heard that in more than few other things.

Answer: Funnily enough, it is actually often referred to as the "Howie Scream," in reference to this film, which famously used it. It's a stock sound effect that's been in use since at least 1980. It's also referred to as "Screams 3; Man, Gut-Wrenching Scream and Fall into Distance," which was presumably the title of the track in the music library it's from.


Question: Just why doesn't Tony want his sister Gina to be married to his best friend?


Answer: Tony is very protective of Gina because he views her as the only "pure" thing in his life; while Manny might be his best friend, Tony views Manny as "impure" since they are both heavily involved in criminal activity. Had Tony known before killing Manny that he and Gina were newlyweds late in the film, he probably would have respected their union even if he wasn't particularly happy about it since Manny had made Gina an "honest woman."


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