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Chosen answer: It's principally related to the Time Lord's strict non-intervention policy, which stated that they should only observe events, not interfere in any way. The Doctor staunchly disagreed, believing that they had a moral duty to protect the universe from evil. That, combined with his own wanderlust and desire to see and experience the wonders of the cosmos, was what ultimately drove him to steal the TARDIS and take up the life of a renegade.

Tailkinker Premium member

Yes he has mentioned before why he left.


Chosen answer: During the beginning interviews with the townspeople, the one guy tells how the killer, Parr, would make his victims stand in the corner as he killed the other kids. He didn't like the way they would look at him, so he made them stand in the corner.

William Bergquist

Logopolis - S18-E7

Question: Why exactly is the Watcher present during this story? What's his purpose? Why is he never present during any other of the Doctors' regenerations?


Question: How does Chuck collect his supply of drinking water? We see him drinking from a coconut and a curled up leaf on the ground. We also see a small drip in his cave, but these small amounts don't seem like enough water to sustain life. We don't see how Chuck may have collected the rain water for future use.

Answer: As you pointed out, Chuck used a combination of methods to get just enough water and fluids to survive. In addition to the ones you mentioned, he was also drinking coconut milk, and he could also distill fresh water from sea water (and even urine) by using a piece of plastic, broad leaves, etc. to cover the pooled liquid and catch the evaporation. Eventually he would have enough make-shift containers to collect rain water during thunderstorms that he could store in the coconut shells for later use. Any fruits on the island would also provide fluids.

raywest Premium member

Answer: In that area they have two seasons - the dry season and the rainy season. Dry season means it doesn't rain every day. The volcanic rock will provide many pools of rain water. It should be easy to make a catch basin of some sort if necessary. The hard part is not getting sick from drinking after crabs, amoebas and what have you, but there's plenty of sand and coconut husk to make a filtration system.

Question: Why does Bond go to Bibi to try and get information about Eric Kriegler? Couldn't he have simply contacted his own department to get a background check on him. After all, it's not like she would have had anything very informative (considering that she had previously stated that he never talks to girls).

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: Whether he talked to her or not, Bibi would have inside information simply by being around him so much. She would have overheard things that a background check wouldn't reveal, like planned criminal activity.

Chosen answer: He's certainly been shown to use it to levitate, so full flight is probably within his capabilities. His exact limits are unknown, but are undoubtedly pretty high - he throws a police van around with no obvious effort towards the end of season one and has shown himself to be skilled enough to manipulate many different objects at once, as when he used the glass fragments against the invisible Peter Petrelli.

Tailkinker Premium member

Chosen answer: We don't know the extent of Sylar's powers. It's possible he's taken powers from someone that allows him to resist Eden, or maybe his willpower alone is strong enough.

Season 3 generally

Question: Why did Arthur Petrelli steal Peter's powers? Was it because he simply wanted them, to add to his collection as it were, or because he saw him as a threat?


Chosen answer: Both, really. Peter is undoubtedly powerful enough to cause a serious problem, so nullifying him makes sense on a tactical level. It's also understandable that a power thief like Arthur could hardly resist the temptation to obtain so many new powers in one go when he's used to stealing them one at a time.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: Why does Daniel's karate skills regress in this movie? After fighting a Karate champ in the first movie and a Japanese fighter in the second, surely he must have gotten better as a fighter, not worse?


Chosen answer: First he could have just been out of practice, but the point they made in the movie was that his moves were old, so they knew how to counter the things he did in the past to win.


Question: At the end, how did they vanquish Vigo? As far as I could tell all they did was blast him with their Proton Packs and Slime gun.


Chosen answer: Yup, that's pretty much it. They were unable to defeat him with the proton packs alone because his power was being boosted by the mass of negative energy from the slime that had been building up beneath the city. By spraying him with their positively charged slime (as Ray mentions later) they are able to negate that effect. The proton packs then force him back through the dimensional gate that had opened within the painting.

Garlonuss Premium member

Question: Surely a mothership as huge as the one depicted in the movie would have some sort of gravitational effect on Earth?


Chosen answer: While that is a possibility, the fact that they don't mention it should not necessarily be interpreted to mean that there wasn't one. They had bigger things to talk about at the time. Of course the power of the effect would also depend on the distance from the earth as gravity is defined as proportional to the product of the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the centers of their masses.

Garlonuss Premium member

Answer: That ship is much smaller than the moon.

Question: What is the name of the music that is playing after Fuentes's car explodes, because of the C-4 that Creasy planted?


Chosen answer: Lisa Gerrard - Man on fire End Theme orHarry Gregson-Williams - Creasy Dies.

