It Takes One to Know One - S1-E11

Continuity mistake: When Larry tells Darrin that he is going home, the blinds behind Darrin are shut, however in the close up of Darrin, the blinds are open.

I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Darrin collapses after Samantha zaps him the drink, in the next shot the glass is on the table with the straw across the top.

It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: Samantha's hair goes from neat to messy and back again during the chase scene in the alley.

Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays - S6-E14

Continuity mistake: Tabitha's scarf jumps from one side of Samantha's lap to the other in consecutive shots. (00:01:50)

Jeff Swanson

How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII (1) - S8-E1

Continuity mistake: When Endora drops out of the painting with the trapped warlock the color tint shifts.

Samantha Goes South for a Spell - S5-E2

Continuity mistake: The same kitchen door that led to a rather spacious laundry room in "Double, Double, Toil And Trouble" (season 4) now leads to an ordinary utility closet. (00:02:20)

Jeff Swanson

Which Witch is Which? - S1-E24

Continuity mistake: Sam gets fitted for a "new" dress that she wore in earlier episodes 7,10,and 13.

Samantha's Caesar Salad - S6-E3

Continuity mistake: After Tabitha spills her milk, the size and positioning of the spill changes significantly between shots. (00:00:30)

Jeff Swanson

Samantha's Wedding Present - S5-E1

Continuity mistake: When Darrin is on the table and growing he is wearing a green suit, when he is full size, he is wearing a blue suit.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In more than one episode the Steven's front door changes. In some shots the door is solid paneled but in other shots the door has a half circle window at the top. It seems the window usually appears in close up shots of people talking.

Samantha Goes South for a Spell - S5-E2

Continuity mistake: The minute hand on the teakettle clock is between the 6 and the 7 when it's shown behind Samantha. When she goes to the closet, the clock reads 8:15 (minute hand on the 3). When she returns, the minute hand is between the 6 and the 7 again. (00:02:20)

Jeff Swanson

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble - S4-E4

Continuity mistake: The laundry room is far too large to fit into the space it appears to occupy beside the Stephens' kitchen. (00:04:50)

Jeff Swanson

How Green Was My Grass - S4-E24

Continuity mistake: Before this episode (and after as well) Darrin and Samantha give their address as 1164 Morning Glory Circle, however in this episode, when Darrin slams the door, the '9' in 192 on their address spins around to make 162, hence the angry neighbor at 162 saying that his grass was installed at the Stevens' by mistake.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In the early shows, the door between the dining room and kitchen is a swinging door with louvers. In later shows there is a regular sized door with partial louvers. However, after this change, there are a couple of episodes within the same season, where the regular sized louver door is a solid door with no louvers.

Super Grover Premium member

Playmates - S4-E26

Continuity mistake: The amount of toys on the floor suddenly increases as Michael's mother heads to the front door. (00:06:45)

Jeff Swanson

Accidental Twins - S3-E4

Continuity mistake: The doorknob on the nursery room door is on the right side of the door whether it's viewed from outside or inside the room. It should be on the left side in one of the views and the right side in the other. (00:07:00)

Jeff Swanson

Sam's Spooky Chair - S3-E12

Continuity mistake: When Sam and Endora are talking in the foyer, the glass-paneled door at the end of the hallway is closed. When Darrin is seen in the study moments later fighting to get the chair in the closet, the door can be seen against the wall in the hallway, as it would be in the open position. When Darrin stumbles out of the study a moment later, the door is closed again.


Samantha Fights City Hall - S5-E9

Continuity mistake: After Samantha sees the statue talking to her, her expression goes from shocked to annoyed and back to shocked in consecutive shots. Also, her hair is over both shoulders in each of the "shocked" shots but over one shoulder in the "annoyed" shot. (00:24:30)

Jeff Swanson

Red Light, Green Light - S1-E23

Continuity mistake: When Dave sees Darrin's ad for the community meeting, he suggests a couple of changes, one of them being to add a line saying "and bring your friends". But the ad was shown in close-up shortly before Dave's arrival, and there was already a line saying "Be sure and bring all your friends". (00:13:35)

Jeff Swanson

Cousin Edgar - S1-E36

Continuity mistake: The shaving cream smears on the mirror are different in the close-ups than they are on the wider shots. (00:04:25)

Jeff Swanson

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