Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays - S6-E14

Plot hole: Mrs. Kravitz, while standing in the Stephenses' front doorway, sees Santa Claus and assumes that it's Darrin in costume. However, the very next shot shows Santa exiting the kitchen (around the corner from the front door) and starting up the hallway toward the living room. There is no possible way Mrs. Kravitz could have seen him when she said she did. (00:09:30)

Jeff Swanson

Toys in Babeland - S4-E2

Plot hole: Darrin tells Samantha that Larry thinks the Stephenses are having a costume party. While Larry earlier had said that to himself when he looked through the Stephens' living room window, he never said it to Darrin. (00:20:45)

Jeff Swanson

It's So Nice to Have a Spouse Around the House - S5-E5

Plot hole: Darrin tells Serena that it was a good idea to have Endora babysit Tabitha. However, he wasn't even home when Endora left with Tabitha; he was unaware that a sitter was even needed. How could he have known? (00:12:40)

Jeff Swanson

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