Bewitched (1964)

12 mistakes in season 2

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Follow That Witch (2) - S2-E29

Revealing mistake: When Samantha starts trashing the private detective's apartment, she causes a chandelier to fall onto a coffee table, breaking the table. However, it is easy to see that the table breaks just before the chandelier falls on it. (00:20:10)

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Alias Darrin Stephens - S2-E1

Continuity mistake: When Sam is looking for Darrin to tell him the good news, Aunt Clara walks into the living room holding the large book with its cloth bookmark hanging over the top front of the book (facing Sam), but in the next shot the bookmark has switched to hanging over the top back of the book (facing Clara). (00:13:40)

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Take Two Aspirin - S2-E6

Other mistake: The map behind the officer is of Southern California. The series is supposed to be set in the NY tri-state area. (00:12:45)

Alias Darrin Stephens - S2-E1

Continuity mistake: When Aunt Clara tells Sam not to worry about Darrin because she has her book of spells, there's a closeup of the book with its binding facing left and Clara pointing to the large title "Spells and Incantations" on its cover, but in other shots Clara's holding the book with its binding facing right (we see Vol. 7 on the binding) so the cover is facing the opposite way, and there is no title on the cover. (00:14:00)

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Alias Darrin Stephens - S2-E1

Continuity mistake: Aunt Clara crashes into the pagoda and is helped up by Darrin and Samantha. They head inside and you can see Aunt Clara's purse sitting in the pagoda to the bottom left. But when all three enter the house, Aunt Clara is now carrying her purse. (01:14:00 - 01:20:00)

Samantha the Dressmaker - S2-E22

Revealing mistake: When Samantha and Endora are in Paris reviewing models in dresses, the models are frozen because Samantha and Endora are not supposed to be in the dress shop. One of the models, instead of being frozen, is seen blinking her eye and moving slightly.


Follow That Witch (2) - S2-E29

Factual error: When Charlie Leach is walking back to USA from Mexico he stops close to a sign that reads "Nueva York 2138 miles". Either the sign should read "New York..." or the distance should be stated in kilometers.


Darrin Stephens: Sam, don't expect your mother to be gracious. She doesn't do imitations.

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Show generally

Question: In one episode (not sure which one but it was in the Dick York era), Darrin was arguing with Samantha and said something like "Confiding in a woman is like broadcasting by Telstar." What exactly does that mean and what was Telstar?

Answer: Telstar was an early communications satellite system. Darrin, in a particularly sexist manner reflective of this era, is saying that telling a secret to a woman means it is guaranteed to be "broadcasted" to multiple people.

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