The Ring Two

Samara takes over Aidan's body; and Rachel knows this because she visits Samara's biological mother in an insane asylum. Samara's mother says to kill her child. Rachel drowns Aidan to get Samara out and Samara is let out. Samara then takes Rachel into the TV; and Rachel is stuck in the well. She climbs out and traps Samara inside. She then jumps from the cliff just like on the tape, and she is now with Aidan...

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Continuity mistake: As Rachel is preparing the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, she places the knife on top of the open PB jar in a closeup, but in the very next shot the knife has disappeared, then reappears again. (01:23:15)

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Aidan Keller: Let's watch some TV together.
Rachel Keller: It's kind of late, Honey. Don't you think you should sleep?
Aidan Keller: I never sleep.
Rachel Keller: Then let Mommy make you something.

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Trivia: Daveigh Chase declined to appear in the sequel because of the small amount of screentime. She appears in the movie via archive footage from the first movie, and her stunt double from the first movie, Kelly Stables, plays evil Samara in this movie.

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Question: In the beginning of the movie a character named Jake is shown. He tries to show the tape to someone else, but she covers her face. Since he did not show it someone else within the time limit he dies. My question is, where does he see the ring before he dies?


Answer: I was wondering the same thing. My guess is that it was when the water encircles his feet.

Chosen answer: He watches the tape with friends who already made copies and showed it to other people. He dies because the girl he showed it to covered her eyes.


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