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Question: Will and his father slide down poles to get to the secret sanctum. How do they get back out?

Answer: Elevator, stairs, secret entrance used when the leave, like the batcave, or he used his super strength to leap both of them out.

Question: There's probably an obvious answer here; but why does Miraz wait until his wife gives birth to his child before killing Caspian? If Miraz wanted to take the throne, he could have killed Caspian any time after Caspian's father died (I think he died but can't remember the movie that well) so that he would be the next successor.

Answer: Prior to the birth of Miraz's son, Miraz had no heir. So his nephew, Caspian, was heir to the throne after Miraz. With the birth of his son, he didn't want there to be any questions as to who would be heir.


Show generally

Question: This might be a stupid question, but why do all three of the children speak in typical American voices? Wouldn't their speech have a British influence because of their father, and also Niles?

Answer: Children's brains and language skills are still developing at that age and they adapt to the environment they live in. My former boss was born in England and moved to the US at about eight years old. She completely lost her British accent by her teens, even though her parents still spoke as typical English citizens. A Japanese co-worker and his wife, also Japanese, spoke English as their second language. Their two children learned both English and Japanese simultaneously while growing up and spoke each language with the appropriate accent.


Answer: Kids tend to take on the accident of where they live. I once had a British student who lost his accent after a couple of years in the US.

Brian Katcher

Not just where they live, but also after their peers (who live there, but you know what I mean).


Answer: Not necessarily. Their late mother being American would've probably made the most impact on their speech, considering most kids spend most of their early years more with their mothers than fathers.


Gracie is young enough that she doesn't remember her mother. The episode "I Don't Remember Mama" was about this.

Question: When Tony Goldwyn shoots Belushi at the end, are they using fake bullets, or did he actually mean to shoot Belushi with real ones and Belushi just survived? If they were fake, when did the two of them plan to do this elaborate setup? It is never discussed in the movie.


Question: When Helga tells Luke about the Grand High Witch, Luke asks if she ever saw her. Helga responds that nobody has. Later in the film, Helga recognizes the Grand High Witch. How would Helga know what the Grand High Witch looks like if she never met her?

Answer: 1. Helga had met her before, she just didn't know at the time she had met the Grand High Witch. 2. Eva was not the Grand High Witch yet when Helga met her.

Episode #4.6 - S4-E6

Question: When Lady Edith gets the letter confirming her pregnancy - who is the letter addressed to? Because she would not have wanted to use her real name, or have the OBGYN doctor's return address on the envelope.

Answer: The letter was addressed to Edith, an adult woman. As such, the family respects her privacy and would not question her receiving something from her own doctor. If anyone asked, she would merely give some vague explanation for seeing a physician. If she was concerned about anyone becoming suspicious, then she could have instructed the doctor's office to send it in a plain envelope.


Question: Where were Natasha and Yelena taken to in the beginning?

Answer: After leaving Ohio, the "family" went to Cuba to meet up with General Dreykov. From there, the girls were taken to the Red Room located in Belarus.


Question: Any idea what chemical substance is used in the fire extinguisher? I initially assumed it couldn't be straightforward liquid H2O as I couldn't see any spherical droplets floating around, but could it be an aerosol?

Louisa Radice

Answer: A quick internet search revealed that the International Space Station uses both carbon dioxide and water-based foam extinguishers. The Space Shuttle used Halon 1301 fire extinguishers, but these were fixed nozzles built into the shuttle compartments.

Question: Why does Mickey want to stay behind with Yoshi, at the end, when Raph has had the connection with him throughout the film?

Answer: Michelangelo wants to stay behind for the same reasons as Raphael: because in that time and place, they are well respected, even revered as heroes. They can live openly and not be banished to sewers or subway stations.


Mikey didn't want to stay behind because of Yoshi but because of Mitsu. Raphael even points out that she's the reason he doesn't want to return. When Mikey says they should stay, Raph responds, "Now, forget about Mitsu and give me the scepter."

Question: How did the company know about the Alien in the first place? Presumably no-one had been there before and the signal they picked up didn't indicate the presence of an Alien lifeform.

