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Revealing mistake: The hallway that leads to the den and the back door of the kitchen has a door at the end of it, when this door is opened we see what looks like pine trees and mountains, we know that the Stevens have neighbors on that side of the house, so that when the door is opened you can blatantly tell that it is a picture.

The Safe and Sane Halloween - S4-E8

Revealing mistake: In this episode when the Gremlin, Goblin, Jack-o-Lantern, and Sam are peeking in through the back window, the gremlin turns to look at Sam when she is speaking and his ear passes through the area where there is supposed to be glass.

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Revealing mistake: In several episodes, the window over the kitchen sink is shown from the outside, while snoopy people look in. The window shown in these exterior shots is far too low to be the same window that is over the Steven's kitchen sink, which is shown in many shots looking out.

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Follow That Witch (2) - S2-E29

Revealing mistake: When Samantha starts trashing the private detective's apartment, she causes a chandelier to fall onto a coffee table, breaking the table. However, it is easy to see that the table breaks just before the chandelier falls on it. (00:20:10)

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Marriage, Witches' Style - S5-E21

Revealing mistake: In addition to Samantha, Elizabeth Montgomery also played Serena. In scenes where both characters appeared, Elizabeth would face the camera and play one character and another actress, Melody McCord, would play the other with her back to the camera. But in this scene, when Mr. Beams tells Serena she has a luncheon date with her intended at the rotisserie, Melody (portraying Samantha), with her back to the camera, inadvertently turns her head, revealing her face. (00:07:20)

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Super Arthur - S6-E20

Revealing mistake: Paul Lynde is supposedly "in" the mirror near the front door, but as he waves his arm to cast a spell, the shadow of his arm waving is visible at the far left, revealing he is actually standing off camera at a spot where his reflection is visible. Elizabeth Montgomery also briefly glances at him. (00:02:25)

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Serena's Richcraft - S8-E17

Revealing mistake: Darrin casts a shadow revealing painted sky background when he goes out to pay cab. Later, when he goes out to get in helicopter the neighborhood is not the neighborhood we normally see outside the Stevens' house. There's an Amoco gas station across the street.

Samantha is Earthbound - S8-E16

Revealing mistake: When Samantha, Darrin and Dr. Bombay are in the living room and walk as a group towards the television, you can see the crease in the carpet where the floor is going to collapse.

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Darrin Stephens: Sam, don't expect your mother to be gracious. She doesn't do imitations.

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Trivia: Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha) was actually able to twitch her mouth quickly to move her nose back and forth. Many believe that the editors sped up the film to enhance her twitch.

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Question: Is there some reason why Samantha wears the same exact "Heart Pendant Necklace" in every single episode? It seems odd that she only has one necklace all the time.

Answer: The original diamond and white gold heart necklace was given to Elizabeth Montgomery by her then real-life husband, William Asher, who also directed the show. She wore it in nearly every early episode. When the necklace was lost or stolen about mid-way through the series, Montgomery had two replicas made from rhinestones. She wore either one of those for the rest of the show's run.

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