The Ring Two

Answer: It was the only way out. She followed Aiden's voice to the cliff and kept hearing it from the same direction. She knew she had to jump off to get back to the real world.

Question: What was with the dear attacking Rachel's car? Was is something to do with the pile of antlers in the Morgan's basement? If it was, why were the dear attacking HER?

Answer: The deer were attacking the car because Aiden was in the car. Aiden was possed by Samara at the time and Samara makes animals go crazy.

Question: In the beginning of the movie a character named Jake is shown. He tries to show the tape to someone else, but she covers her face. Since he did not show it someone else within the time limit he dies. My question is, where does he see the ring before he dies?


Answer: I was wondering the same thing. My guess is that it was when the water encircles his feet.

Chosen answer: He watches the tape with friends who already made copies and showed it to other people. He dies because the girl he showed it to covered her eyes.

Question: When the camera pans out of Rachel's house, what was the point of the skies flickering with static and the ring symbol being shown at the ending? Did Rachel and Aidan truly survive and succeed at sealing Samara out of their lives?

Answer: Yes, they succeeded. The implication seems to just be that Samara is still "out there" somewhere. It's just a way to try and end of the movie on a creepy note.


Question: In this movie, it is said that the well was apparently only partially closed. Why didn't Samara's parents close it all the way? Couldn't she have escaped? Also if the well really was closed, then why was the cover to the well on the tape and the cover to the movie itself show the well being fully closed?

Answer: The lid being partially open is a reference to the first movie whenever Rachel and Noah removed the lid after they discovered the well. When Rachel visits Evelyn in the mental hospital, she ominously tells Rachel that she "let the dead get in". Rachel was the first person to discover what happened to Samara and thought she was helping her spirit, but unknowingly was giving Samara more power to escape and possess someone, such as Aidan. Whenever Samara exits the TV and kills someone, that is just part of the curse. The lid being partially open pertains only to Rachel's actions in the first movie, therefore Rachel must be the one to close it.

Question: If Samara was possessing Aidan, who was possessing Samara as a baby? She couldn't have possessed herself.

Answer: Samara wasn't posssessed as a baby. She herself was evil.

Question: Did Emily scream because she saw Samara going after Jake?

Answer: Yes, people are able to witness her killing someone, just like in the first movie, where Becca witnessed Samara killing Katie.

Torie White

Question: What did the crescent moon represent when it was shown throughout the film and why did it even show up during the ending when the camera pans out of Rachel's house? (01:47:40)

Answer: I believe it's to show the well being partially open into a crescent shape. Just like how in the first movie, it showed a bunch of rings since the well was closed at the time.

Question: Did Rachel really escaped back to the real world? If so, then why does the sky flicker to static and why does the ring symbol flash when the camera pans out of their house at the end? Is Rachel trapped in another realm of Samara, was Aidan still possessed or did something worse happen to the both of them through that ending? (01:45:40)

Answer: Yes, she escaped, and there's no indication whatsoever that Rachel is trapped or that Aidan is still possessed. I believe the little static/ring flash was simply to imply that Samara was still "out there" somewhere. Similar to how a lot of ghost movies end with a jump-scare of the ghost popping out, even if the heroes survived and escaped.


Question: Is there any reason why this is the only film in the American "Ring" series to not have an R1/A Blu-Ray release? It seems so weird that the first and third films are available in HD, while this one isn't. Is it like a studio issue or something?


Answer: More and more studios are not releasing films on Blu-Ray because of the higher risk on the return of their money. It's more expensive and home media sales continue to decline, especially with streaming services available. DreamWorks Pictures was the distribution company for the first two films while Paramount Pictures was the distribution company for the third film. I don't know specifically why DreamWorks opted out of the third film, but it seems they didn't think the third film would be worth it financially and probably has similar thoughts about the 2nd film's home release. There's much more to it, including parent companies involved and whom they contract out for disc distribution, that I don't have answers to about why DreamWorks hadn't released "The Ring Two" on Blu-Ray.


Continuity mistake: When Rachel goes in to Max's bathroom, all the water falls down from the ceiling drenching everything, but then Max comes in, and takes a dry brown towel off the rail to wrap around Aidan. The white towels behind them are bone dry too. (00:46:05)

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Aidan Keller: Let's watch some TV together.
Rachel Keller: It's kind of late, Honey. Don't you think you should sleep?
Aidan Keller: I never sleep.
Rachel Keller: Then let Mommy make you something.

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Trivia: At the end when the camera slowly zooms out of the house, look at the moon. It is the same shape as the opening of the well when Rachel is in it. (01:38:30)

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