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Question: In the movie the vending machine appears to have 5 rows of C4 stacked with 10 blocks each. Wouldn't that much C4 actually level the entire block instead of just part of the building?

Answer: No. C4 is a simple compound explosive, not a nuclear weapon.


Question: Just where did the militia get the money for all their weapons and gear? The only rogue who's got good money is The Penguin, and he doesn't seem capable of necessarily funding a whole army.


Answer: All the villains financed the Arkham Knight: Penguin, Two Face, Harley, Scarecrow. This is why Two-Face and Penguin stayed in Gotham and risked getting gassed to rob banks and run guns; they'd dangerously low on funds.

Answer: The Arkham Knight is behind the whole thing. He probably financed it somehow. Given who he turns out to be, probably from stolen drug money.

Captain Defenestrator

Question: Near the end of the film Jim makes a makeshift solar surfer using a piece of wood from a damaged mast and an engine. Where did the engine come from?

Answer: The damaged energy cannon that the mast crushed.


Question: I remember seeing an extra scene where they discovered that the Klingon sniper was in fact a human, since he didn't have Klingon blood. Was this only for TV release, because that's the only place that I saw it?

Answer: In the original theatrical release, the character Colonel West, played by Rene Auberjonois (who played Odo in DS9), never appeared as his scenes were cut. The home release special edition version included these scenes, including where he is disguised as a Klingon in the assassination attempt.


Answer: That scene was included in all the VHS and DVD releases of the film up until 2009 when the Blu-ray (and possibly subsequent DVD reissues) stuck to the theatrical cut. It also might have been edited out of some TV airings due to the big pool of blood.


Answer: According to Internet info, Dr. No's prosthetic hands were robotic implants, giving him superior strength with limited mobility.


Question: Is this true that David Thewlis initially wanted to play professor Quirrell in this film before being cast as Lupin in the later movies?

Answer: Thewlis was one of several actors who auditioned for the role of Quirrell, but lost out to Ian Hart. Thewlis, of course, went on to play Professor Remus Lupin.


Question: Why did Knuckles say "wait, that wasn't the deal" after noticing Robotnik trying to steal the master emerald?

Answer: Because Robotnik was betraying him. Dr. Robotnik promised to help Knuckles get the Master Emerald, so they could use it to defeat Sonic. But Robotnik was using him all along because he wanted the Master Emerald for himself... he never actually cared about Knuckles and never intended to help him get the Emerald. Thus, Knuckles is shocked and says that Robotnik taking the Emerald for himself was not part of their deal.


Question: Why didn't Mid Size Sedan age sooner since he was there longer than the others?

Answer: I submitted this answer previously, but it was deleted for maybe appearing to be inappropriate. The reason for his slower aging is addressed in the film when he says "Black don't crack." Black people tend to age better than other people in real life, due to having a higher production of melanin and other factors.


Answer: Guests with medical conditions were given drugs in their drinks, and so they didn't age as fast as the others did.

The drugs had nothing to do with aging. The whole point was that they aged fast.

Answer: He probably traced the high frequency (that only Superman and dogs could hear) waves Lex spoke to him on when Superman was standing in the street listening to Lex. This guided him to the signal where he was underground.

Question: Why does Obi-Wan want to watch over Luke, but nobody needs to watch Leia?

Answer: Leia was placed into the care of a very wealthy family, and would be given protection 24/7. Luke, on the other hand, was placed into the care of a very secluded home and a poor family, with almost little to no protection from outside dangers. Luke would have been more at risk if the Empire found out who he was.

Casual Person

Answer: Incidentally, this question is kind of being addressed in the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series.


Question: Why was Vitaly initially harsh and hostile towards Alex and his friends?

Question: What song is everyone whistling while they're carrying the giant egg?

Answer: The music playing while they are carrying the giant egg is from, "The Bridge on the River Kwai." It's a classic World War II movie, soldiers marching into a Japanese prison camp are whistling that tune.

Answer: The song being played is "Colonel Bogey March", which has the whistling in it. No one carrying the egg were whistling themselves though. Although in one shot I did see a character breathing out (something people do when lifting or carrying heavy things) which might look like he's whistling.


Answer: When Kyle looked in the telephone book for her address, it was 309. The Terminator also found Sarah J. Connor listed as 309 Calder. When she comes out of her apartment, 225 is on the door.


Question: What were the Count and the bus driver arguing about?

Question: How much money was in the cases the bad guys lost?

Answer: It totalled more than $100 million.

Super Grover

Uh, wouldn't a stack of $100 million in cash be too big to fit in a case?

The money was in 3 cases.

Super Grover

This, plus it's also worth noting that they were $1,000 bills, which would greatly cut down on the size.


Answer: Yes, it was a goof that no-one caught (according to Alex Borstein). And this mistake has already been listed.


Question: What caused the monorail track to collapse?

Answer: There doesn't appear to be an explanation. It seems to be done for dramatic effect.


Question: Where was Jackson when Shelby was dying?

Answer: He was at the hospital, often by her bedside. He signs the permission form to remove Shelby from life support. Later, at the cemetery, M'Lynn says she was the only one in the family able to remain in the room as Shelby passed. Jackson, Drum, and Shelby's two brothers were too emotionally devastated to stay and went to the waiting area. As in the entire movie, there was more focus on M'Lynn and Shelby's relationship and a mother's reaction to losing her daughter.


Thank you. I watched it again and saw that. I don't know how I missed it.

Question: What illness does Robert's father have?

Answer: Within this movie's storyline he has leprosy.

Super Grover

Question: Why was he removing the womens' eyes?

Answer: I remember him inserting broken mirror shards into the dead women's eyes so he could see himself "transforming" into the dragon while having sex with their corpses.


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