The Ring Two

Corrected entry: Rachel climbs into the ambulance so that she can witness Jake's dead body. When she unzips the bodybag, his face is angled toward her (lying to his left). In the next shot his face is facing straight up to the ceiling. (00:14:05)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: His face is completely morphed and disfigured. I am watching the film this second and I do not see that. I believe his face is just so messed up, big, and crooked, that it looks as if it is pointing slightly left, as well as straight up.

Corrected entry: Samara's victims look different in this movie post mortem than in The Ring. Here, their faces are frozen in a rictus and generally look creeped-out. In The Ring they looked as though they had been left underwater for a few weeks. However, their appearance in this movie gels with Hideo Nakata's previous trilogy of Ringu films.

Correction: It is entirely plausible that Samara can kill victims in different ways, or that she no longer "drowns" them since Rachel's incident in the well.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rachel is in the house with Aidan who is really Samara, the TV is on the whole time. Then Aidan asks Rachel if she wants to watch TV and it is suddenly off.

Correction: Rachel grabs the remote and turns off the TV a few moments before Aiden/Samara hugs her.

Corrected entry: Near the end after Rachel traps Samara in the well and comes back to the kid, Rachel and her son are hugging. Rachel's head is over the son's left shoulder. As the shot changes to a view from outside the window, her head is now on his right shoulder.

Correction: She never puts her head over her son's left shoulder, she's gives him a hug on the right side of his shoulder, then she looks at the TV (which is to her left), and the TV gives a REFLECTION of them hugging. Throughout the entire scene it's the same, a reflection in the TV screen, it is not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: When in the hospital, the psychiatrist kills herself and you see her arm fall when she drops the syringe. In the next shot (overhead) you can see her arms folded in her lap.

Correction: After she drops the syringe she leans back in her chair preparing to die, and since it's basically a torso up shot, you have no idea what she's doing with her hands in that shot, right when she leans back.

Corrected entry: During the final scene in the well, when Rachel is climbing up the wall to escape, we start seeing ominous bubbles floating to the surface in batches. Obviously this is a suspense technique to reveal the approach of Samara underwater. Since it has been revealed previously that Samara is ONLY a ghost, why would she be breathing oxygen if she isn't possessing a living human at this point? (01:36:10)

Correction: That final battle takes place inside the TV, in Samara's world, so those bubbles can happen since it isn't reality.

Corrected entry: As the movie ends, the camera pans out of Rachael's house. Keep watching the window as the camera moves. Just before you cannot see anymore of the inside of the house, the TV suddenly snaps back on with the infamous Ring static. A hint towards the 3rd movie.

Correction: I've watched this over and over and it seems to just be light reflected off the window inside, not the TV turning on.

Sir William

Corrected entry: In the hospital, Aidan was supposed to be in a deep sleep. But when the psychiatrist enters the room you can see his legs move about as if the child actor was not comfortable in his position.

Correction: Even when in a deep sleep, involuntary muscle movements can cause legs to move about.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, the kid kills the psychiatrist and escapes the hospital. He is home for many hours before the end of the movie. Someone would have noticed his disappearance from the hospital, and the dead body (an alarm should have gone off when he disconnected his monitoring devices). Within several hours of time he was home, the authorities would have arrived looking for him and/or the mother.

Correction: The authorities don't come after Rachel and Aiden because they had already fled their own home and were staying at Max's house (Rachel's boss). The authorities would have no way of knowing where they went.

John Bickford

Corrected entry: When Rachel went to the Morgan house, the real estate agent said that they had moved all the furniture to the basement when preparing for the sale of the house. When Rachel goes down to the basement, she pushes a lot of cobwebs out of her way, which shouldn't have been there if a lot of furniture had recently been moved to the basement. It couldn't be that the real estate agent was lying about how long ago the stuff had been moved, because the timeframe from movie 1 to 2 isn't that great.


Correction: Cobwebs grow in my house very quickly. The real estate agent was lying about the time frame. The furniture was moved a while ago.

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Corrected entry: In the first movie Rachel was saved because she made a copy and then saved Aiden by getting him to make a copy. Why on earth then do now people die in the sequel unless they get someone else to also watch the copy? Even if in the first movie Rachel was unknowingly saved because she made Noah watch the tape, Aiden never got anybody else to watch the tape, he just made a copy, so going by Ring 2 rules, shouldn't he have died?

Correction: Just because we don't see Aidan showing the tape to someone else doesn't mean he hasn't. Obviously there is a good period of time between the 2nd and 1st Ring, he could've possibly shown it to someone before they had moved. The way the ring works is by showing the tape to someone else in a matter of 7 days, not just making a copy of it.

Sir William

Corrected entry: In the scene where Max is killed by Samara, Max sets the camera for a time delay photo which we see the camera's red LED light flashing to signify this. Max sits down next to the Samara possessed Adrian and waits for the photo. The photo will prove that Adrian is possessed by Samara as referred to earlier in the movie. We see max dead in his vehicle yet we do not see the photo anywhere throughout the rest of the film. And the point of setting the camera on time delay shot is?

Correction: We don't see the photo because Max has been killed. He has no way to show it. And the point of setting the camera on time delay was to take a picture of Adrian without him knowing. Adrian didn't want his picture taken, so Max tried to be sneaky, but Adrian caught on.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: Why should it matter if the top of the well has been left open? Samara has been 'contacting' people and killing them since the well lid was closed from day 1, hence the reason the movie is called 'The Ring' in the first place, which symbolises the ring shape of the closed well. It therefore doesn't make a difference if the well is open or not.

Correction: The ring shape symbolizes the actually well she was stuck in. The one that matters if it is open or closed is the one in the tape. She can't come out of the tape into our reality if the lid is closed.

Corrected entry: If so many other mums have been coming to see Evelyn due to problems with their kids, obviously these mums would have to have seen the tape for them to track down Evelyn, and they would have had to do damn good detective work WITHIN 7 DAYS to get to Evelyn, or else they would die themselves. And as Samara is trying to possess Aidan it would mean she was unsuccessfully at possessing the other kids which means getting rid of her and the curse is easy if so many other mums have been through it.

Correction: It wasn't "so many mums" that came to see Evelyn it was "Every few years one of you come to see Evelyn, she's like a freakin patron saint or something. You have a problem with your kid don't you?" Few being at least three years. It's plausible that Samara who 'never stops' would attract so many mothers. If you had seven days to live wouldn't you do all in your power to stop yourself from dying?

Corrected entry: Evelyn tells Rachel her baby told her to drown it (to release the demon in Samara). Just how does a baby do this? A baby cannot talk.

Correction: The baby did not tell Evelyn to drown it when it was awake. The baby told Evelyn while it was asleep. The fact is that we are supposed to see Evelyn as psychotic and I believe the 'Baby' telling Evelyn to drown it is intentional.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rachel is attempting to drown Aidan when the spirit of Samara is cast out, all the water disappears. When Rachel drags him out, his clothes and him are perfectly dry.

Correction: I believe that this is intentional, in that the water is the physical manifestation of Samara's spirit, and that her departure takes the water with her.

Corrected entry: When Rachel talked to the real estate agent for the Morgan house he said they had just put the stuff left behind in the basement. When she walks into the basement there are a lot of cobwebs in the door way. The cobwebs made it look like no one had been down there for years, yet supposedly they had just moved the stuff.

Correction: I simply presumed the realtor was lying - after all, he lied about the Morgans living elsewhere. Also, "just" can mean "simply" as in "A few years ago, I just quit work one day and began selling shoes."

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