13 Ghosts

Question: Is the lawyer who brought the will to the apartment in the beginning the same guy who died in the cube when they were capturing the 12th spirit?

Answer: No. The lawyer was played by actor JR Bourne. The victim in the box was played by actor Charles Andre.


There is confusion about this movie, made in 1960, and the later 2001 version, "Thirteen Ghosts." In the 1960 version, Martin Milner played Benjamin Rush, the lawyer who was killed by the bed. JR Bourne was in the 2001 film. He played lawyer Ben Moss, who was killed by the sliding glass panels. Charles Andrew played a team member who was also killed.


Revealing mistake: If you look closely, you can see the strings moving the Ouija board planchette while it's floating in the air towards Medea. (It's easier to spot them on the high-definition Blu-Ray version, but they can be faintly seen in other versions of the film if you know where to look).


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Ben Rush: Are you all moved in?
Buck Zorba: There wasn't anything to move except us.

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Trivia: The exterior of the house was actually shot at the Winchester Mansion. (Albeit not at the main entrance.) The Winchester Mansion was owned and built by Sarah Winchester, who was convinced that she was being haunted by the ghosts of those that were killed by the Winchester rifles her family had created. Throughout her life, she had more and more construction done on the house, often creating stairways and doors leading to nowhere, to try to "trick" the ghosts and keep them from getting her.


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