Answer: Tenor aria from Opera turandot.

Chosen answer: Killer BOB is a demonic entity that emanates from a realm of pure evil known as the Black Lodge, a place that exists on an alternate plane of reality. BOB feeds on human pain and suffering and can travel on earth by possessing human beings and also as an owl. While possessing humans, he commits horrible acts to elicit pain, fear, and suffering from those who are around him, using that as nourishment. BOB possesses Leland Palmer, later forcing him to abuse, rape, and eventually murder his own daughter, Laura, and later to commit suicide.

raywest Premium member

Chosen answer: Laura was killed by her father Leland, whilst he was apparently possessed by the spirit BOB. The exact manner of her murder is not clear, as several injuries found during her autopsy we later discover occurred during a separate incident before her murder. We know that she was beaten and killed in an abandoned train car, and her body was then wrapped in plastic and thrown in the river.


Question: I don't know anything about identical twins, so this is why I'm asking this question: how likely is it that Louis and Phillipe would have the exact same speech pattern?

Answer: There would be both genetic similarities and individual differences, and their vocabularies would have developed differently by education and experience. However, Phillipe was heavily tutored before the switch took place, and as "king" he would be able to distance himself (physically, mentally, and emotionally) as much as needed from members of his court until he perfected his role, along with the continued help from those in on the deception. Also, the audience and readers of the novel are expected to employ a certain "suspension of disbelief" in order to allow the story to be told.

raywest Premium member

Answer: In the original War of the Worlds book and movie, they were called heat rays. They (the tripods) generated incomprehensible amounts of heat, hence the laser's white color. They forward the heat in coordinated blasts of energy, that energy contains the heat. That's why the victim disintegrates so fast. The heat quickly evaporates all the liquids in the body and turns everything else (except the clothes) into ash. The ray blow burst of the air around it down at the ash remains of the victim, blowing the rest of the victim away.

Chosen answer: This question is beyond answering here. There is nothing to go on other that what we can see onscreen. Anyone's attempt to actually answer this question would be purely speculative.


Or from clues we have from the book. I would have to agree that it is most likely a heat laser. It makes sense with the color of the beam and the destruction it causes.

Answer: If it is a heat ray, then why are the victims' clothes left behind? In the original movie, that might be right but I think the new version has something we can only speculate.

Question: In the comics, Magneto can use his magnetism to achieve a wide range of effects, such as super strength, supersonic flight, invisibility, radiation manipulation etc. Is there any indication at all as to why he can't do any of these in the movie?


Chosen answer: Probably the primary rationale is that they'd then have to somehow explain exactly how you use a magnetism power to do that sort of stuff - let's face it, it's not immediately obvious how, for example, you become invisible using the power to create and manipulate magnetic fields. Comics have captions and thought bubbles to explain the (often very dodgy) science that goes into these things - in a film, all they can do is have a character verbally explain, which would (a) sound pretty ridiculous and (b) require even more exposition in a film that already has a fair bit. As a result, it would make a lot of sense to restrict his abilities to those that obviously stem from his magnetic power and thus avoid too much explanation.

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Question: Ref. the switching of stilettos to flat soles during action sequences (as in Watchmen/Silk Spectre), is there really any way round this in practical terms? Even if the heels were to be put on as CGI, the actors' stance would have to be altered as well. Anybody got a way round this problem at the moment?

Answer: A good editor will catch shots that too clearly expose the flat heels. In this film, that simply didn't happen because they are woefully obvious throughout the jail fight scene. Another choice is to have the stunt woman wear high heels. This will limit her options during the action, but in this example, there was little shown in the fight that was very risky. Spectre threw a kick here and there, in slow-motion- no fast-moving sequence of multiple martial arts moves. The last option would be to CGI the fight- which is expensive and puts the stunt woman out of work.


Chosen answer: (POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING) Peter lost his regeneration ability and can now only possess one power at a time. He may yet get the scar.

Wait but that future scene was after the future was changed.?

Answer: You are talking about two different Peter's. The "scarred" peter never met Claire until Hiro told him to do so.

Question: Why doesn't Maroowd want Withnail accompanying him to the train station? I thought they were supposed to be friends?


Chosen answer: I'm not sure they are friends, they were just thrown together by circumstance. Withnail treats Marwood badly throughout the film. When Marwood gets his role, he smartens himself up and can't wait to get out of there, not even bothering to move his stuff out, saying his dad will do it. I think that they both realise that it's the end of their relationship, and Marwood just wants to get it over with.


Answer: I think Marwood is possibly embarrassed by Withnail, by him being drunk and looking dishevelled and that's why he doesn't want him him walking him to the station.

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