Answer: It was never fully explained. "The Company" had a standing directive that any signal detected which indicated alien life was to be investigated and specimens collected and returned. Failure to comply would result in the crew forfeiting their profit shares. The company apparently had previously detected the crashed alien astronaut's warning signal from LV-46 and wanted to search for alien lifeforms without specifically knowing what would be found.


Actually in the movie it is indicated that the company definitely knew about the xenomorphs, given Ash's directive. It is not explained how in this movie but it is in the movies "Prometheus" and "Alien: covenant." The standing directive about investigating signals was just an excuse to use an expendable crew to procure a specimen.


Goodbye Normal Jeans - S7-E4

Question: Should the bank clerk have told Dale how much money Bill actually had in his account? Aren't they only supposed to inform you that the person does not have enough funds to pay the check?

Answer: At a bank where I worked, no, we were not supposed to reveal how much money a person did have in their account. But almost every workplace has employees who are new and/or careless, and they do things that they are not supposed to do.

Question: In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the scene when Indy tells Marion to close her eyes, does anyone remember in the original release that the spirits looked directly into their faces to see if they were looking? Since I saw that, I haven't seen it in any version of the film. Does anyone know where this part can be seen, or why it hasn't been included in the various versions? (02:07:59)

Answer: I've seen that scene myself, but the versions I've seen have been on basic cable networks, with commercials, and they've included that scene. Sometimes they edit scenes for running time.

Answer: I don't think the intent is for her to be a cyborg. Since she suffered a facial disfiguration and had no access to medical treatment or reconstructive surgery, the mask on her face probably serves to hide her scars. Plus, since she's the episode's villain, it helps to make her look more menacing.


Question: This is supposed to take place roughly around the episode Charizard Chills Out (either before or after). Tracey meets Professor Oak, but in episode "The Underground Round-up" he says "I can't wait to get to Pallet Town either Ash, to meet Professor Oak" like the movie never actually took place. Also, Ash could have given Professor Oak the GS ball at that time. When really does the movie take place? As Ash still has his Lapras, which he releases in the previous episode.

Question: How come Hilts could not answer the German at the end of the movie when he said he could speak German to Colonel von Luger?

Answer: He could have only known a small amount of German, enough to answer a question or two, but not enough to carry on a full conversation. Also, the German seemed to be wanting to have a full conversation with him. He was on the run and didn't have time to talk. He was most likely being a smart ass saying he knew German.

Answer: .And, just to add to the previous answer: even if he could speak conversational German, he would likely do so with a very strong American accent (as he does when he speaks the few words to the Commandant earlier), so the guard would have picked up on that right away, anyway.

Question: Can somebody please explain to me HOW on earth Bond disengages the bungee cord wrapped around him after jumping off the dam without it flying back up the dam? Or could he have just secured it to something to stop it doing this very thing? I know it is possible that all this happens off-camera.

Answer: There's no indication or implication that the cord didn't bounce back up once Bond disengaged it from the loop on his ankle. As he reaches the bottom he fires a grappling hook into the concrete to stop himself from bouncing back up, then presumably would have disconnected the cord (which would have bounced up) and he would have dropped down to the concrete structure.


Question: In one scene, McLane turns on an electric saw to distract the terrorists. When he's having no luck finding shoes that fit, why didn't he just use the saw to cut the toes off a pair of shoes?

Answer: There's no answer, though it would have been dangerous for McClane to go back and use a noisy saw. The dead guy's cohorts might be around and/or are looking for him and could hear the noise. McClane also had to move quickly to get the body into the elevator and down to the party floor, so he could gain info about the other terrorists. The shoes may also have been too tight and narrow as well as too short, making them unusable.


Answer: He has a bad temper and despises criminals.

Question: Is Hanson's deformed hand a reference to any particular movie, or did they just make it up for this film?


Answer: Most horror films have a deformed character. One eye, a limp, a hunchback or a useless arm.

Question: On Aurora's birthday, Jim and Aurora sit at the bar. Arthur put something into Aurora's birthday drink. What was it? (01:00:50)

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: Arthur drops a sugar cube into each champagne glass. In addition to making champagne sweeter and bubblier, this is also an old Italian custom to toast a romantic couple.


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