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Question: Does the movie give any indication with any evidence in the movie that Douglas is dreaming for the ending?

Athletic Jason

Answer: Verhoeven points out that if a viewer believes the whole film is a dream, then Edgemar's prediction that Quaid will end up being lobotomized is fulfilled in the fade to white which ends the movie.

Answer: When Dr. Edgemar is in the hotel room with Quaid and Lori, Quaid puts a gun to Edgemar's head and says that if it's all a dream, that Quaid could just pull the trigger and it wouldn't really matter. Edgemar goes into details about consequences of what would happen if Quaid killed him. As seen, when Quaid kills Edgemar the walls of the hotel room crash down, Quaid believes he's the rebel savior, had visions of alien civilization and is best friends with Cohaagen and the white light that is at the end of the movie indicates that Quaid was lobotomized.

Also, consider the end when Quaid and Melina are on the surface of Mars, suffocating. Their eyes are bulging, the Mars atmosphere is burning their lungs, and their faces are bloated. Yet a few minutes later they're perfectly normal and having a romantic kiss.

Answer: There are many signs that the adventure was reality. When Quaid watched the news (before going to Rekall), the newscasters asked Cohaagen about Kuato and alien artifacts (the alien reactor) in the Mars Pyramid Mine. Lori didn't want Quaid going to Mars or thinking about Mars. Harry didn't want Quaid to go to Rekall, as he sounded very intense when he said this to Quaid. The Rekall technicians popped Quaid's memory cap before they could implant his ego trip. Richter and Helm were watching Quaid the whole time and his trip to Rekall made them attempt to kill him before he could remember the alien reactor and his previous identity. Edgemar lied when he said Quaid's "dream" started in the middle of the implant procedure when Dr. Lull had told McClane they hadn't implanted the ego trip yet. Edgemar shouldn't have been sweating if it was a dream. Richter, Helm, Lori, Edgemar, and Benny were all trying to help Cohaagen keep his evil power and prevent Mars from having free air.

This isn't true. The DVD commentary states that if the viewer is believing that the story is a dream, then it begins right where the camera cuts to McClane and his female client watching the TV monitor. The bit where Quaid resists and Renata says she hasn't implanted the ego trip yet are part of the dream. The clue is that McClane's statement is "the trip is as real as any memory in your head." So for it to come across as real, it has to begin right there and then.

If Lori is really Quaid's wife, it seems strange that he would dream of her trying to kill him. When Richter and Helm are trying to kill Quaid, several people get killed in the crossfire. When Edgemar and Lori visit Quaid, Lori gives Edgemar a look right before he takes out the red pill, almost as if Lori is signaling Edgemar to do that. They are awfully eager for Quaid to take that pill, and the film's novelization states that the pill could possibly be a knockout dose or lethal. If Edgemar is a projection, he should not be sweating, which makes Quaid realise Edgemar is real. Those four agents who blast through the wall were back there listening to the conversation and waiting to see if Edgemar's plan with the pill would work. Richter and Helm were downstairs in the bar waiting to hear from Lori and Edgemar that they captured Quaid. If Edgemar was telling the truth, why would Richter and Helm be down in the bar waiting? Also, the novel points more toward reality.

You are forgetting to assume the dream shows him stuff that didn't actually happen, like innocents being killed in crossfire. If it is all a dream it all doesn't matter, he is being fed lies by the implants, about his wife, about Cohaagen, about everything, the fact it connects to real events before he went to Recall (which don't show the truth at all) just shows the ingenuity of the implants, who use his memories to create the story. Edgemar sweating could be another illusion caused by the implants. If it really is all a dream the moment he killed Edgemar the implants screwed his brain up enough there was no way of knowing what was real anymore, and his wife is sitting besides him at Recall crying that he isn't going to wake up anymore, whilst Quaid is experiencing killing her in his dream. This then goes on for him until the end it lobotomizes him. That is, if you believe it was a dream.


There is a villains site called Villains Wiki. Edgemar is listed on this site along with Cohaagen, Richter, Helm, Lori, Harry, and Benny. The article about Edgemar states that Quaid realises Edgemar is working for Cohaagen when he sees him sweating. It also states that Edgemar's goal is to aid Cohaagen in his plans. Also mentioned is the fact that Richter is Lori's real husband and is angered when Quaid kills her the same way he kills Edgemar.

Answer: The "dream" is when Quaid thinks Lori is his wife. Lori is really Richter's wife. The dreams Quaid had of Melina were visions reminding him of his past life.

Answer: Edgemar's red pill may have been a knockout dose so Richter, Helm, and Lori could take Quaid to Cohaagen. The red pill could also have possibly been poison, like cyanide. The pill wouldn't have returned Quaid to reality because he was still in reality.

Question: What breed of horses were used for the unicorns?

Answer: Andalusians.


