Bewitched (1964)

5 mistakes in season 7

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The Salem Saga (1) - S7-E3

Deliberate mistake: The drunk that is always in the bar in New York is the same drunk in Salem that sees Sam twitch the witch on the signs from an old hag to a young witch resembling her.

The Salem Saga (1) - S7-E3

Revealing mistake: When Sam and Endora are sitting on the wing of the airplane, you can see folds in the blue backdrop for the sky.

Samantha and the Troll - S7-E19

Revealing mistake: The wires used to help Adam's cup of milk float around are plainly visible. (00:00:25)

Jeff Swanson

Mary the Good Fairy - S7-E15

Revealing mistake: The wires helping the Good Fairy fly are visible as she flies around the living room. They also are visible when Samantha flies outside a couple of minutes later. (00:11:50)

Jeff Swanson

The Good Fairy Strikes Again - S7-E16

Continuity mistake: The tomato juice stains on the Good Fairy's dress alternate between very dark and faded from shot to shot. (00:23:10)

Jeff Swanson

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