The Ring Two

Trivia: When Rachel is talking to Dr. Temple, the name 'Dr. Kôji' is cited as someone who treated Rachel for PPD. This is an in-joke, because the author of the original book, Ring, as well as its sequels Spiral and Loop, is called Kôji Suzuki. (00:52:15)

Trivia: Daveigh Chase declined to appear in the sequel because of the small amount of screentime. She appears in the movie via archive footage from the first movie, and her stunt double from the first movie, Kelly Stables, plays evil Samara in this movie.

Trivia: At the end when the camera slowly zooms out of the house, look at the moon. It is the same shape as the opening of the well when Rachel is in it. (01:38:30)

Trivia: Copies of the "Cursed Tape" were dropped in public places as a form of promotion. After about five minutes of footage, the viewer is directed to the movie's website.

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