Question: How was Biggles able to land the helicopter on a moving train despite only just learning to fly it?

Darth Crucible

Answer: It would be virtually impossible for a novice pilot to be able to do this.

raywest Premium member

Question: How did the terrorists find Tony's mark 1 suit?

Answer: Most probably they searched for it in the desert, based on the direction Tony flew during his escape.

Jason Hoffman

Question: If Pym and Janet shrunk themselves smaller than any molecules, how did they get oxygen? (02:04:20 - 02:30:00)

Answer: They may have incorporated an oxygen system into their suits that shrinks with them. Other than that, it's likely the writers didn't realise this would be an actual issue and would therefore translate into being a factual error.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: How did they find the other altar boy who knew about the sex tape?

Question: What did Liz mean when she told her dad not to grill Peter?


Answer: Since Peter is her date, she doesn't want her Dad to go overboard with questioning him and potentially make Peter uncomfortable and their date awkward.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: How can Sonic's quill help Robotnik get back to Earth?


Answer: Robotnik is a genius inventor and the quill is an incredible source of energy, so presumably he will use it to power whatever invention he can create that will help him escape the Mushroom Planet and return to Earth.

Thank you.


Question: By the end of the movie, the whole plan of the bad guys is to let Nyah in the middle of a populated city so that she infects a lot of people. But she just walks away to a cliff to kill herself. Even if Ethan failed to save her and kill Ambrose, the plan was not going to work. Or am I missing something? It sounds like a very poor plan to me if she could simply frustrate it by walking away.


Question: When they are stealing the list from Langley, Krieger is holding the rope to make Ethan go up and down. However, in some scenes he seems to need a lot of effort to do it, and in others he seems to be able to move up and down effortlessly and silently. What is going on?


Answer: Holding him still on the pulley is fairly simple, but moving him requires him to let a small amount of the rope to go at any one time. This takes a lot more effort. It also becomes more difficult once the rope slips from the pulley.

Question: Why does the other mother love eating bugs? Does it have something to do with the bugs in the shower in the beginning?

Answer: Beldam is a human like spider who makes web to capture her prey (the children) so she loves those Coco beetles from Zanzabar snaking on them.

Answer: It's because she is meant to represent a spider luring and trapping her prey. (The kids).

Question: Much is said about the infamous first released version with Judy Dench's real hand instead of a CGI paw, but I'm watching that same version now and ALL of the cats have real human hands. How is this not also a mistake? Or is it that the mistake is Dench's ring on her finger? Do the actors' human hands change to paws in the CGI-fixed second version?

Sacha Premium member

Answer: The issue wasn't about her hand looking human but, as you mentioned, that she was wearing her own ring, which was digitally removed in the revised version.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why were the all the children "crying" at the dinner table in the first dinner scene?

Answer: Because they feel bad about the prank they played on Marie (putting a frog in her pocket). It's something they have done with all of their other governesses, but it seems that Marie is the first to call them out on it, in front of their father no less, and it makes them feel ashamed.

Question: What happened to Allyson's boyfriend after she left the dance following their fight?


Answer: It's never shown in the movie what happens. But there was a deleted scene where he got arrested for underage drinking after mouthing off to a police officer. Either way, he's safe for the time being, and the actor is currently slated to appear in the next sequel, "Halloween Kills."


Question: Was the scene where Gargamel is being held in jail filmed in an actual jail?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Where did the mobile vehicle suddenly come from on the back of the Dallas?

Answer: When Ryan goes to the shipyard, Skip tells him "We can get it anywhere in the world in 24 hours." The powers that be knew they would be needing it for the fake rescue, so had it sent to the Dallas which they had planned to meet the Soviet ship.


Question: How did Hanna find out about Michael? I was really confused on that part.

Answer: Richie, the brother of Vincent's informant Albert, was a cell mate of Michael. They happened to recently run into each other on the street and caught up. When Richie asked what Michael was up to lately, he kept insisting that he had nothing going on. Richie thought this was odd because Michael was known to him as an adrenaline junkie. Richie believed that Michael, who he knew in prison as "Slick", was part of the armored car heist he recently heard about. He is giving this information to Vincent because he wants the police to raid a rival car theft ring, eliminating his competition. The information he gives seems flimsy to Vincent until he hears the nickname "Slick", a name a witness heard during the armored car heist.


Question: Why did Dottie want to be traded to another team, and why was Kit traded?

Answer: Dottie wanted to be traded to alleviate the sibling rivalry between her and her kid sister, Kit. Instead, Kit was the who was traded because Dottie was the more talented player.

raywest Premium member

Trade - S9-E18

Question: How could Jenna not be pregnant at the time that the blackmail started?

Question: Could Kimball really survive that fall at the dam? It looks impossible.

Answer: From the height shown, it would be virtually impossible to survive the fall. Even if someone managed to survive, their body would be horribly damaged.

raywest Premium member

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