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Revealing mistake: The hallway that leads to the den and the back door of the kitchen has a door at the end of it, when this door is opened we see what looks like pine trees and mountains, we know that the Stevens have neighbors on that side of the house, so that when the door is opened you can blatantly tell that it is a picture.

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Revealing mistake: In several episodes, the window over the kitchen sink is shown from the outside, while snoopy people look in. The window shown in these exterior shots is far too low to be the same window that is over the Steven's kitchen sink, which is shown in many shots looking out.

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Continuity mistake: In more than one episode the Steven's front door changes. In some shots the door is solid paneled but in other shots the door has a half circle window at the top. It seems the window usually appears in close up shots of people talking.

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Continuity mistake: In the early shows, the door between the dining room and kitchen is a swinging door with louvers. In later shows there is a regular sized door with partial louvers. However, after this change, there are a couple of episodes within the same season, where the regular sized louver door is a solid door with no louvers.

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Samantha: Darling, I've been trying for weeks to give this house a thorough cleaning. These carpets are filthy.
Darrin Stephens: How can you worry about dirt on the rugs when we're about to see the surface of the moon?
Samantha: The moon could use a vacuuming too. All that dust... yych.

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Samantha Fights City Hall - S5-E9

Trivia: Because Erin Murphy, who played Tabitha, was ill, her fraternal twin sister Diane took her place in this episode. By this time, Erin and Diane didn't resemble each other as much as they once did, and it was obvious to regular viewers of the show that it wasn't the Tabitha they were used to seeing. The producers received several letters asking "Who was that?"

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Answer: Larry had been telling Darrin what it means psychologically that Samantha gave the coat away. Larry said giving it away meant she's happy being married but if she liked the coat it means she desires to be single and carefree. So when Darrin sees the coat, he immediately thinks Samantha doesn't want to be married and the fact that she twitched it means (in his mind) she wants to be a single, carefree witch again.


Answer: I haven't seen the episode, but generally in the show, Darrin was always suspicious that Samantha always used some kind of witchcraft for any situation (even if she didn't). He probably figured the same thing with the coat while in her possession.

You should watch the episodes in question before giving an answer so you know what you're talking about.


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