Bewitched (1964)

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Suggested correction: This is trivia at best, but the episode isn't really a remake of an earlier episode. Here Samantha teaches Uncle Arthur (Lynde) to drive and in season 1 Harold (Lynde) taught Samantha to drive. But the same actor playing multiple roles in a series is never a mistake.


George Washington Zapped Here (2) - S8-E22

Other mistake: This episode is merely a redo of the Ben Franklin episode in Season 3. The plot is the same. The dialogue in many parts is EXACTLY the same. The courtroom dialogue is the same as the courtroom episode of Ben Franklin. In both episodes, Samantha acts as the attorney even though a lay person is prohibited by law of practicing law... pretending to be an attorney.

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Suggested correction: This isn't a mistake. At best this is trivia. "Bewitched" had several episodes that were remakes or similar storylines of previous episodes and they're not the only show to do so.


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Samantha: Darling, I've been trying for weeks to give this house a thorough cleaning. These carpets are filthy.
Darrin Stephens: How can you worry about dirt on the rugs when we're about to see the surface of the moon?
Samantha: The moon could use a vacuuming too. All that dust... yych.

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Trivia: Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha) was actually able to twitch her mouth quickly to move her nose back and forth. Many believe that the editors sped up the film to enhance her twitch.

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Answer: Larry had been telling Darrin what it means psychologically that Samantha gave the coat away. Larry said giving it away meant she's happy being married but if she liked the coat it means she desires to be single and carefree. So when Darrin sees the coat, he immediately thinks Samantha doesn't want to be married and the fact that she twitched it means (in his mind) she wants to be a single, carefree witch again.


Answer: I haven't seen the episode, but generally in the show, Darrin was always suspicious that Samantha always used some kind of witchcraft for any situation (even if she didn't). He probably figured the same thing with the coat while in her possession.

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